Sunday, August 1, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 74-75

What's up guys?

I know I've been kinda absent lately. I've just been finding it increasingly hard to work on the recaps: not because I'm frustrated or angry because of the story (I was at first, but not anymore), but because I find myself very apathetic about it.

I've gone past the point of caring about these characters and their journey, which makes me feel uninspired when it comes to writing the recaps.

The Powers That Be, unfortunately, have done a pretty good job at making this happen. I'm sure that wasn't their intention, but by taking those great characters they created and forcing them into a storyline that doesn't suit them and makes no sense for them, well, they just killed my love for the show. I strongly feel they sacrificed those characters for the sake of exploring the polyamory. The actions and reactions of the characters just feel forced and make no sense, which is my biggest criticism in my recaps, in case you haven't noticed . The question is, if/when Julia and Mariana get together in the end, will anyone find it believable? Or care?

Still, I'm here. Like I said, I started these recaps and by God I will finish them. Also, I really like and admire the people behind this show, regardless of how much I disagree with the decisions they've made regarding this particular storyline. Finally, I really like the community around the show: chatting with all of those great gals on afterellen or while watching the show live online is a lot of fun, which is another reason why I won't jump ship.

I want to thank those of you who follow and give me support (hey Zoie!). I'm thinking that posting twice a week to keep you updated shall be about you follow the blog on twitter to know when I put up the new recaps, eh.?

Well, I hope you enjoy.

Episode 74

Bisexual Polyville. Day.

Mariana's gone from angry to sad, which kinda sucks because Angriana is hot and I've been missing her. She apologizes to Hernan and tells him she didn't mean those horrible things she said, she just has a big mouth that keeps getting her into trouble.

Really? Cause you haven't had a problem keeping your mouth shut and taking all of the crap Julia throws at you.

Hernan tells her it's okay, she's just angry and has a right to be: he's leaving her again. Sadriana (Sad+Mariana) begs him not to go, but he tells her he just has to. It makes sense to us because we know he's sick, but Mariana must be hurt as hell thinking that he doesn't love her enough to stay.


Mariana tells him that at least now they know each other and can stay in touch and visit each other.

Um, I'm not so sure that's his plan, my love, even if he promises to.

I gotta say, I continue to be indifferent about this particular storyline, probably since I'm not that close to my dad and feel no desire to, anyway.


Bisexual Polyville. Night.

Damn these people drink a lot. Huh. I think their decisions make more sense now, they must be alcohol induced.

Anyway, since Emo has no friends but her girlfriend and her girlfriend's boyfriend, the three are hanging out and helping her through her hard times.

Such a nice little family, eh?

See? I can't even be too snarky about this: I barely care about Mariana's lack of dignity since she's letting that guey into her house and sharing intimate moments with him and Julia (which, I imagine, is the one whose company she truly wanted.).


Julia is a little outraged that Hernan is leaving Mariana again, but Emo tells her she's just trying to be chill about it and stop blaming him for everything bad that has ever happened to her.

Why are these people so rational? It's boring! And makes them seem like robots. I miss my crazy Julia.

The three start talking daddy woes: Julia's died when she was little, Mariana has her deal with Utopio and Armando had some fallen out with his dad that I didn't concentrate enough to understand because I just don't care... plus, the violins in the background while he was telling his sad story were making me laugh too much to listen to what was being said.

Since Julia and Armando have such a deep and meaningful relationship, she knew nothing of this and seemed shocked and sad about his pain regarding one of the most painful experiences in his life.

Do you even know his last name, Julia? His birthday? Favorite color? Seriously Julia, have you two even talked at all? What is your great love based on?

Eventually it gets late and Mariana hints it's time for them to go. Since Julia lives here...

... and is, in fact, the queen of this beautiful Lala Land, she doesn't get the hint and asks Mariana what the sleeping arrangements will be.

Mariana points out that she has her own bed, which, for me, continues to be code for 'go away already' to Julia and/or Armando.

They ignore the hints.

Armando: Julia and me can get the futon, no?
Angriana: Excuse me? Julia and you nowhere, cabrón.'re okay with him nailing her, but it's disrespectful if it's in your house? What you can't see can't hurt you?

Mmm, you must be great at denial, then, guey. If it was me, that's all I would be thinking about everytime Julia wasn't with me. But since you're all robots....

