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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 79-81

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Episode 79

Nana's VO.

During the voice over, Nana talks about how some fantasies are better off in our heads. Sometimes we get what we want and then we realize we were better off before. Deep and poignant stuff as always, but I'm too distracted by Meche's touchyness.

They're just sisters, Natalia, they're just sisters....

Bisexual Polyville. Day.

Really nice things are happening.

Julia is rubbing lotion all over Mariana's back. Mari may be a zombie and all, but she's still pretty to look at, so, I approve. Let's enjoy the visuals for a second.

Okay, I'm back.

Mariana whines jokingly that she doesn't like creams and that Julia's using it as an excuse to rub her hands all over her back. Julia admits it's true, and really, who wouldn't?

The girls continue to be all cute and playful with each other, like we like them to be. Mariana tells Julia to go make her a sandwich because she's hungry! Aww, it's so cute you think you're not the servant Mariana, but you are. Don't forget Jules is the Queen.

Her Highness says exactly that, that she's not Mariana's slave, and that in fact Mariana owes her a day of servitude.

Are you serious? Everyday she's your servant Julia, we covered this before.

Meanwhile, Armando has been witnessing the exchange, looking all interested. His interest persists, however, even after Julia walks away to make the sandwich and Mariana turns around to get dressed.

I'd call him gross, but really, wouldn't you stare too? These gueys must be into exhibisionism too since they do that sort of stuff while all the windows and gates are open and anyone can walk in. I wonder if they've ever scarred for life some nice Jehova's Witness who came over one day to preach or something.

Armando continues to stare as Mariana puts on her bra (why turn your back on us, Mariana? might as well give us the whole show) and Julia notices. She is not pleased.

Uh oh. Is your man looking lustfully at your woman, Julia?

Allow me, then, to just say:

And, furthermore:

Julia forcefully snaps Armando out of his haze by asking him, not so nicely, if he brought the bread. He says yes and walks away with his tail between his legs. He must be terrified of angering his Queen. His life may lose all meaning if he displeases Julia in any way, you know.

Later that morning, the Mc Trio are having breakfast. Armando continues to look at Mariana with too much interest. Julia notices and seems mega jealous. Mariana is oblivious.

Julia tries to bring the attention back at her, where it must be at all times of course, by rubbing her hands all over Armando's arm. He doesn't pay her much attention, just a little smile, and she instantly gets up in a huff to do the dishes. Loyal Servant M tells her not to worry, she'll do it. Armando and Mariana joke around some more and Julia now becomes PAlia (Passive Agressive+Julia) and says she'll turn on the music.

Her servants don't notice something is bothering her and let her go.They then proceed to criticize her music choice and keep talking amongst themselves about it.

Uh oh. Are they rebelling, Julia?

PAlia finally comes over and scolds them, don't they like her music? Armando looks sheepish like a kid whose Mom just reprimanded him.

Those three have such an unhealthy relationship, gueys. Even for a poly relationship I'd say. There's no equality, they're all there to serve Julia. It's gross.

PAlia makes some comment about him liking Mariana's music or something and continues with her passive aggressive BS.

That night, the three are still hanging out at home. Is it Saturday? Don't they have work or anything else to do? Don't they get tired of being together all the time?

Mariana and Armando are having a beer and talking easily. He puts on some music and they even start dancing together when Julia, who is still brooding, doesn't want to.

I must be losing it, but I actually didn't find the sight repulsive. Julia has been so insufferable lately and Armando has had a personality transplant, so Mariana and Armando would probably make a healthier couple than J/M or A/M if Mariana wasn't gay.

Scary, huh?

Eventually, Julia's jealousy gets the best of her and she turns off the radio and walks off in a huff. Now the attention is on her again, where it must be at all times. How can you forget the first rule, loyal servants? I'm sure she wrote it on her diagram during the her Polyamory 101 class.

Mariana and Armando follow her and ask her what's up. They were just dancing.

Julia: How would you like it if I danced like that with someone else? I have to tolerate seeing you with your hands all over each other right in front of me?

Are. You. Serious?

