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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 97-98

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Let's get to it.

Episode 97

Aparicio Central. Night.

The sisters are hanging out and happy that their little altar to their dead men is back.

Rafaela walks in and the tension is in the air, particularly between Patroncita and Alma. Julia notices it, and demands to be told what's going on.

Careful Julia, you might've been the Queen at the Bisexual Polyvilles, but at Aparicio Central, Rafaela is the Empress.

Meche tells Julia to calm down, but admits that something huge is going on in the family and that maybe they should tell Julia about it.

Rafaela sits down with Julia to tell her the deal. In case you don't know, Rafaela thinks that she's responsible for Maximo's death, and I say 'think', because in the next episode we discover that she's not.

Rafaela's version:

Maximo got involved with drug dealers and dragged her and her businesses with him. One of the bad guys went to her and told her that the drug dealers paid him to kill Maximo, Alma and Ileana. Rafaela tried to convince Maximo to move to another country and take the girls with him and when he wouldn't she called the bad guy (who had been blackmailing her too, BTW) and told him to do what he had to do, as long as he didn't touch Alma and Ileana. In exchange, she paid him with a house. When Maximo got murdered, Rafaela figured the guy followed her instructions, making her responsible for it too. Now, 15 years later, she's confessed it to Alma (therefore, the tension) and wants to turn herself in to the police.

What really happened:

Maximo got involved with the drug dealers, yes, but as an informant to the police in their effort to catch the big, bad drug lord. The guy who blackmailed Rafaela (Maximo involved her in the whole thing to prove himself to the drug lord, BTW) was a dirty cop who played both sides and ratted Maximo out to the drug lord, who murdered Maximo himself.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Emo's reading while sad music plays in the background. It wouldn't surprise me if she's reading Hernan's boring books or something.

Since we're back at the house where all locks are banned, Dani appears at her window.

I'm calling this one Dani 1.5. She's closer to the old one, you know, nice and understanding, but still with a touch of naughty.

You'll see what I mean, but all in all I think I like this one better.

Dani 1.5 tells Emo that she talked to Armando and he told her what happened, so she dropped by to see how she was doing.

Calling, I suppose, was out of the question, eh? I won't criticize too much because it's a nice gesture.

Emo is a bit surprised that Dani and Poormando talk. Dani tells her she called him to hang out and he sounded sad, she figured he needed a friend. After hearing what happened, she decided to check in on Mariana too, specially since she feels a bit responsible for what happened.

So, now you feel guilty? Because you went after them three like a cat in heat, woman. I'm glad the hornyness has died down a bit.

Emo tells her not to worry, that she was just a tiny part of what finally broke them. In reality, their situation was unsustainable.

Mariana is glad that Dani came to see her. Dani tells her that the whole obsession lesbians have with staying friends with their exes has to be good for something, right?

She then inquires about Julia.

Dani: And what happened between you is just between you three? I mean, are you and Julia okay?
Mariana: Well, 'okay' I don't know. Julia has to live her process and I have to live my own, and I just have to hope that yes..

Emo seems concerned that Dani may be there for more sex, I suppose (is it a bad thing?), but Dani assures her that she just came to offer her support. Mariana invites her in and they hug.

Dani: You're gonna be okay.

Emo doesn't seem convinced.

Mariana: Dani, help me understand how I went from being the Lesbian Queen to the whole weird polyamoury, polysex thing, all for being a dumbass.

Yes! Dani! Dani! I want to know too. You were in bed with Julia, is it her magical 'V'? How come you seem immune to it? Is yours magical too? So many questions.

Dani: It wasn't because you were a dumbass, it was for love.

Augh. I wasn't hoping that wasn't the reason. The big lesson of the story: el amor apendeja.

In her effort to cheer Emo up, Dani tells her that she's not the only one who's done stupid things. In fact, she jokes, Ronald McDonald lost his virginity in a McTrio.

They laugh.

Dani has a really dorky laugh, I must say.

I approve. I like dorkyness.

After the laughter dies down. 1.5 continues gives another example of stupid things people do.

Dani: Besides, I did the stupidest thing ever: letting a woman like you go.

Oooohhh. Get it on! Get it on! I liked your bit in the orgy more than the Juliana bit. That's bad isn't it? I'm just still not convinced by Liz/Eren's sexytime chemistry. It worked in their first sex scene, but after that? Not really.


