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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 31-38

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Now, really, last oneeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 31

Rafaela is angry that Julia couldn't even keep her commitment to Armando for one whole day and is back already. Meche tries to defend her and says that Julia's just going through a hard time and needs their support. Rafaela, who must've spent all of her life disappointed in Julia, reminds them that she's always 'going through a hard time' and acting like an irresponsible teenager. She wants her to grow up and land somewhere already, to make a decision and stick to it till the end.

Well, you can't expect an apple tree to give you mangoes, Rafaela.

When Rafaela says that she's playing with Armando's and Mariana's feelings, Julia gets angry: she's not going to make a decision just to make someone else happy, damn it! But Rafaela reiterates that it's not about making some else happy, she just needs to stop hurting everyone like she is, she is even hurting herself.

Later that day, Julia is freaking out because she can't find Mariana and knows nothing about her. She even calls Mariana's mom, but they don't know anything about her either. When she says that she's thinking about getting into catering again, Rafaela tells her that that's cool, but she's not doing it in her house because she needs to grow up and face life.

Apples and mangoes, Rafaela.

So, what does Julia do? She goes to Alma looking for a job at the Atelier, so Alma tells her that she can help Ileana make a new menu. When she's trying to, Ileana just wants to talk about Julia's situation and is all around horrified that Julia may be gay and in love with Mariana. She even hints that Mariana being gay is just confusing Julia.

As if Julia needs help to be confused.

Ileana can't even stand the thought of looking at Julia when she admits that she's feeling something very strong for Mariana and may be in love with her and Armando.

What a biatch that Ileana.

That night, the Aparicio sisters go out clubbing to find a man for Meche, who hasn't had sex since her husband died or something. At the club, some random chick invites Julia for a drink and they try to remind Meche how to pick up men at bars.

Quote of the episode

Julia (to Ileana, about her situation): I'm very confused. I don't know anything anymore, guey. I don't know if I'm a vegetarian, trisexual, heterosexual, man, woman or quimera. I don't know anymore, understand? I'm very confused because I think that I'm in love with two people and that is confusing enough to be going through a hard time, so, please, don't make it worse.

I really don't get how Julia could be talking about something so delicate with just everyone. If I walked up to her on the street and nodded her way she may start telling me about it, too, Jesus.

Episode 32

Julia is still confused.

What else is new?

She keeps looking at herself in the mirror and thinking of her kiss with Mariana. Since she has nothing to do with her life anymore, because Mariana and Armando are gone and everyone at Aparicio Central has a life, she starts working at the Atelier's cafe and spending copious amounts of time with Ileana. That should be punishment enough for leaving Armando stranded in Spain, I say.

Speaking of Armando, they've exchanged emails and he's all melodramatic about the deep pain he feels because she left him. In a moment of certainty (which is really the writers fucking with our heads) she tells Alma that it's weird, she doesn't miss him or feel guilty about leaving him. She even thinks it's all his fault for pressuring her like that.

No guilt, huh? You're totally one step away from becoming a serial killer, aren't you, oh crazy one? You're also a dirty liar because the previous episode you told Ileana that you missed Armando a lot.

Crazy person.

She does say that she wishes that she hadn't left so abruptly, and points out that she feels really lost without Armando and Mariana. Alma encourages her to keep living and to try to move on.

Quote of the episode

Julia (about Armando): I feel really weird because I don't miss him, I don't feel guilty, I don't feel like I'm doing something wrong. In fact, I think that he provoked all of this, don't you think?

Episode 33

Julia's immersing herself in her cooking because she's worried about the missing Mariana. Wait, or is it because she's horny? I don't know, I'm really tired of Julia, I zone out when she talks. Also, how much time has passed?

She continues to spend all of her time with Ileana either at the Atelier or at home, unfortunately for her. Ileana doesn't want to know anything about Julia's hornyness and gets even more uncomfortable when Julia starts talking about masturbating.