Ah, um, ah....I'm just speechless. YOU are bitching about fidelity? Screw you, guey.

Take that, I hope it hurts.

I've been saving that for when I finally did the recap for ep 60 when Julia cheats on Mariana, but I feel I must bring it out now.

Instead of giving Julia the finger and walking away, like she deserves, her servants try to calm her down by pointing out how ridiculous she's been, but Hernan walks in before they can grovel too much.

I'm not sure if I should feel grateful or brace myself for some boredom.

From here on the whole thing develops into some weird twilight zone meet-the-parents moment. I'm not entirely sure why since Armando is not Mariana's boyfriend, but what can I say? Aliens could walk in at any moment and sit down for a beer with these people and it might be believable since anything goes in this show.

Anyway, the girls introduce Hernan to Armando and Servant A looks mighty uncomfortable. The girls walk away to get Utopio some beer and later prepare some homemade pizza, leaving them mostly alone.

The next scene is Hernan acting like a dad meeting his daughter's boyfriend for the first time. He's stern, asks Armando about his job, how will he support the girls, what about when the children come, what are his intentions with the girls and whatever.

Armando looks like he wants the earth to swallow him up: he's almost stuttering.

Then the girls walk in and everyone laughs, even Utopio, it was all a big joke and whatever.


Was there a point to that?

Even later than night, the family continue to make fun of Armando and drinking. Everyone loves each other soooo much in this show. People in RL aren't like that, gueys.

Things turn serious when Hernan gives Mariana his most priced possessions: some old books he's had since forever. Mariana gets up to put the books away and Julia follows suit to give her some comfort. She tells Emo to just tell Utopio not to go, but, since Mariana is the most passive person in the galaxy, she tells Julia she kinda tried already and he just gave her a sermon about his Utopias. She's not gonna try again, she's made peace with it, at least now she knows him and has a nice memory of him.

And now I leave with you.....

....more three way sex! Because the powers that be of this show are just obsessed with it!


Episode 80

Bisexual Polyville. Day.

Armando and Mariana are cooking (for her Highness, I presume) and talking about the Hernan incident from the night before. Armando starts flirting, but Mariana tells him to behave. She asks him to pass her two eggs(huevos) and he starts to play around with her and doesn't want to give them to her.

Ay, guey, don't you know Julia's had your huevos for the past gazillion episodes?

In order to understand that joke, I must explain that to us over here, 'huevos' can be what 'balls' are for you over there. Meaning testicles and all.

It's not cool to explain these things, it takes some of the magic away.

Julia walks in and continues to be all jealous.

Mariana: He doesn't want to give me the eggs (huevos)!
Julia: Of course he wants to give them to you, right Armando? Give them to her.

Hey, Julia used the word in the same way I just did.

Things become awkward for a sec after that, so Mariana changes the subject. She wants Julia to accompany her to do some errands, but PAlia tells her to take Armando instead, she has too much to do.

Ay Julia.

That night, Armando and Mariana are hanging out, once again. Mariana walks in on him reading a book and starts giving him a hard time about it. She tells him she's cool with him becoming more cultured, but she kinda liked him better when he was just some handsome, yet dumb guy.

She obviously meant to tease him by calling him dumb, but, in a glorious move, he starts giving HER a hard time because she just said he was handsome.

Have you noticed that these two are getting more screen time together than Julia? Sometimes I feel this story stopped being about Julia a long time ago, regardless of what she might think.

Armando starts to do some dorky dance saying in a singing voice that lesbians like him.

Mariana follows him along with the joke, even after Julia walks in and looks all jealous, yet again. Mari starts joking that now she's turned straight and wants to do him too. They drag each other along to the bedroom, telling Julia to join.

Julia is not amused.

When they notice her mood, they ask her what's up. She asks them what's up with THEM. The servants say they're just joking. Mariana actually has to justify herself, to her girlfriend, that there's absolutely nothing going on between her(Mariana) and her(Julia) boyfriend.

Can this be any more fucked up? Who is Julia to demand any kind of fidelity?

