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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 119-120

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Episode 119

Aparicio Central. Day.

It's the calm before the storm.

Juliana + Rafana (Rafaela/Nana)+ Isadora are hanging out being the awesome family that they are. They're excited, particularly Isadora, because in the end it turned out that Jana IS Leonardo's daughter.

I'm indifferent about it, if I should say so myself.

The phone rings and it all goes to hell. It's Mercedes calling to tell Rafaela that Claudio got shot.

Later that day, Rafaela is at the hospital and Jana/Hannah (however the hell they spell it) is at Aparicio Central processing the news.

Julia wants to go to the hospital to be with Meche, but Nana insists that they stay and take care of Isadora since Rafaela is over there and Claudio is in intensive care: his visits are limited.

Up till now, Mariana has been uncharacteristically quiet. I think that Claudio getting shot is reminding her of the Aparicio curse and it's starting to make her think that it was a bad idea to marry Julia.

I think it was a very bad idea guey, but being in constant fear of your life will be just one of the many hardships you'll suffer while being Julia's wife.

I'm so sorry, sister.

Isadora walks in all excited because she was ready to PAR-TY to celebrate the Jana news. She notices that something's up since most of the grown ups are gone and everyone looks nervous and keeps avoiding her questions.

I see that married life hasn't affected their inclination to wear things around their necks and heads.

I'm not happy about that.

When everyone starts talking about a picnic to celebrate the Jana thing, Isadora ends up yelling at them to just tell her what's happening.

Julia tells 'Isabel' (big slip up there, Liz!) that something happened to Claudio and Meche is with him.

I really can't bring you too much snark, gueys, when it's all so serious and gloomy, yet not melodramatic or sappy.

Isadora starts freaking out because she thinks that Claudio is going to die, like all the men who get close to them do, including her dad. They all try to comfort her as best as they can.

Alma's Whorehouse. Day.

Dani update: She's totally gonna be an escort. She's there meeting her new coworkers.

I keep telling ya, they want a season 2.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Meche's home.

She's understandably distraught because her husband is in intensive care.

Yes, she married Claudio in a quickie wedding at a hotel after he caught the bouquet at Juliana's wedding. In fact, they married that same night, but kept it secret.

Mariana offers going with her to the hospital, but she doesn't want her to. The girls try to comfort her, and each other, the best way that they can.

Meche goes over to talk to Isadora.

Later that night, Julia, Mariana and Ileana are hanging out at Alma's room.

I keep telling ya, Mariana is fearing for her life now.

Julia doesn't believe her when she asks her if she's okay and Mariana that says she is. Jules goes over to comfort her wife.

That sounds so wrong. No one should be Julia's 'wife'.

Julia tells her Mrs. that she understands that this situation must be specially difficult for her because Hernan's death is so recent.

Mariana: Well, that and-
Ileana: And the curse, right?

Mariana nods.

I wish the idea of being with Julia had inspired in her this fear a gazillion episodes ago and she had walked away. God knows the mere thought of having a girlfriend like Julia makes me hyperventilate.

I know they're trying to make the characters human and imperfect, I understand and respect that. But some imperfections are just unacceptable in a partner, and Julia has too many of those, regardless of the fact that she is a good person and does love Mariana (the best way that she can, I suppose).


Marianita is freaking out a little. She asks Julia if she thinks that they'll be immune to it and wonders if maybe the curse will kill her too in a few years. Julia is sure that they'll be fine and shushes Mariana when she keeps up the death talk.

If you're still with Julia in a few years, that alone will throw you in a mental breakdown that will end with your death, Emo, so I wouldn't worry too much about curses.

Ileana reassures Mariana that the Aparicio curse isn't against love and marriage per se, it's against men, implying that she would be fine.

She'll be married to Julia, Ileana, so she will NOT be fine.

She's not fine already, I'd say.

Tonight I leave you with....

..........Claudio flat lining! Because it made me excited and made me look forward to the next episode! That hadn't happened in a while!


Episode 120

Aparicio Central. Night.

Things are still tense because of the Claudio situation. Alma, Juliana and Ileana are still at Alma's room, worried. Isadora can't sleep and walks in looking for comfort, which they give her.

Nice family.

The phone rings and it's Rafaela with the good news: Claudio is fine.