Julia and the others get their own share of sister time again. The have some weird thing on their heads and they're drinking and talking about men and desire and sex. Julia wants them to stop talking about sex because she's so horny that she's wants to fuck more than she wants to live!

Seriously, how much time has passed? You'd think it's been a year. Just buy an Alma whore, woman. Wait, you don't know about them yet.

They don't really listen to Julia (since nobody does, really, except Mariana and Armando) and they keep talking about sex and desire because Meche is all hot and bothered since she's got a date with some dude (who turns out to be married by the way) that she's really attracted to. Julia can't spend a minute without talking about her confusions, so she talks about whether or not it's possible to desire someone's soul over their body (probably referring to Mariana) . But when Alma wants to talk about it some more, Julia doesn't want to.

The next day at the Atelier, Ileana has a brilliant solution to their love woes: they need to find a new love online. Julia really doesn't want to because she wants no more confusions, but Ileana insists, so they go online. When she checks out Mariana's facebook page (hadn't thought about it before, guey?), Julia learns that she's having fun at the beach and is 'in a relationship' with someone she calls 'dark eyes'.

Julia feels bad about it and Mariana is such a lesbian with the U-hauling.

Quote of the episode

Ileana: Why don't you try?
Julia (referring to masturbation): What? Self service? I have it down to an art. I need something more! Something different!
Ileana: A snack, Julia. Why don't you try a snack?

Episode 34

Julia and her temporary best pal Ileana (there has to be someone for her to talk to) talk about the Mariana situation. Ileana is surprised when Julia says that she hasn't even emailed Mariana to tell her that she's back, but Julia decided that she's been very selfish through the whole situation and wants to let Mariana go through whatever it is that she's going through.

I doubt that that attitude will last long.

Ileana is glad about it. She's also glad that Mariana has a new love because maybe then Julia's confusions could be over.

Yeahhhhh, right. Not that simple, guey.

Later at the Atelier, Ileana is still obsessed with picking up men online. When Julia sees two women flirting, she imagines that she sees her and Mariana kissing.

Obviously, since there's a chance that she may not have her anymore because of 'dark eyes', now Julia totally wants Mariana.

Super Alma notices that Julia is all sorts of tense and takes her away to talk. She tells her about Mariana at the beach with 'dark eyes' and admits that ever since she found out about that, she's not confused about Mariana anymore.

Yeahhhhh, right.

That night, the sisters have yet another night of sister time. They help Meche pack for the weekend trip that she's going on with the guy who turns out to be married. Meche's really smart though, and although she really likes him, she thinks that there's something off with him. There's all sort of touching between them three, specially Meche, and I want to be friends with those women just to get some of that loving.

The next day, Ileana and Julia are getting in the car when, lo and behold, Mariana walks in. Julia looks like she just won the lottery (and, quite frankly, she did) and immediately goes over to Mariana to give her a big hug.

During Nana's voice over, we see the girls talking in Julia's room. Mariana asks Julia why she didn't tell her that she came back. Julia asks her why she didn't try to stop her. We don't get the answers because the episode ends.

Quote of the episode

Alma: Something's up with you. Tell me about it.
Julia: Mariana went to the beach and met someone.
Alma: And how does that make you feel?
Julia: Bad. And you know what's the worst thing? That ever since I found out, Mariana stopped being a confusion to me.

Episode 35

Julia and Mariana are still talking, It turns out that 'Dark eyes' is called Gaby and she's a marine biologist she met at the beach. When Julia asks, Mariana admits that she's not in love with the Uncomfortable One (as I called her in my very first recap), but she likes her a lot and she gave Mariana support at a time when she felt abandoned. Furthermore, Gaby is very different to the other women she's been with since she's deep in the closet and even lives with her parents.

For someone like Mariana, dating someone like that is a very bad idea.

Julia says that she's glad for Mariana (which no one really believes, really) and Mariana asks her why she came back. She says she couldn't start a new life when there were so many lose ends to tie up in her old one.

Yeahhhhh, right.