Julia: And haven't you thought for a moment that maybe he likes you? And that I'm sick of this situation?

Well, Julia, I'm sick of YOU. And since they won't do it, I guess I'll have to.

Again, I say, screw you, guey.

Julia sits down and pouts, so the servants gather around and assure her nothing has happened. Mariana is particularly indignant that Julia would even suggest something like that.

Either way, the world continues to revolve around Julia, and I still don't understand why.

Interesting shot, though. Notice how Armando is trying to get Julia's attention, yet she's holding on to Mariana?

And that's it for this ep. Short, huh?

Tonight I leave you with....

.......Ileana's talk with Alma about her frigidity! Because there most be nothing quite like your mom telling you to go masturbate!


Episode 81

Bisexual Polyville. Night.

Armando and Mariana are still trying to soothe Julia's insecurity/jealousy. Armando tells Julia that Marina is just like a buddy to him: someone to hang out with, drink with and talk about women with. Only she(Mariana) just happens to be a very attractive woman.

Um, that sounds like a dream come true for a straight guy, Armando. No?

Mariana just laughs at him for saying those things, and Julia scolds him. Mariana is NOT those things, Julia says, she's her... her.... what she is to her!

Your loyal servant...um...I mean, girlfriend, Julia? Why is it so hard to say it all of the sudden?

And I must give you the finger again, Julia, since I really feel you have no moral authority to demand anything or to criticize anything those two schmucks do.

Eventually Armando admits that he's had lustful thoughts involving Mariana. No one is surprised at all, although Mariana is somewhat grossed out. Armando assures Julia there's nothing to worry about. Julia tells him she knows there's nothing to worry about, she knows Mariana too well.

Um, what's the problem then? You not only want to control what your servants do, now you want to control what they think/feel too?

Julia goes on and on about how if Mariana was different and did give him an inch he'd go for it, and how does he think she feels if before they (A&M) couldn't stand each other, but now they get along so well and every time she (M) walks past him he drools and checks out her ass, etc, etc, etc?



Mariana tells her they're just friends and they're trying to get along better because she asked them to, and they love her.

They tell her to chill and give her a cuddle.

Ay, Dios.

If Mariana wasn't gay, I'd totally want her and Armando to fall in love and leave Julia. Her bullshit knows no boundaries and I really wish someone would teach her a lesson.

The scene changes to something else and when it comes back to them, they're playing some weird game. Julia is tied up and blindfolded. Armando and Mariana are going to touch her all over, and she must stop herself from untying her hands and touching them.

First of all, what the hell is the point of this scene?

Secondly, now that they live together, is group sex all they have now? No more one on one time?

Thirdly, what the hell does Julia do to make those two just eat out of the palm of her hand?

I have two theories. Either she's been secretly doing back magic on them (remember the Apawitches moment with her sisters?) or her V can cause spontaneous orgasms to all those who touch it.

What do you guys think?

Some Park. Night.

Hernan and Mariana are walking along talking about Utopio's impending departure. She wants them to keep in touch, he says they will.

Emo finally can't hold it in anymore and begs him not to leave her. He says it's his destiny, he has to go.

When she insists some more, he confesses to her that he's sick.

Sure, let's bring in more crap for Emo.

And that's it for tonight, folks. Mega short, huh? They must be running out of ways to annoy us with the Terrible Three or something.


And tonight I leave with you.....

..... Meche and Hernan! Because I kinda liked those two together! I know, I'm shocked at myself too!


And I know I promised I'd get to recap eps 60-65 during the weekend, sorry! RL got it the way. But I will soon!


  1. Julia is unbelievable! How can she be upset at someone for liking more than one person, when that's exactly the relationship she wanted?

    Anyway, thanks for recapping!

  2. thanks for the recaps,

    i prefer to read your recaps instead of seeing the show. It's to painful to see Mariana in this unhealthy relationship. i'm waiting to see the moment when Mariana brakes up with Julia. i hope she does. I love your recaps at least they make laugh. Hey, even assmando is falling for my Marianita, jajaja. This girl is so charming that's why I hate to see her with julia