Sunday, October 10, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps 111-112

What's up, guys?

I must admit that starting these gets harder and harder every time. I'm so glad that we're almost done.

Let's get to it.

Episode 111

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Mariana and Julia are in bed, post sex.

Sharing your girlfriend with some dude must be a really potent aphrodisiac, gueys. These two must have been going at it endlessly since the polyamory ended, not that I'm complaining....

Julia breaks the post sex glow with this...

Julia: Marry me.

Mariana, please, please, please think this through before answering.

Mari is surprised that Julia is asking her to marry her out of the blue. When Julia insists, Mariana tells her chill out and think it through: maybe all that has been going on with Beto and Miguel and her family is influencing such decision.

Julia, who is sooo trustworthy and whose word we've learned is gold, insists that she's sure that she wants to marry Mariana, the same way that Mariana just knew the other day that she wanted to have a child.

Mariana: So, in the mist of passion and the touching you had a vision of you wearing white and walking down the aisle?

Julia nods.

Julia: Mariana, all my life I've thought that love was complicated. But after everything that has happened to us (happened to you? Things didn't happen to you, guey! You did things, Julia) the only thing that I realize is that the one who complicates it is me.

You say you complicate things, I say you're insane. Potato, potato....

Julia: I've been in love with you since we were nine years old.

Really? Wanting V shaped relationships is how you show that love? Sorry but the P word left me traumatized.

Mariana: Me too, I swear. I love you, like a friend, like a sister, shared, in hiding...I love you.

Mariana goes on to say that that's how their love is, it isn't static, it changes.

Mariana: You change.

God, yes. There's many Julias in that pretty little head of hers. Right now a saner one is driving the ship since she's saying all the right things.

Julia: Yes, I know. I know that I change a lot and I know that I'm very imperfect, but your love is so....natural, so real, so simple that being here with you just makes me feel that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and that's it.

Armando's Cave. Night.

Darmando Update: They go at it like rabbits.

They also fantasize about working for Alma as escorts, how great they would be!

Seriously, that's what they said. I think that Armando found his dream woman.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Julia is still insisting, she even wants to start working on the paperwork the very next day. Mariana still isn't convinced.

Mariana: I'm not a girl who's spent her entire life planning her wedding and you aren't-
Julia: I'm not what? A trustworthy person?

Basically, yeah. Good to know this Julia is aware of that. Although she probably isn't aware of that, she's just tricking Mariana into saying yes.

Julia's sneaky like that.

Mariana insists that it's not that.

It should be that, Mariana, it should be that.

She's just never really felt that marriage is something that she's entitled to, plus, she's always thought that marriage doesn't work. Since she's still under Julia's evil spell, she does think that Julia is the love of her life and she's sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with her, but she just doesn't think that either of them are ready for a step like that.

Julia's not happy.

I am glad.

Julia: Oh really? Well, get ready. Because I am going to show you that I am ready, you'll see.

Good luck with that, oh crazy one. With Mariana you won't have to try hard, but with me....let's just say you have a snowball's chance in hell.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

I had forgotten about Miguel, but he's still there whining about his mother in law. With good reason, I guess, but still...

He's talking about how it went the night before and how his MIL doesn't really let her guard down and whatever.

I really don't like Julia's style. Headbands, scarves and now look at the grandma shawl. Eww.


The three conclude that the situation with the MIL is so hard because she's blinded by her love for her son and grandson.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia's back from the market.

She's plotting something, which is her way of proving to Mariana how ready she is to tie the knot.

When Rafaela and Nana ask her what's up, she says that she's going to make tamales and she's going to use them to bribe a nun. She then asks them for their help.

Patroncita insists that something must be up, but Julia says that's it's all fine, she's just in love.

Rafaela and Nana exchange a look and a smile.

Julia: What's up with you two? I saw you. You don't believe me, right?

That's what happens when one acts like, well, you. You lose all credibility.

Julia: You really don't believe that I'm submerged in the deepest and most intense love for Marianita and that's why I have to make these tamales?

Rafaela and Nana agree to help.

Meche's office. Day.

I hate it when the girls split up and I have to recap more scenes.

Mariana is at Meche's office having a pointless debate with Ileana about gay adoption and how a family should be and whatever.

I hate this. Why should you care about what Ileana thinks? She's a bitch and talking to her is like talking to a wall.

Whatever, let's move on.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Nana and Rafaela are helping Julia with the tamales and talking about how great it is to be in love and being sure of what one wants. They're totally being passive aggressive and sticking it up to Julia.

She picks up on it.

Julia: Exactly, Mother. And those turbulent times of confusion and mental disturbance are over, thank God.

I'm sure they are. Until the season changes and a new Julia takes over.

Rafeala: Well, look at that. We'll have to make a monument to Marianita for being able to perform such miracle.


Nana points out that love is capable of anything and goes on to tell her one of her Melito stories.

She's like Rose with Saint Olaf.

