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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 89-90

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Episode 89

This episode was the Leo and Alma show. Damn, Leo looks ugly when he cries. And he cried a lot.

Aparicio Central. Night.

The gang are waiting in the living room while Alma and Leo are breaking up in her room. They are taking FOREVER, like, a third of the episode.

When they're done, Leo walks into the living room and informs them their plans to move in together are done, as are they. He tells them it was a pleasure to know them.

Alma walks out and confirms it. A lot of violins play in the background and I get a weird flashback to that scene in Titanic with the violinists playing until death.

I guess that wasn't Juliana Centric, but they were there and I just wrote it out, so, let's leave it there.

Later that night, Meche, Juliana and Ileana are processing the break up they've just witnessed. They can't understand it since Alma didn't tell them the truth (that she found out that Leo was Maximo's adopted son and was lying all along).

Ileana seems particularly affected by it, you'd think Alma just broke up with her dad. I guess she liked Leo. Or maybe she just really wanted to be a 'normal' woman for once, you know, husband and all. Or whatever, don't care.

Julia tries to calm her down, after all, the world doesn't end if you don't have a man with you. I must take a second to point out how hot the girls look in black.

I guess that was the theme since Ilena is wearing darkish colors too. And Meche.

Anyway, Ileana is in bitch mode again and tells Julia she can't really talk about this since she's with a woman because she doesn't know how to love a man.

Wow. Isn't it interesting how it takes anger to bring out people's latent prejudices? I guess Miss Stick in the Mud isn't really as okay with the gay as she made us believe last ep.

Julia is understandably pissed off and tells her to shut up. Meche diffuses the situation and tries to calm them down before the fight escalates. Ileana says she finally figured out the family curse: the problem is that they don't know how to love their men.

The violins sound again.

I really don't care, I've always felt Leo is beneath Alma. So, good riddance.

Bisexual Polyville, part deux. Day.

Mariana and Julia are doing the chef thing. Today, Mariana is the one with the thing in her head.

I don't like it, she looks like she wants to beat someone up.

They're talking about the Alma/Leo situation. Mariana jokes that she used to think that Julia was the only undecided one in the Aparicio family.


They pity both Alma and Leo, and Julia wonders out loud if what Ileana says it's true. Mariana disagrees: nothing Ileana ever says it's true.

Lol, again.

Julia says that no, maybe she's right when she says the Aparicio women are incapable of loving and committing to a man. How else can they explain, says Julia, everything that is happening to her lately?

I must admire MEC's ability to make everything about her. I bet we can give her a random word from the dictionary and she will be able to connect herself to it.

I don't think Mariana is too amused by Julia's theory.

Mariana: You're saying that you love me because of the curse? Because you're genetically unable to love a man?

Julia says it can happen.

Julia: If not, then explain to me why I am in this whole...with Armando..I love him, I don't love him..

Emo tells Julia that she's not like that only with Armando, but with Emo herself as well.

Um, when, guey? I think she's been pretty consistent that she loves you, no? It's everything else she makes a big mess of.

The phone rings. It's Armando, what a surprise. I guess he got all tingly when they started talking about him too much.

Emo picks up and exchanges a few words with him before passing the phone to Julia.

Later that day, after the call, Mariana and Julia are processing some more.

It turns out Armando came out to his dad as a polyamorous person and Armando Sr. didn't take it too well.

I am so glad all of this is happening off screen. And I continue to not understand these people's need to tell their family everything at all times.

The girls feel bad for their man, but understand how it must be difficult for some old guy to understand and accept something like that, specially coming from a son he hasn't talked to in years.

Julia goes on to say that Armando was probably naive enough to just tell his dad without expecting any backlash, and that he didn't have the expertise Mariana has for such themes.

Uh, oh. Armando, start packing your bags. Or, I mean, pack THEIR bags since they're in your house. The point is that Julia doesn't like you anymore.

Anyway, they continue processing and bla,bla, bla. Unimportant things.

Oh, and Armando is coming back that night.

Alma's Atelier. Day.

Julia, Mariana and Bruno are at the receiving end of Ileana's wrath. As Bruno points out, you'd think she was the one who broke up with her boyfriend, not her ma.