Mariana tells Dani that she likes her a lot, Dani says likewise. Then, 1.5 tells Emo to find the most comfortable clothes she has. Mari doesn't want to, she's comfortable enough. Dani will not hear of it.

Dani: I want you to change into something that's really comfortable so that you can spread your legs however you like.

See want I mean? Naughty, naughty.

I think Mariana is scared.

Aparicio Central. Night.

The Rafaela/Julia talk happened mostly off screen. Now Julia is processing what her Ma just told her. She's surprised and shocked, but understands all sides of the conflict.

Alma is very angry and Meche tries to calm her down. Alma tells Rafaela that she understand why she did what she did, but she (Alma) can't just forgive her so easily.

Meche thinks they need to think things through and come up with a plan together.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Dani is looking through Mariana's closet. Apparently, the leg spreading she has in mind is yoga type leg spreading.

Damn it. I wanted naughty stuff.

Mariana isn't so sure she wants to go, she finds it weird.

Dani: Wait, wait, wait. You find it weird to exercise? To move your body?
Mariana: I move my body, look:


Aw, Mariana. I know Julia's BS and your willingness to be sucked into it has made me denounce my love for you many times, but moments like this make me remember how cool you can be.

Things get a bit serious, though. Mariana feels weird hanging out with Dani after everything that happened (in other words, the orgy). I need a new nickname for Dani, I'm tired of typing 'Dani, Dani, Dani' all the time.

Dani: I'm not asking you for anything, I'm inviting you to come with me to a yoga class, and nothing is going to happen to you, I swear you won't be betraying Julia.

Ja! Is Julia still controlling Mariana's life from afar, now? Who the hell cares what Julia thinks now?

Dani: Besides, I'm not inviting you to fuck. I'm telling you we're going to a place where there will be a lot of people, clothed, like us doing some exercise and breathing.

Mmm. Should we trust her, Mariana? Sex is an exercise that involves lots of heavy breathing and can be done fully clothed, guey. Ah, trust her. Even if you end up doing it.

Mariana: Ok, I understand. You're not inviting me to fuck.
Dani: Of course not, I'm not inviting you to fuck. And it's not because I don't want to, let that be clear. Look, I would get back together with you, like this (snaps her fingers), honey. But I didn't come for that. I came to be your friend.

Jeje. I like Dani 1.5. She's nice and understanding, but still naughty. And honest.

I approve.

Emo wonders out loud how things would be now if they hadn't broken up (again with the what ifs?). Dani tells her that they'd be doing the same thing, only that instead of nicely giving Mariana the pants she picked out for her, she'd be throwing them to her face.

Dani gets serious and tells her that she's not going to force her to do anything, but she should really consider going to do something different and drop her #sufrocomomariana trip.

Mariana thinks about it.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia, Isadora and Ileana are in the kitchen. Ileana knows that something is going on and demands to know what it is. Julia tries to play dumb, which shouldn't be so hard, but the Biatch listens to no reason.

Uy. Careful, Julia. She might hurt you. I know I rip on you a lot, but I wouldn't want to see you hurt, guey.

Finally, Julia tells her that she can't tell her anything because it's not her place.

Gym. Day.

Since Meche ran off to meet with Claudio, Julia offered to take Isadora to the gym's pool. As they're walking out, Isadora's young eagle eyes notice, in the distance, Mariana doing yoga with Dani and proceeds to immediately tell Julia about it.

Where is she, guey? I don't see her.

And, hey, I wonder if they ever explained the polyamoury thing to Isadora. That would've been an interesting talk.

At first Julia doesn't see her either, but then we get this close up.

I'll take a leap of faith and assume that's Mariana and Dani, since I still can't tell.

Isadora wants to go over to Mariana and say hi, but Julia thinks it's a bad idea since they're in a class. Mariana must've had a Julia detector implanted in her at some point during their relationship, since she spots her immediately the moment she brings her head up.

Julia tells Isadora that they better go, but it's too late. Mariana spotted her. She runs out of the class calling out Julia's name like a crazy person.

Augh. Mariana, don't tell me Julia's crazy has been passed on to you now. I thought you were immune to it, we've talked about this.