They continue with their back and forth relaxed banter.

I wish my family was as easy going as them.

Meche's Office. Day.

Miguel is all uplifted because Ileana (who's an assistant now in Meche's office) read them a that speech some kid raised by two dads gave somewhere. Ileana herself makes them have hope in humanity too because she's changed so much since she came back from the US.

Just as they're about to leave, MIL arrives, suitcase in hand.

After spending time with Beto, MIL has realized that her grandson loves Miguel as a father and taking him away from him will do him more harm than good.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia, Rafaela and Nana are getting ready to eat when Ileana walks in. She asks them to put a place for her because...

Ileana: Now I can really sit here because I've realized that I'm as crazy as you, Rafaela, I'm as slutty as my mother and I'm as confused as you, Julia.

LMAO. That was really funny, wasn't it, Jules?

Tonight I leave you with....

........topless Ileana! Because her boobs look NICE!


Episode 112

Aparicio Central. Day.

Rafaela is trying to convince Ileana that's she's not crazy or a slut, although they do admit that she's confused. Julia gives her some advice too.

I wouldn't listen to anything she says, Ileana.

Ileana is being a total drama queen. She even says that when she looks at herself in the mirror all she sees is a puta.

Orale. Woe is her.

They keep telling her that she's not, she's just confused, whatever.

Whatever, I don't care.

Miss Dramatic says that all she knows is that she slept with two people (Bruno and Mauro), and that's wrong. Julia says that it's not wrong, that it just happened, and that it happens to more people than she thinks.

Of course Julia would say that. Will she say it too if Mariana someday just 'happens' to have sex with someone else?

Julia tells her that if she only learned to ignore her prejudices and listen to her heart, then she'd be find the answer.

Ileana walks away, she needs to think.

I still don't care.

Meche's Office. Day.

MIL and the gang are still discussing the Beto situation. MIL is willing to let Beto be with Miguel, but as long as Miguel promises that he will shield Beto from things that could affect him negatively (in other words: gayness). This pisses Mariana off, but they shut her up before she pisses off MIL.

In the end, MIL accepts that Miguel can be Beto's father because that's what her son wanted, what her grandson wants.

They sign the agreement and Miguel is happy.

Su caudal de penas sí tuvo fin. Good for him.

Let's move on now, yes?

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Julia's back from her mysterious tamale mission just in time to bid Miguel and Beto goodbye. There's love all around and promises to visit each other. Betito even asks them if the girls are going to invite them to their wedding. The W word inspires panic in Mariana and joy in Julia, like always.

Miguel thanks them for all their help, and Mariana points out that it was the least they could do since he's always been there for her through her hard times.

Except, you know, when you had to share your girlfriend with some dude and only had your boring dad to talk to.

We also learn that Mariana's trademark boots were a gift from Miguel, who tells Julia to take care of her, even though she can be crazy at times.

Um, Mariana's not the crazy one out of that pair, guey. Mariana agrees.

Julia keeps pressuring the marriage thing by telling him that of course she'll take care of her. If it was up to her she'd take care of her forever.

Before the boys leave, Mariana gives Betito a pair of red shoes.

Are we watching 'The Wizard of Oz"? Did Julia enchant them so that when he taps their heels together he'll find himself suddenly with them? I hope they can work out a schedule so that he doesn't walk in on them having sex, since they're doing it so often lately.

Mariana tells Beto that his dad gave her her boots, which have given her strength, the same strength that she hopes the shoes will give him.

They're just shoes, dude.

After a gazillion kisses, the boys finally leave.

Later that night, Julia tries to comfort Mariana, who's still sad because they're gone.

She's starts telling Mariana all about Jonas, Nelson Rufino, Lucas, Luna, Epigmenio, Rubi, Mateo and Mariposa: all the children that they're going to have.

Mariana: And you're gonna give birth to all of them?

Julia says that no! She's an actress and can't lose her figure, besides, Aparicio women don't give birth to males, so it's up to Mariana.

I know that she was joking (I think), but I'll be kinda glad if Julia doesn't spread her genes around, specially if Armando is the donor, which wouldn't shock me since he's the only guy they know. Unless they want to give Betito brothers and sisters.

Mariana points out that she finds it odd that Julia already knows all of their future children's names when she hasn't even accepted her marriage proposal yet.

Julia takes the opportunity to ask her again, but Mariana isn't sure.

Mariana: Julia, I know two things. One, I've loved you since you pulled my hair in pre pri (pre kindergarten I suppose). Two, if you marry an Aparicio, you die.

Yet another reason to run away, Marianita. But, who are we kidding? Of course you'll say yes in two seconds.

Julia assures her that the curse only applies to men, which isn't a comfort to Mariana because no Aparicio has married a woman before. In order to soothe Mariana's fears, Jules tells her that they can go to a witch Nana recommended who can help them.

Ja! I knew she was into magic! Was that the same witch who enchanted Mariana and Armando and made them stupid when it came to you?