Alma walks over to them and says hi. They all comment that everything is ready for the next class, including the homophobic dad from the previous episode. I guess he will speak to the group today.

The class starts. It's all about the homophobic dad talking about his experience with his gay son, who is promiscuous, effeminate, does drugs, etc. The dad wonders what made him that way, and feels that maybe he was an irresponsible father who didn't support his son during his time of need. Or maybe it was the society who rejected him and drove him to the negative behavior.

As he speaks, the son walks in.

I liked scene, it felt organic and I can relate.

So, good job, Powers That Be.

Seeing his son there motives the dad, who goes on to say that parents make an effort to become a part of their straight children's lives, but can't bring themselves to do the same with their gay ones, all because of their fear or disgust.

Again, all true.

Tonight I leave you with.....

.... Alex and Mara trying out for a baby! Because they're sooo cute together! I hope that now that Alma is single, Alex doesn't get lovesick for her again. She doesn't deserve him.


Episode 90

Alma's Atelier. Day.

The class continues and now I'm bored. We got the point, move on already.

Homophobic dad is still saying the same things he said in the previous ep.

Why, Mr. Editors?

The dad goes on to say that by not being there for their gay children, parents are driving them to a clandestine world full of dangers, drugs and people who might take advantage of them, all because they don't want to know who they are.

All important stuff, but please, let's move on.

The son is obviously touched and, by the end of the class, it seems like they are on their way to make up. Specially since the dad admitted openly that he loves his son.

Excellent. Move on, please?

Julia and Mariana seem very proud of themselves.

'Las Aparicio Women: Changin' Lives'

Later that day, father and son are walking out of the class, arm in arm. The dad thanks Alma and the girls and tells them to not stop doing things like that.

Everyone hugs and kisses and all is right with the world.

The Aparicio women process the moment for a bit.

Bisexual Polyville. Night.

Armando is back. He's recounting his awful experience with his dad.

Apparently, there was a whole lot of judging done by Armando Sr. I'm not exactly sure if it was because of the poly thing or what.

Doesn't matter.

Later, Armando Sr. chilled out again, but the whole experience reminded Armando that being too close to his dad is not healthy for him, so he's going to keep his distance.

When he's done with the story, Armando sits next to Julia and tries to get some loving from her. He rubs her leg, but she ignores him. When he mentions that maybe it's time to go to sleep, Julia agrees and drags Mariana to bed.

Doom is coming for you, guey. I kinda feel bad for you. Sucks to be you, Pichichi.

He notices the shift in the relationship.

Later that night, the poor schmuck continues to be left out, even in their sleep.

I'm thinking your three way sex dreams ain't happening now.

Even later that night, Armando walks in on Julia having a midnight snack.

He tells her he feels her distant, that every time he tries to get close to her, she pulls away. She tries to deny it, but Julia's feelings can be read in her face at all times.

She tries to pass it off as tiredness, but he sees right through it. She hasn't even shown him any type of affection during his time of need, now that his deal with this father turned to shit.

Julia apologizes and gives him a half-hearted pity hug, but she can barely look at him in the eye.

Accept it, guey, your time has come and gone. At least you have a cool story for your children.

Poormando (Poor+Armando) asks her if what he feared would happen, happened. He wonders if, in his absence, the girls had endless hours of lesbian sex and now Julia doesn't love him anymore.

She denies it, they had too much to do to spend all their time having sex.

Of course, who else will save the world if the Aparicio women don't?

Armando: I used to console myself with the fact that I knew that Mariana was like, your soulmate. You loved her a lot, even more than me, and I was like, your fatal attraction, or your sexual part. But, now I don't know anymore. Do you still love me, Julia?

Wow, who knew Armando was insightful and saw what we've been seeing all along? He's a booty call she got attached to; they never had anything going beyond the sex.

Julia doesn't answer him. Instead, she talks awkwardly about how it is too late at night to be talking about such things and walks away.


Poormando is sad.

Tonight I leave you with....

... Deadly Rafaela! Because, holy shit, she's scary!


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