The queen immediately intervenes to calm them down and proposes that they can go camping in the living room.

Yes. Camping. In the living room.

That way, she says, they can all sleep together and avoid the drama.

I've been saying she's 14, but 12 may be closer.

She goes on and on about her fun camping trips with Mariana when they were little (in their backyard, I suppose). Reminiscing gives Julia a brilliant idea: they should do it for real! They've been down lately and could use some outdoorsy fun.

Armando accepts right away (doesn't he always?), but Mariana is not so sure. Julia uses her charms to convince her.

Armando looks at them funny. I don't know if he's jealous (in which case 'yay!' I want this polyshit to be over already) or if he's having threesome dreams again (in which case, ew).

Bisexual Polyville. Day.

The McTrio (credit to that goes to the girls I chat with while watching this streaming live over at are getting ready for their camping trip.

My God. Julia gets everything she wants. Goddammit, I want to know how.

They pack the esentials: beer, food, fruits, cold meats, wine, cheese, bread, etc.

Assmando, of course, is gross enough to point out that he's got his essentials too.

Mariana (whining): No, I mean, why in front of me?

So, I repeat, it's okay if they do it behind your back, then?

Julia reminds him this is a family trip, therefore there's no need for condoms.

Have I said, 'whatever', already?

Tonight I leave you with....

.......Bruno! Because he lasted 20 whole minutes! (Even though he didn't make Ileana come.)


Episode 75

Bisexual Polyville. Night.

The McTrio are back from their happy family camping trip, laughing and happy! Sometimes I want some of what they smoke to be so mellow about everything.

Or maybe they really are half drunk all the time.

The girls are making fun of Armando because he stinks: he fell into some cow poo.

Seriously, that's what they said.

They keep laughing and teasing and Mariana brings out the tequila. By the time this polyamory business is done with, they're all gonna be in AA.

Julia sends Armando off to get a bath because he stinks and the girls talk about how great the day was and how they should do it more often.

Robots, I keep saying. Or maybe they're faking all this happiness. Or maybe they really are drunk, since Julia mentions all the wine they drank. That totally explains the atrocity that's gonna happen later.

Later that night, Armando stumbles out of the shower and into this:

Look at how Mariana grabs that ass! Damn! She must like it as much as I do.

Julia invites Armando to the bed to 'smell' him, which is apparently code for 'kissing', because that's what she immediately starts to do.

Mariana looks mighty uncomfortable/jealous. Julia, well, not so much. She seems to have settled very well into her V shaped polyamory.

When she finishes kissing loyal subject #1, the queen turns over and starts kissing loyal subject #2.

Ew at the saliva swap.

Now it's Armando's turn to look uncomfortable/jealous....but since he's a guy and apparently this is every hetero guy's fantasy, it doesn't take long for him to get in too. He starts kissing Julia's back and neck and clothes start to come off: quite an accomplishment given that every time Mariana touches him accidentally she takes her hand away as if burned.

Seriously, gueys? What does Julia have that has these two schmucks eating out of her hand and giving her everything she wants so easily? Because you just know she's been fantasizing about this.

I want to know, I want to learn from the master!

As things get more heated, Armando tries to grope Mariana, but she pulls his hand away from her and gives him a look that says 'do it again and I'll break your penis.'

The trio resume their activities, but now the lines have been drawn: Armando and Mariana will not touch at all, their only focus will be Julia.

Well, fuck you.

As if that makes this whole mega mess better.

Thankfully, what happens next happens off camera, but, I pressume, is every bisexual girl's fantasy (doing a boy and a girl at the same time), every lesbian's worst nightmare (being there while your girlfriend is being screwed by a guy) and every straight guy's biggest frustration (being in bed with two girls, but only being able to touch one).

And please, don't get your feathers in a knot, I know those are big generalizations and generalizations are unfair.

Moving on.

Bisexual Polyville. Day.

The next morning, Mariana and Armando are walking silently around the kitchen making toast and coffee while looking uncomfortable.

Mariana, I am so sorry you had to see that guy naked. You might need lifelong therapy. I would. Oh and, did you burn those bed sheets? Cause, ew.

Julia still in bed, but gets up when she hears them talking, even though she can't quite hear what they're saying.

Armando: Are you jealous?
Mariana: A lot. What, you're not?
Armando: Same, but that's normal, no?

My big, fat, DUH just resonated across the universe.