They decide that everything will be how it used to be, making an unspoken agreement to not talk about what's going on with them.

That night there's even more sister time. They're trying to comfort Meche, who is heartbroken because the guy she liked turned out to be married. Eventually Nana joins in and starts telling her Melito XXX stories (this time the topic is their role playing), which is both disturbing and endearing.

Over at Mariana's Loft, we meet Gaby, who, from her very first shot, looks completely uncomfortable, which is blasphemous because she's in Mariana's presence, come on. Mariana wants to go to a gay club, but Gaby is uncomfortable with the idea. What if she runs into someone she knows?

Then they'd be as gay as you or at least gay friendly, so chill out.

Mariana is a real charmer, as we know, so she convinces Gaby to go. It turns out to be a bad idea because they get gay bashed when a group of assholes give them a hard time over being gay and their leader even slaps Mariana.

I'm guessing that Gaby won't be going to another gay club, ever. Which begs the question, if Gaby doesn't do clubs and is all sorts of closeted, how did she and Mariana hook up to begin with? Does Mariana have a super secret device to find the gay anywhere?

The next day, Mariana and Gaby are having breakfast and watching a mega homophobic video that was in a USB that Rodo (the asshole who slapped Mariana) left them. Gaby wants to go home since her dad is waiting for her and there's nothing she can do anyway to make the situation better, she can't even go to the police because that might out her.

Terrible, terrible match those two.

Not knowing what else to do, Mariana goes to Aparicio Central looking for help from the Super Women since she has not family or friends and her girlfriend sucks.

Su caudal de penas no tiene fin, that's why she's Emo.

Quote of the episode

Nana (regarding love and sex): I think that we don't have to do that, we don't have to separate sex from being in love, but being in love with yourself. Supposedly, if you're in love with yourself, if you love yourself, then you can take on the world.

Episode 36

Mariana's still over at Aparicio Central, and they're still talking about the attack. Everyone assures her that the homophobes will pay and that she'll be safe and well taken care of at AC.

What freaks Mariana out the most, however, is that during the incident she lost her wallet with all of her documents, including her address, so if the assholes want to find her, they can. That isn't a problem, she can stay at AC for as long as she needs.

Staying at AC means staying in Julia's room specifically, which isn't really a stellar idea considering how tense things are between them. Julia gets annoyed when Marina turns around to change her clothes, as if she changed her clothes if front of her before.

So, you've seen her naked, Julia? Because she took off her bra and everything just now, if she hadn't turned around you would've seen her boobs and all.


Mariana points out that yes, things are different, and they bicker back and forth a little before Julia apologizes.

The next day, the girls start their day by freaking Ileana out. First, she walks in on Mariana kneeling between Julia's legs and helping her zip up her jeans, but Miss Stick in the Mud doesn't see the whole picture and gets evil ideas. Well, the ideas are only evil for her, I suppose. Then Mariana gives her a hard time saying that if she doesn't lock her room's door she's going to pay her a sexy visit that night.

Good stuff.

On the hand, Meche takes on the case and she's ready to bring the assholian homophobes to justice!

Mariana spends the day at AC while Julia goes to work at the Atelier. Mariana hangs out with Rafaela, rehearsing acting stuff and bonding.

If Rafaela wasn't so old, I think that I'd ship those two.

Gaby visits Mariana at Aparicio Central. She's all sorts of emo too (maybe that's what they have in common) because out there in the real world there's no one she can count on and be open with. She doesn't think that she's ready for a relationship with Mariana, but Emo #1 convinces her to give the relationship a chance, if only so that they don't give the homophobes the satisfaction of breaking them up.

Emo # 2 accepts and Julia gets jealous when she sees them kissing, but she doesn't say or do anything. For now.

That night, Ileana sits down to talk with Mariana. She wants to know why she doesn't just stop being gay when it's so dangerous and such a drag. Wouldn't it be easier to just be straight? Mariana assures her that she was born that way and has no desire to change. This is in fact the pato talk that later inspires that lame name for their workshops at the Atelier, so I won't dwell on it too much.

