Sunday, September 19, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 62-63

What's up, guys?

Since last week we had no new episodes, I can only bring you the last few recaps that I've been avoiding for like 2 months because those damn eps were just too difficult to watch over and over to recap. I hope you enjoy, regardless.

Like always, thank you for the comments and the support!

Episode 62

TV studio. Day.

In case you've forgotten, Julia cheated on Mariana with Armando, who is now stalking her during her first day of filming that TV gig that put all the horrible ideas in her head.

Julia: You're still here? Why haven't you gone? I'm working!
Stalkmando (Stalker+Armando): Chill out, you know that what happened made you feel something. Please don't ignore it.

You know what? This Armando and Julia do deserve each other, they both suck. In the recent episodes he has improved, but she still sucks, FYI.

Julia admits that she did feel something, but she just can't deal with it now. She's busy and her head is a mess.

Your head has always been a mess, guey.

She tries to walk away and into her trailer, but he follows her. He wants 'Julita' to tell him when they can deal with it, that if she's a mess then it must mean something.

Armando, you silly, silly boy. Don't you know this is your chance to run away from this crazy person? Why are you pushing this? Julia deserves to be all alone with her hand for all eternity.

He continues to grovel and ignores the fact that Julia is running away from him like he's the plague. He tells her that he's willing to give her time to clear her head and deal with whatever she has to resolve with Mariana.

Julia tells him that she doesn't have anything to resolve with Mariana, that she LOVES her. Stalkmando doesn't stop and tells her that, okay, he accepts that, but, what about what is between them? There has to be a reason why she's like she is now.

Julia: No, I'm like this because I'm sick of you disrespecting me like this. Who do you think you are? Coming into my work and making this scene?

Well, that would be a very sensible speech to give, MEC, if you knew what respect actually meant.

Stalkmando: (yelling) I'm some idiot who loves you! Eh? The one you made love to!

Made love? That was like two doggies humping, ew.

And why DO you love her? Why does everyone loves this woman? Tash Ybarra, if you're reading, why??!!

She tells him not to yell and keeps tries to escape him, but he keeps cornering her, telling her that she needed it as much as he did or that she had been as desperate as him, whatever.

If only she had gone to a judge and gotten a restraining order to keep him away from her the moment she left the set, I think we would've liked her a lot better. No such luck, though.

Julia finally accepts some guilt and apologizes for what happened with him. She also tells him that he needs to get it through his thick skull: it was just sex.

Armando: Sex?
Julia: Yes, I'm sorry, but yes.

Armando: No, no, I don't believe you, Julia. I was the sick one. Julia, don't play with fire. You're going to hurt yourself and you're going to hurt Mariana.

Rightttt, you were a 'sex addict'. Whatever happened to that?

When he says the 'M' word, Julia gets pissed again and tells him that he has no right to even say her name.

She tries, yet again, to walk away from him and he follows her (why don't you just call security, guey?) and basically yells at her to talk about what she's feeling. He seems all needy and desperate and I still can't understand what is it about Julia that makes people so stupid.

I mean, she's hot and all, but even that gets old, and she totally cancels it out by sucking so much 99.5% of the time.

Stalkmando: That wasn't just sex.

He FINALLY walks away, leaving Julia looking all confused, as she often was those days.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Mariana is hanging out with Rafaela, talking about Julia and her acting job. Things are chill because Mariana doesn't know about the horrible, horrible things that have been happening behind her back, nor does she feel the cuernos pushing their away out through her forehead.

Later that day, Mariana is hanging out with Bruno, Ileana and Isadora. She's telling Isadora that Julia will have to be on set all day, even if she doesn't have many scenes and Bruno thinks everyone is going to want Julia once she's on TV and I'm wondering what the hell is up with all this filler...they should've just given Eren the day off.

Mariana jokes that they've been famous since the infomercial aired, so she doesn't know what a normal life is or something pointless like that. I'm not going back to check.

The four go out into the yard and continue talking about the show Julia's on. When Mariana says it's called "1+1=3", Isadora asks if it's about math, and says that they did the math wrong.


The innocence of youth, I miss those days.

Before Bruno can corrupt Isadora's mind by explaining to her what it is about, Ileana silently threatens him with violence and shuts him up.

The four play in the yard with a ball.

When they're done, Mariana invites Isadora to go out and get some ice cream.

We can add 'good with kids' to the endless list of Mariana's attributes. It's like, Julia and Mariana are ying and yang in a way: Mariana got all the awesome, while Julia got all the awful.

I really wouldn't want to be in Mariana's shoes, EVER, no matter how much I do like Julia's ass.

Okay, maybe I'm too hard on Julia, she's not that bad, I guess. Just insanely immature which, all joking aside, is very unattractive.