Armando goes on to say that they need to trust each other more. Mariana tells him that if he again suggests that the two of them get together, she's gonna have to split his skull.

She sounds serious.

But since Mariana has proven to be all talk, the threat doesn't shut him up. He tells her he's not talking about that, but that since they're friends, 'co partners' to Julia and associates, maybe it's time to take their relationship to the next level.

Can I get a 'huh'? What's he getting at?

Mariana: Our 'relationship' doesn't exist. Our relationship is just towards Julia. JULIA. No one else.

Mariana walks to the living room, Herpes in tow. He knows that maybe they'll never be able to be best friends, but they can get along just fine when they put the in the effort. Now, he says, it's time to take the next step.

Did I say, 'huh', already?

Are you still drunk, Armando?

Julia walks in and her loyal subjects immediately serve her breakfast.


One of the cups of coffee Armando poured was for Julia, as well as the extra toast Mariana prepared.

Damn it, Julia! I want to know how you do it! I want loyal servants too!

Now that they're all together, Armando drops in his bomb: he wants the three of them to live together.

I don't even know what to say, and I don't care enough to think too much, so...


Tonight I leave you with.......

.......Mauro! Because he reacted like a real person when he heard his best friend was helping his ex girlfriend's boyfriend learn how to give her an orgasm! It's refreshing to see a reaction I can relate to after dealing with those other robots.


And today, I leave you with a question...what do you guys think is Armando's deal? Why does he want them to live together?


  1. Hey lady I haven't posted on here yet but your recaps are funny as hell and help me swollow this show down. It's like taking a little honey with that nasty medicine your Momma would make you take.
    I think Assmanho wants them to live together because in reality he feels more threaten by Mariana then Mariana is of him even if he doesn't show it or why would he suggest it if he thought Julia loves him more.
    Assmanho for one thing he has to ask why Julia loves him, Mariana has never asked her that.
    He has always noticed on more than once M & J's bond even before all this happen and I think deep down he knows why Julia left Spain so fast she could not stand to be away from Mariana for that long. But he knows he still has this hold on her he is trying to hang on to. Notice he was the first one to ask Mariana if she was jealous because it's killing him.
    I found it funny is J & A don't know anything about each other but M & J know each other like a book. I guess the writers wanted us to see that too.
    I don't know it was intentional but Julia had her back to him most of the time so just like her dreams her back was always to him it's like he is in the back of her mind and Mariana will always be in the front of her mind.
    But what do I know just I'm just trying to make sense of this mess and hoping this was not the hot scene Tash was telling me about when I twitted her.
    I haven't jumped ship either but I had to regrouped and decided to let it be what it is and nothing I say will change what will become of this mess.
    Thank you again for the recaps

  2. hey, Glad you like the recaps!

    I agree, he's worried about being left out, he really can't compete with Mariana. Mariana is the one Julia wants the most/can't live without, having Armando too is like a whim to her. I think she cares about him in a way, but LOVE, I don't buy it. The writers are starting to finally put the foundation for the moment when Julia picks Mariana. (which I hope is what happens, instead of ending with her by default because Armando leaves).

    I also think he's lonely and wants a family, as fucked up as the situation would be.

  3. thanks for the shout out--what a treat :) also thanks for continuing to do the recaps. Like most, I am also finding the show hard to care about lately. at this point, am continuing to watch mainly b/c i've already invested so much time in it. thanks for helping get us through it!

  4. entonces the McTrio of borrachos pilivilences regresaron al emmoap
    who the hell was the driver ?????????
    hilarious recaps mi naty
    a and this past week was the week of boredom srsly!!!
    talk to ya later!!!! just makeing act of presence for this lares


    el hippie ese nesesita depilaese igual que MISTER WEREWOLF CLAUDIO ENSERIO WEY EWWWWWWWWWWWW pobre XIME

  5. Mister Werewolf!!!!!!! LOL.

    Pero no chica, no se compara....los pelitos del hippie son de bebé, con los de Claudio se pueden hacer trenzas....ewww

  6. Hey, first time I read your recaps... I wish I had the force to watch Las Aparicio again, but I just can't take the BS anymore, that "poliamor" crap is just insane... anyways, great recap, I will follow them through you I guess... hahaa :)

  7. i don't watch this show, i only read the recaps.
    i thing the suggestion is made SO he can know when M's spending time with Julia. He can sense being left out.