Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Las Aparicio: The Movie

What's up, guys?

If memory serves me right, I think I promised I would keep y'all updated on the development of the movie. Well, here's the latest news! The movie comes out this year, according to the Official Las Aparicio facebook page. There are even a couple of posters posted there:

They say: "Las Aparicio: the movie"  and "coming soon to movie theaters". So it seems like they got a theatrical release, which I'm surprised by, to be honest. I thought it would be a straight to tv movie.

So, what else do I know about the movie?

  • Mercedes and Alma were recast, which suuuuckssss. :'(
  • Julia and Mariana are in it, and apparently their plot has to do with having children. I don't remember where I read this, so hopefully I'm not making this up just now. But it's what I remember.
  • I also vaguely remember that they will explore the Aparicio curse and there will be flashbacks to their Aparicio ancestor that started the curse in who knows what year. Again, I don't remember where I read this or if it's legit. Take it with a grain of salt cause my memory sucks. 
Here are some photos from when they were shooting the movie. I think we care about these ones here:

I see what you did there, show, bringing out glasses!Julia so that her cuteness makes me forget that she is crazy!Julia. But no, I have not forgotten. I'm looking at you, kid.

Also, it seems like the girl who played Ileana will play their ancestor or something:

Looking fierce!

And these are the new Mercedes and Alma *cries*

They should have just scrapped the characters. I haaaateee recastings.

Anyhooo, I don't know how else the movie will be distributed, but I imagine it will make it online at some point and those of us outside of Mexico will me able to see it.  The Aparicio facebook people said on this post that it was gonna be distributed by these people, I think, and looking around their website they rent movies online and such. Also, I am crossing my fingers hoping it will get to Netflix eventually, since the entire series is there, at least in Netflix US, which is the one I have.

Changing topics now for a sec, I'm probably gonna be changing the blog title and url (if I can) soon. My twitter handle, too. I'll probably change it to "My Lesbian Stories" or something like that. Just letting you guys know in case you come over one day and the url doesn't work. I guess if you google Las Aparicio Recaps it should turn up.

And that's all for today, lovelies!