Julia ignores her.

Outside, Isadora and Jules are getting into their car. Mariana runs out, still, calling after Julia. When she finally catches up to them, she proceeds to swear to Julia that it was just a class that Dani brought her to, but there is nothing going on between them.

Since I can't say nice things about this, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Julia tells her she doesn't need to explain anything. Although it hurts her a lot to see Emo and Dani together, she says, she knows that that's a risk she took when she broke up with her.

What's this? Is Julia gonna be the sane one now? I don't think I could manage that. Life would make no sense anymore.

Julia goes on to say that bigger things are happening in Aparicio Central, anyway. Mariana notices her seriousness and asks her what she needs.

Julia: I need my best friend.
Mariana: I'm here, really.

The girls have a moment that's interrupted by Isadora, but they decide to get together later to talk.

Just as Julia leaves, Dani runs out too and offers Mariana some support.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

This talk happened off screen too, so we see Mariana's reaction to learning how deadly Rafaela is. She too thinks Rafaela did whatever she thought she had to do. Julia understands that too, but, how to explain that to Ileana? She knows there's bad things in the horizon for her family and Julia wants to find a way to be there for them.

Okay. Mariana, stop her. She might make things worse.

Julia tells Mariana that, knowing what the deal is, she obviously understands that the situation between them is the last thing in her mind right now. Mariana understands, she feels part of the family and wants to give them her support too. Julia thanks her.

Mariana: You don't have to thank me. We are more than lovers and girlfriends, we're sisters, guey. Soulmates, right? Whether we want to or not, we're connected. And that's no matter what.
Julia: No matter what.

Soo, that's what you tell yourself to endure what Julia puts you through, Mariana?

They kiss and hug.

And tonight I leave you with....

...crying Ileana! Because, damn, she cries ugly!

Enjoy (if you can)!

Episode 98

Mariana's Loft. Night.

The girls are still processing the deadly Rafaela situation. Mariana is trying to cheer Julia up, after all, the Aparicio women are an invincible army of women.

I just pictured them all, even Nana, in amazonian garb, Xena style.

Julia is worried her house might become a battlefield over this issue, which Mariana finds very scary. Jules insists that she must do something to support all of her women and make sure they don't end up separating.

Stop it, Julia, you're not that important...as if there's anything you can do.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Rafaela is in her room when Julia walks in looking all happy and accomplished. She tells her Ma to get ready, because everyone is coming for dinner, like the good all times.

That's your big plan? Well, at least she tries. I wonder if she invited Armando, too.

Later that day, the girls are in the kitchen, cooking.

Julia, WHAT THE HELL is that thing around your neck?


Anyway, Mariana asks Julia if she has talked to Armando at all, she hasn't. Mariana wonders if maybe he's cutting his wrists with little animal cookies.

Don't be so mean, gueys. You have each other, but he's all alone. I can't believe I'm siding with Armando, it's just that I can relate. To being left behind and alone, I mean. Not to being a slutty, arrogant guy who cheated on his girlfriend left and right before getting a personality change and getting into a polyamorous relationship with his girlfriend and her girlfriend.

Julia thinks that he's probably drank all the alcohol in Mexico by now and is in bed with four women, including Dani. She doesn't seem to be missing him, at all.

Didn't you love him too? Isn't that why you made us all endure what we did? You're so full of it, guey.

Mari, however, continues to be a saint.

Mariana: Julia, if you want me to I can go and talk to my buddy, I will, guey, to help him, guey.

Why are you asking for permission, woman? Just go. And stop saying 'guey' so much in one sentence, guey, it's uncool, guey.

Julia: Ay, Mariana. First of all, he's not your 'buddy' anymore. Secondly, no, guey. I think, why talk to him? I think, it's enough, guey. What he and I had was a very codependent relationship, that was very ugly and even you got affected too. And I think the best we can do right now is let the man grow and find his own way and mature. And the two of us too, we need to find our way forward.

Mariana seems happy to hear this.

I, however, I'm not. You can't just use people and then throw them to the side, Julia. Poormando is all alone so you all can grow, but, how come you didn't distance yourself from Mariana so you all could find your way separately or whatever? You just got tired of him.

Aughh. You suck so much woman. I'm sorry, but this 'love story' has been tainted too much by Julia's selfishness.