That night, Mariana and Hernan are hanging out with Rafaela in the living room. She's still there waiting for Julia, I suppose.

Hernan has the most uncanny ability to make everyone who comes in contact with him boring by association. So, both him and my Mariana are lulling me to sleep with all the endless bonding.

Anyway, they're joking with Rafaela about how they decided to share a last name: Desadaptados (or misfit) or whatever.

Someone wake me up when they're done talking, please.

Thankfully, Julia comes in and takes me out of my misery. Is it weird to think about Julia doing something useful, or what?

MEC is all conflicted and trying to hide it by putting distance between her and Mariana. She doesn't really want to talk about her day because she's so tired, she wants to go to her room or something and when Mariana offers to help her take her things to her room, Julia declines.

Rafaela notices the rift.

Rafaela: How is the patience going?

No, no, no. No patience. A bit part of the reason why Julia sucks so much is because you all let her get away with bloody murder.


Mariana admits that she's losing her patience, and Rafaela tells her not to let impatience get the better of her.

I disagree. In fact, I'm still waiting for Mariana to lose her patience with Julia and tell her to go to hell.

It would be orgasmic, but it ain't happening.

Julia's Room. Night.

MEC is all clean and refreshed and still avoiding Mariana's gaze.

Can you feel the guilt seeping out of her, Emo?

Mariana keeps trying to make small talk with her, asking her about the job , yet Julia continues to avoid her eyes and be monosyllabic.

Emo reminds her that she can talk to her about anything.

Mariana: I'm going to be patient, loving and understanding.

Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Augh! Be a bitch for once, woman! For me! I need it!

Julia reminds her that she's always those things, but she(Julia) just can't at the moment. The crazy one even turns down a massage offer from Mariana and tells her that what she can't do is be with Mariana in that moment.

The sucking continues, gueys.

MEC spouts the standard it's not you it's me BS and tells Emo that she just needs some space. You're totally right, Julia, it IS you. Mariana is the one who needs to move to China to get some distance from you and maybe try to find her dignity while she's over there.

The space thing cuts deep, which tells me Mariana has been dumped before by some other crazy lesbian who used those same words. And I say 'crazy lesbian' because no one in their right mind could ever complain about Mariana's awesomeness.

Anyway, Emo leaves in a huff saying something about leaving outside those who ask for space or something.

If only you really did that, guey. If only.

Later that night, Julia lays in bed, thinking. Then, the next day, we see her looking at pictures of Mariana and Armando, thinking some more.

Only horrible things can come from this.

She keeps telling herself that they're going to be all right, then calls someone on the phone.

Horrible, horrible things. Can you feel the impending doom?

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Emo is looking mighty fine today with that hat, although she seems very annoyed when Julia walks in and asks her how she is.

Mariana: Good. You got tired of your space already?
Julia: No, not exactly. I'm sorry, Mariana, but I just needed some time to think, to organize my head and, well, that requires space, I'm sorry.

Organize your head?

Impossible, guey. And why do you talk like it's been a week? You saw her the night before, geez.

Mariana points out how much it sucks that they're just starting their relationship and Julia is already bringing out the big bad words that precede a break up: space, time, thinking.

Julia takes it like an attack and Mariana tells her that it's not an attack and that she actually thinks that what's happening is exactly what Julia wanted, otherwise she wouldn't have anything to 'think' about.

Frankly, I don't give a shit. I'm just drooling over Emo who is looking mighty fine today, as I've already pointed out.

MEC insists that she needed to think and make some decisions on her own and that she doesn't want Emo to take things this way: she (Julia) loves her (Emo).

If that's love, I'd rather be hated.

Emo is still annoyed.

Mariana: How do you want me to take it? I mean, I interpret that 'space' means distance. If you want distance, there's the door, but stop playing with me, okay?

If only you truly meant that, guey. If only.

The crazy one assures Mariana that she's NOT playing with her, and Assmando chooses that very moment to arrive calling out 'Flaca', his pet name for Julia.

Mariana is understandably offended when she sees Armando there. Julia apologizes and admits that she was the one who called him.

Armando is annoyed too when he sees Mariana there. What the fuck? It's her house, of course she can be there. What the hell did you expect? That Julia asked you over for a quickie in Mariana's bed or something?

Armando: What's this, eh? Julia, why did you call me? To tell me that we're friends? That will never work. What you and I have-

Mariana: Excuse me! What is this idiot talking about? 'What you and I have', this is MY house, guey!

Yes, it is your house. So, throw them the fuck out! I remember yelling that repeatedly in my head when I first saw this episode.

The Armando/Mariana show down continues, and she seems scarier than him, by the way. He tells her that he's there because Julia asked him to, Mariana doesn't give a shit because they're in her house, in her space, and Julia is her woman!