Later, Mariana talks to Julia some more about the Rodo situation. She thinks that bringing him to justice is something that she needs to do, for herself and for Gabriela. But Julia is stuck on jealous mode. She tells Mariana that it made her feel really bad to see the Emoes together right there in her own house, considering what's going on between them.

I'll just let them tell you.

Mariana: What's going on between us, guey?
Julia: Well-
Mariana: No, no. Honestly. Because from where I stand, what happened was that I told you that I loved you and you didn't give a crap, you ran away!
Julia: Oh really? Well then I came back to find you only to find out that the little girl had mysteriously disappeared and nobody knew where she was and you didn't even have the decency to leave a fucking note!

The fight escalates until Julia's phone rings and pretty much proves Mariana's point: it's Armando and Julia answers. The Pichichi feels bad because he's alone over there and his teammates and managers just treat him as business.

Just a reminder that he exists and will be back soon, I suppose.

After the call, Julia and Mariana keep bickering to the point where Mariana decides to go home because she's sick of them pretending that nothing is happening between them, when clearly there is something. Julia convinces her to stay because it's too dangerous for her to go back home and the two make up.

For now, I say.

Quote of the episode

Mariana (to Ileana, about her inability to stop being gay): Wouldn't it be easier to turn into a duck? Yeah, you know, a duck. You could live in Chapultepec (?), you could spend the day splashing around and not having to go to school, or work. It would be easier, no? See, Ileana, the same way that the idea of turning into a duck seems impossible and ridiculous for you, I find the idea of me turning heterosexual as ridiculous and impossible . This isn't something that I asked for, guey, I was born this way. I know who I am and I'm at peace with it. I don't have the need or the desire to change.

Episode 37

It's the morning and Meche is discussing with Juliana what she's uncovered so far about the homophobic assholes. 'Rodo' is called Rodolfo Peralta and has a reputation for doing things like that, but everyone is too afraid to make a complaint, which is the Gaby's case, by the way. Julia doesn't really like Gaby and shows no compassion at the fact that she's scared and Mariana, who wrote the manual on the perfect girlfriend, insists that she's not going to force her girlfriend to do anything she doesn't want to do.

Mariana and Julia visit Gaby to tell her about the new Rodo developments and to ask her if she'd be willing to go to the police. The Uncomfortable One is really, really uncomfortable because her dad is about to get home. You know, having friends over is such suspicious thing, gueys. A sure sign of gayness, y'all.

Gaby starts freaking out at the police/lawyer talk and feels that, ultimately, she doesn't want to get involved because it's not really her problem. Just as Julia is about to get her panties in a twist over that, Mariana shushes her and works her magic. She tells Gaby that if they don't do anything Rodo and his gang are going to keep hurting people, but TUO doesn't want to get involved because she's sure that nothing will happen to the assholes, but the two of them will get hurt, specially her, who is so deep in the closet that she couldn't find her way out even if she tried.

Gabriela's dad arrives and, to further prove how terrified this girl is, she tells him that they're friends from school, because it is so very suspicious to know anyone who doesn't go to school with you, right, gueys?

Su caudal de penas sí que no tendrá fin if she keeps that attitude up.

Later that day, Julia and Mariana keep talking about Emo's family woes while drinking a couple of beers. Emo talks about how much her family sucks, how they all abandoned her (mother, father, step dad) and how she's completely alone because, although the Aparicios love her, they're borrowed family. Julia assures her that she's not alone and Mariana says that she's right, she has Gaby, which infuriates Julia because : 1. she was talking about herself (how could Mariana forget that she's the center of the universe?), 2. Gaby's a closet case who doesn't even have the guts to come out to her dad.

Mariana doesn't like Julia's attitude, after all, Julia doesn't know how it's like to be closeted and all you can lose when you come out. Julia doesn't think that Gaby has the balls to be in a relationship with Mariana, who points out that it's easy to judge and have balls when you have the entire Aparicio Army behind you. Besides, who knows if Gaby's dad is even worse than Rodo himself when he finds out that she's gay? But Julia is too immature to just shut up, so she doesn't.