They keep cooking until Rafaela walks in spouting all sorts of love words for the girls (remember, she plans to turn herself in to the police).

Rafaela tells them that she loves to see them like that, so beautiful and harmonious. The girls suspect something's up and look at Rafaela like she smoked something. Patroncita assures them that everything is all right, that she's just happy and full of hippieness. Well, she doesn't say it in those words exactly, but that's the point. She continues on her trip and tells them that love is like a kitchen full of flavors and spices and yada, yada, yada.

Honestly, I'm just looking at Julia's ass. She's got junk in the trunk, people!

The girls listen to Rafaela's philosophizing and look at her like she's lost her mind. Rafaela says that she wishes she could be there to see when their love fully materializes. The girls assure her that she will and change the topic.

Armando's Cave. Day.

Dani, who seems to be the Saint Patron of abandoned spouses, is paying a visit to Armando to cheer him up too.

Poormando seems to get ready to go somewhere, so she kind of invites herself, although she asks him where he's going: to a hospital, to an orgy, where?

Well, hello naughty Dani with your orgy thoughts again.

He's not going to any of those places, he's an athlete and he's going to train. He sounds down and I continue to feel bad for him. Give him a hug for me, Dani.

She asks him if he's fine after the break up. She's also a bit surprised to see him like this since, based on his reputation, she expected to find him lost in alcohol and women.

He opens up.

Armando: It does feel horrible. Yesterday I spent the day crying like a little boy. I miss her. I miss them both. The bed feels too big. This house feels too big. But I don't want to do what I did before, ok? Now things are going to be different. Now I'm going to let Julia live her process, and I'm going to live my own. Regardless of how much it hurts.

Huh. All this sudden maturity is unnerving. What happened to these people? I'm thinking Dani's naked body does have magical abilities.

Dani tells him it's okay to feel bad, and that he has a new friend in her.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Alma arrives and she's still mad, so Julia tries to talk to her. She tells Alma that all the hating on Rafaela isn't going to bring Maximo back, it's just going to destroy the family.

Alma doesn't want that to happen, it's just hard, even though she understands that Rafaela did what she thought she had to out of her love for them.

Alma decided that she and Ileana need to move out of the house. Julia doesn't like it.

Outside, Rafaela thanks Mariana for organizing the dinner, although she doesn't think it will do much good since Alma is really mad. Mariana loves them and wants to see them together as a family. Rafaela reminds Mariana that she loves her too.

That night, the sisters +Mariana are hanging out. They start teasing Meche about Claudio and all sorts of sisterly goodness. Rafaela walks in and Julia wants to tell her all about it.

The Patroncita continues with her philosophizing and proceeds to describe her daughters. She tells them she loves them and hopes they can forgive her mistakes one day.

Tonight I leave you with...

....Maximo! Because I got nothing else for ya!




  1. Estan super relajes las fotos que usas, y es verdad, si acaso no les alcansa para el vestuario k vayan al la segunda, como k no hubieran.

  2. Hey Naty
    wanted to let you know I'm still loving your recaps and just check the AE sight only to see if you have any new ones so keep it up. Since nobody talks about the show on there any more.
    It's always great to start the day with a good laugh from you so thank you
    Loved the GIF of Mariana moving that was best part of the episode was her doing that and the breathing thing

  3. Thanks for these recaps Nat! Very funny. I always enjoy reading them. Siempre me paso por el foro de Juliana en Afterellen y como ya no estan tan activas como antes, resulta reconfortante saber que sigues haciendolas, y espero que hasta el final :) A mi la serie si me gusta guey! Saludos,

  4. Hola Nat! i absolutely adore your recaps!! It has become my favorite night time activity lol..Watching Emo, Assmando, MEC wouldnt have been the same without your hilarious input on this painfully looooonggggg process they call a "plot"..love ur cruel wit, delightful sarcasm, resentment and charming sympathy for urself, us and even the characters on the show..keep it up as we roll down this sticky slope, big fan guey!

  5. God I love the scene in episode 97 with Mariana sitting on the bed and Dani rummaging through her closet. Mariana is absolutely adorable in that scene. The whole flipping of her air, cute little breading thing she does and her reaction to Dani's sex comment. Her expression are absolutely adorable.