Mariana: Yes, I will marry you.

I'm so shocked.

They're happy, though, and there's all sorts of squealing going on.

Some village. Day.

Julia has taken Mariana to some town in search of the witch.


When they arrive at the place, there is no witch, but guess who is there.

I know this will sound mean but, shouldn't Hernan be dead by now? Wasn't he dying like 30 episodes ago? He looks fine to me.

Mariana is way more excited than me when she sees Hernan and Julia feels proud of her deed.

The three sit down to talk. Julia bribed with tamales that nun who was friends with Hernan and she told her where he was. She then goes for a walk to give Mariana and Utopio some time alone. The two are really glad to see each other.

Later that day, father and daughter talk while Mr. Doctor goes on his rounds. They talk about the P thing that is now over and which I don't ever want to think about again.

Mariana: Yes, it's over. We tried it, but the truth is that another day of that and I would've ended up completely incapacitated emotionally, for life.

Really? You didn't look it.

They start their lame 'revolution' talk again, but, just as I'm starting to roll my eyes, the conversation turns to her relationship with Julia. Mariana admits that she's super in love with Julia.

Hernan: So, it's good love? The kind that has a little bit of tenderness, a little bit of friendship, a little bit of solidarity? A little bit of passion and future plans?

Can someone expect so much out of Julia? Is it really possible for her to give so much?

Mariana says it is that kind of love and she's very happy. Then she brings up Hernan's health. He assures her that he's taking good care of himself and doesn't accept her invitation to go back to Mexico DF with them so that she can take care of him. He just has too much to do, too many people to help.

Some cafe in some town. Day.

Hernan, Mariana and Julia are talking some more over lunch/dinner/whatever.

Now they're talking about the infamous telenovela that they were, briefly, a part of. Mariana wants to talk about something else, something important: the marriage thing. She tells him that they have big news, and Julia takes over.

Julia: I want to, formally, ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage.

Why do you look so shocked, guey? Is not like this is the first you've heard of this, she did ask you already and you said yes.

Tonight I leave you with...

....the orgasm pictures on the Atelier's walls! Because, what the fuck, Alma?




  1. Animo! Hang in there. It'll be over in no time! And then I will miss your recaps sooooo much... and reading your comments in AE.
    I love how you don't care when you don't care, and how you hate Ileana, and how much Hernan bores you (and me): "Mariana is way more excited than me when she sees Hernan" (LOL).

  2. Love reading the recaps - thanks heaps for sticking in there!

  3. LAST WEEK NATY!!! And I'm grinning ear to ear.

    And Julia is sneaky. She reminds me of those stories about the insane asylum. The ones where you're greeted at the door by a well dressed, articulate person, who has all this warmth and amazing insight. You're impressed that they work there. Until suddenly all the orderlies rush in, grab the person, and slip them back into their straight jacket. Julia is that person and the fact that she can pass for normal is exactly what makes her so scary. It's hard to keep your guard up against someone that crazy.

    As for Mariana, I don't know who she is. I haven't for most of the series. Let's face it, every character on this show has at least 2 distinct personalities. (Although we've already established that with Julia, we could just call her legion, because she has so many distinct entities within her). Therefore, I think Mariana tends to look sane by association. They keep standing her next to Julia (& Armando, Dani... et al.) How could she not be the normal one? What would she have to do to actually be MORE abnormal than pretty much everyone else? On the bright side, it makes me appreciate the normalcy (and at times boredom) of my own life. I'll never complain again.

  4. Thanks Sherab and anon!

    Despejada: Mariana was a person until she realized that she was in love with Julia. Ever since, she lost all of her individuality and dignity to Julia, which is a real pity because when you ignore all the dumb shit she's done/put up with to make Julia happy and be with her, Mariana is a really cool person. She's funny, supportive, out and proud, understanding, hot....

    And you know, I don't really think Armando and Dani are really crazy. He's been pretty consistent throughout and I really buy his growth. And Dani, well, she had a slight personality change during the time she was gone, but ever since she's been back, she's been pretty consistent as well.

    Julia's craziness, to me, comes from how inconsistent, selfish, immature and completely deluded she is, living in that Lala land where it's okay to draw your girlfriend a diagram to explain to her and your future boyfriend how you want your V relationship to be.

    Now, if you want to see crazy, take a look at Ileana in the last 20 episodes or so. Now, that's crazy. And violent even, at least Julia doesn't go around breaking things and hitting people.

    Maybe it's genetic.

    Legion....makes me think of demonic possession, guey. Maybe that's the answer! It would explain her evil powers too!

  5. naty!

    you are a star. and hysterical, too!
    i love your recaps.
    "I know this will sound mean but, shouldn't Hernan be dead by now? Wasn't he dying like 30 episodes ago? He looks fine to me.'
    anyways, i will miss you when this confusion ends.

  6. OMG, the last comment!! I'm in love, you're hilarious.