Julia: Poor Gaby. Why don't you have compassion for me? I'm trying to come out of the closet, yet I'm here with you, Mariana!
Mariana: Ay Julia, please, what closet? You just get jealous when any man, woman or dog pees in your territory! It's what you used to do with Armando and now you're doing it with me! It's not fair, guey!

The Immature One walks away in a huff.

That night, the Uncomfortable One pays Mariana a visit. She keeps excusing herself and trying to make Emo #1 understand that her situation with her parents is impossible and she just absolutely can't be as out as Mariana.

Mariana completely understands, but tries to make her understand that, at some point, she'll have to come out, unless she's willing to spoil her whole life because she's too afraid to be herself.

Gabriela says she'll come out and some point, but she just can't at the moment. She'd love to still be with Mariana, but without any fuss, without any gay clubs or complaints to the police.

Over at Aparicio Central, Julia is having a talk with her mom about the fight that she had with her future wife. She feels horrible for being so selfish and jealous, and Rafaela senses that there's something else going on with them, but before Julia can elaborate, her phone rings. It's Armando reminding us that he's alive and butting in from far away.Rafaela rolls her eyes, and I do too.

Pichichi misses Julia like crazy, she's all he thinks about. She's all uncomfortable and tells him, before hanging up, that he should forget about her because she doesn't work as a girlfriend, friend or anything.

I kind of agree.

She feels so bad that she goes to see Mariana to apologize, but instead finds Gaby there: Mariana went to see Meche because she decided to go to the police to try to prosecute Rodo.

Quote of the episode

Mariana (to Julia, about Gabriela): Who are you to call her a closet case? You don't know what a closet is, what it's like to be in it and much less coming out of it, guey!

Episode 38

Julia and Gaby are having coffee at Mariana's place, waiting for her. Julia apologizes for being so insistent the last time they saw each other, but The Uncomfortable one says that it's okay and that she herself feels really bad that she can't support Mariana properly, but her dad is just a closed minded asshole (I added the asshole bit, BTW)

Mariana arrives and, finding Julia there, apologizes immediately. Julia is all sorry too and there's all sorts of forgiveness going on while Gaby is sitting there looking left out until Mariana remembers that she exists and goes over to sit next to her.

The next day, Meche and Mariana go to the police to make the official complaint against Rodo. Julia and Gaby wait for them outside and Emo #2 feels bad since she's not there supporting her super awesome girlfriend because of her fear. Julia tells her to not be so hard on herself and that even Mariana understands her position and supports her.

Gaby then puts her foot in her mouth when she asks Julia what happened between them two, why didn't it work? She thought they must've been together at some point because they know each other so well and have such great chemistry. Julia tells her that no, they've never been together, she's not even gay and if she was she'd have no problem saying it.

Somewhere is that conversation, Gaby finds the courage to join Mariana in the complaint.

After they're done, Mariana is beaming with pride because of Gaby's courage, but Julia's eyes are turning green with jealousy.

Later that day, at Aparicio Central, the women are having dinner or some other meal, I can never tell. Well, it must be dinner since Isadora is there and not in school. Meche proposes a toast to Gaby and Mariana for being so brave. Isadora toasts to dykes because she got called a dyke in school and she kicked the asses of those who did. Even Isadora knows that being gay isn't bad.

When Mariana accompanies Gaby to the gates, Julia keeps looking at them with even more jealousy and angst in her eyes.

That night, Mariana wants to go to a hotel because she feels that things are weird between her and MEC. She also knows that something's up with Julia. When she keeps pressuring Julia to spill it, she says something about Mariana thinking she's not brave like Gaby or something else that makes sense in Julia land, but nowhere else.

Whatever, I don't care.

Quote of the episode

Gabriela (to Julia, about Mariana): That's how Mariana is, isn't it? Brave, understanding.



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