Throw them out, for the love of God!

The crazy one tries to calm them down. She asked him to come because she needs to talk to both of them at the same time.

Angry Mariana is hot. She demands that Julia just spits it out already and tell them what she wants from them.

Julia: Los quiero a los dos!

Now, quiero is an interesting choice of words, since it can mean quiero as in 'love' or quiero as in 'want'. So that line can mean 'I want you both' or 'I love you both'.

You decide what she means. In my case, I'm going with 'want'.

The loyal servants are speechless.

Tonight I leave you with....

...Almeche fighting! Because their fighting is so hot, I still need to remind myself over and over that they're sisters!


Episode 63

Mariana's Loft. Day.

The trio are still discussing The Crazy One's big revelation, meaning that Mariana STILL hasn't kicked them both out of her house.

You know what? That's it! Mariana is in serious need of a sassy gay friend.

Sassy Gay Friend: What are you doing?! What? What? WHAT are you doing? Julia is a crazy person, but you don't realize it because she did some weird black magic on you! So snap out of it girlfriend and tell them both to go to hell!!!

If only.

Anyway. Since Mariana never listens to me, nor to our delightful Sassy Gay Friend, she's still there putting up with Julia's BS. In her own house.


Emo tells TCO (the crazy one) that she must be sick or have a screwed up perception of reality. Assmando thinks that Julia is just confused because of what happened between them the other day.

Assholes. Both Julia and Armando. Poor Emo, although she deserves it because she lets them.

Mariana: What happened between you, Julia?
Julia (to Armando): Thank you so much for opening your mouth when NO ONE asked you too. Thank you.

Suuureee. Blame it all on him, that's totally what grown ups do.

Julia (to Mariana): I slept with him.

Emo is emoer than ever.

MEC apologizes over and over and continues to justify herself.

Julia: I was very confused and I didn't know how to tell you or how to explain it to you...and I didn't know what to decide because all I feel is this and I don't know if it's right or wrong or immoral or if it's a sin, but what I need is to have you both. I feel that I love you and need you and that's how it is.

I hate you, Julia.

Armando is snappier than Mariana, who is still silent with pain. He asks her what is it she wants then, to share them? TCO doesn't know anything, she just wanted to tell them both at the same time and stop with the deceitfulness.

Mariana wakes up from her haze and points out that she's the only one who was deceived. Julia apologizes yet again and tells her that she just can't choose, she has very strong feelings for both of them, bla, bla, bla.

Whatever, I hate you guey.

Mariana: Oh stop, stop, stop talking, Julia! Stop. I can't keep listening to you, you're going to drive me crazy, okay?

Yes, Mariana. You keep saying that's she's going to drive you crazy so, why are you still with her?

Maybe you're crazy already. That would explain a lot, but I don't want to believe it.

Angriana can't believe that Julia expects her to share her with that asshole, who, by the way, seems scared that Angriana is going to beat him up and asks Julia to calm her.

My girl continues on her verbal rampage. She tells Julia that is must feel very, very awesome to have that weight off her shoulders and whatever, bla, bla, bla but I'm still not satisfied because she hasn't thrown them out.

Emo asks Julia, what about them, then? What about how she and the pichichi feel? But Julia feels she's the one who deserves the pity because she's the one torn between them.

Mariana: Yes, yes. Forgive me, Julia. Forgive me, I'm sorry Saint Martyr Aparicio. You're so selfish, eh?

Yes, she is the Queen of all selfishness. So, I ask again, even though I know I'm being redundant: why are you with her?

Meanwhile, Armando has become semi catatonic all of the sudden.

What the hell was that insert about?

Assmando: Julia, I want you to know that I do love you, and you know it perfectly. I'm willing to start all over and even forget what you just said.

Augh. I hate him too.

Julia turns it all around and makes it all about her, like everything always is.

Julia: You know what? I was wrong. I was wrong because I shouldn't have told you anything. I should've been like everyone in the world who lies, has sex with one and then the other and nothing happens as long as no one ever finds out, right? That's what I should've done to avoid all this mess. Instead of trying to be honest and trying to fix this somehow.

She leaves in a huff.

Hate, hate, hate you, Julia. Even though what you're saying, theoretically, is right, the way you cry and make it all about you annoys me a lot.

Stop being so self righteous, guey.

Mariana's Loft. Day.


Okay, he needs to come out again.

Sassy Gay Friend: What are you doing?! What? What? WHAT are you doing? This asshole slept with your girlfriend and is belittling your relationship by saying his love with Julia is true and yours is only a friendship!!! And you give him a beer??!!! WTF?!! Snap out of it girlfriend, kick him in the nuts and tell him to go to hell!!!

Scenes like this are why I keep saying that these aren't really people, but robots or zombies or something.

Anyway, as I was saying, The Disrespectful One has the audacity to tell Mariana, in her own house, after sleeping with her girlfriend, that what he and Julia have is love and what Mariana and TCO have is a beautiful friendship that will probably last their whole lives. He adds that Emo should get out of the way so that he and Julia can have a chance.

My God.

Mariana, listen to the Sassy Gay Friend! Please?! Pretty please?!!

She doesn't. Instead, she continues the discussion with him: he asks her if she'd be willing to go along with what Julia says, she tells him she would never share a bed with him and Julia, bla, bla, bla and I'm too outraged at this scene to go on.


Aparicio Central. Day.

Nana and Rafaela are talking/bickering like the good old married couple that they are, even if they don't have sex. I like to think that old people don't have sex, anyway, so...

Julia walks in they turn their attention on her: is she okay? does she have to go on set today? Doesn't she miss Mariana?

Faced with the endless questions, Julia soon excuses herself: she's going to her room to study for the evil acting job that put the horrible ideas in her head.

Nana admits to Rafaela that she was right: Julia has been acting weird.

My question is, does she ever act normal?

Aparicio Central. Night.

Meche is in her room making herself look all hot. Well, hotter. Meche's always hot.


Julia walks in and sits on the bed, more or less in silence. Meche takes the bait soon and asks her what's with her. MEC avoids the question (of her two sisters, Mercedes is the conservative one, so of course she's not going to tell her what's up) and turns the spotlight on Meche. She asks her where's she's going all beautified.

Meche avoids the question too, she's not going to tell Julia she's going out with one of Alma's manwhores. She asks Julia, again, what's up and if she wants to talk.

MEC doesn't want to talk at the moment, maybe later. She tells Meche to have a good time and they hug and tell each other how much they love each other.

I love the sister moments. I know I've said it before, but they make me wish I wasn't an only child. Although if I did have siblings, I probably wouldn't get along with them or something, life is always like that.

Now that she's done with sister one, Julia moves on to sister two, the one who is open minded enough to not kick her ass when she explains the situation.

Alma immediately senses that something's up with Julia.

Alma: Mariana or Armando?
Julia: Both.

Alma: What?

They move the discussion to Alma's sofa. I really do love me some Alma, I want one. Actually, I don't like her when it comes to Leo and Alex, but as a sister/therapist, she totally rocks.

Julia tells Alma that she finally found the guts and told Mariana and Armando that she loves them both. The big sis is fascinated by this (she went through something similar with Alex and Leo) and wants to know what happened afterward.

Julia tells her all about how they were surprised, shocked, speechless and mega mad, etc, and that the only thing she could do was take off running. She says it in a really dramatic way and reminds me of an aunt I have who is like that, it's like she relishes in the drama, like she's the protagonist of her own soap opera. Which is true in Julia's case, I suppose.

MEC asks for something to soothe the pain and help her talk, and Alma offers to bring out the tequila, since everything is always solved by alcohol (which, as I've said before, explains a lot).

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Hernan is there with Mariana working on a list of supplies for some clinic he's opening with Leonardo or something. He notices that there's something wrong with her and asks her what's up. She admits that there's something, but would rather keep working to keep her mind off of it.

Utopio insists that he's a good listener and that he doubts that there's anything that will shock him.

Mariana: Okay, Mr. Revolution. Maybe you'll understand something. Julia came and told me, well, told us, Armando and me, that she wants to be with both of us.
Hernan: With both of you?

This is his reaction:

We feel that way too, guey.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Over at Alma's room, the big sis brings out the tequila and the talking continues.

Julia: It may not be the fairest thing, but it is the most honest, I swear.

Blah. Whatever, Jules.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Hernan and Mariana are still speechless.

Tonight I leave you with....

.....super hot Meche! Because, well, just look at her!




  1. Thanks for this! :)

    I can feel the pain. Its just as painful to read, as it was to watch. Julia should have just stayed in Spain, Mariana adopted as an Aparacio sister and combine with the hotness of Meche and Alma, and did I say Meche?

    Why was AlMeche fighting? God, Meche is so hot.

  2. AlMeche were fighting because Meche found out about Alma's escort business.

    Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoy.

  3. alex
    thanks for the recap. though it was painful to read this, i had some laughs. i also hate julia, why is she so selfish? and why Mariana is with her? i mean mariana is awesome cute, hot, understanding, funny,etc.. i hope that mariana finally realized that julia doesn't deserve her.

  4. Alex: I still wish that Mariana sent Julia to hell, but, I'm still waiting.Keep reading if you want to know what happened next.