He's fine because of one of the lamest solutions ever: Rafaela found the judge who married him and Meche and he divorced them right there when Claudio was flatlining. Once he was no longer married to an Aparicio, the resucitation worked and Claudio pulled through.

Really lame, gueys. About as lame as the colonials finding our Earth a gazillion years ago and deciding to stay and swear off technology in BSG.

Cool endings are hard to find.

Juliana's Loft. Day.

Some time has passed. It can't be much time because Alma still hasn't left with Ileana for Europe and Mara isn't showing the Alex baby bump yet.

So, it doesn't really make sense to me that Julia and Mariana already have their restaurant. Not only do they have it, they're already bickering about it. Wait, or maybe they're working at a restaurant....whatever, something about a restaurant.

Either way, let's take a peek at their married bliss, no?

Mariana is looking over receipts and seems very stern.

I'm afraid that that stick found it's way out of Ileana's ass and into Mariana's. I hope not. It would be sad, but I understand how being married to Julia González Aparicio Almada can have that effect.

Anyway, Mariana is mad because Julia spent so much money at the supermarket that they may not have enough to pay the rent.

Should she be shocked that Julia's irresponsible?

They bicker back and forth some more.

Julia: I paid it with MY money, so it should be MY problem.
Mariana: 'Your money, your problem', really? Because when I married you I thought that we were going to build something for the two of us, together. But if you want to, I'll leave you your house and your bed, okay?

I must say that this is the first and only time that these two have been like real people to me and not the 'confused' and 'martyr' robots that we saw through the series.

Somehow, it feels weird.

Mariana goes on an on about Julia being inconsiderate and lacking responsibility.

Julia: And if I'm so inconsiderate and irresponsible, why did you marry me? To be reprimanding me all the time because of all I do and all I buy?

I don't know, Julia. I too wonder why she married you.

Mariana goes on to say that Julia needs to get the idea out of her head that she's going to be like a married housewife whose husband supports her while she pops out children.

Julia tells her that she doesn't have those ideas at all and tells Mariana that she sounds like one of those homophobes who doesn't think that they should adopt.

What the fuck? How does one go from the grocery bill, to regretting marriages, to homophobic lesbians and adoption?

Your train of thought is wacky, gueys.

Then, Julia has even more words of wisdom.

Julia: You know what? We should do it (adopt a kid), just to make a statement.

That's totally the reason why you do all the 'revolutionary' stuff, isn't it, Julia? I sort of suspected as much, oh crazy one.

Mariana: Guey, adopting is NOT a 'statement'. Having children is not a statement, it's a huge responsibility, too fucking big and we're not going to be able to handle it if we keep acting this way, guey.

I don't get why Mariana feels the need to adopt. She'll have her hands more than full mothering Julia for the rest of their lives.

Julia doesn't want to fight anymore and goes to Aparicio Central.

Aparicio Central. Night.

The whole family is having dinner and laughing and being as awesome as they always are together.

Rafaela is convinced that the divorce was what saved Claudio, while Meche insists that there have been a lot of medical advances and that that was what saved Claudio. However, when Alma teases that they should get married again then, neither of them want to take the chance.


Patroncita then gives a nice speech about how much she loves all of them and wants to declare the curse over and talks about learning to make peace with men and learning to walk alongside them.

I still wouldn't marry an Aparicio.

Then, Rafaela leaves because she has a date with the doctor who saved Claudio.

Orale, Patroncita.

Later that night, Julia is discussing her marital problems with Meche and Nana. Well, whining is more like it.

Julia: It's like the judge says, 'I pronounce you wife and wife', and the happiness is over.

My. God. Could she be any more melodramatic and egocentric?

Seriously, writers, why do you try so hard to make me hate Julia?

Nana tells her that life isn't all romance and that conflict is a good way to get to know each other. Meche tells her that they're probably not communicating well, they need to talk more.

I would tell her to stop being a drama queen and fix this fight like any one of the millions of fights that they must have had before. Let's be honest, Julia's craziness can't be new so, in the 20 years they've known each other they must have fought before, no?

Scenes like this make me think that Julia does everything just to be the center of attention. Next on the list: being revolutionary by adopting some poor kid and screwing his/her life forever.

Julia: What do you guys think? Do you think that we'll survive? You know, that my marriage will not be over just as it's beginning?

No, you won't survive. Once the love chemicals that make us feel like we're in love and make us stupid wear off, Mariana will get over your bullshit and get tired of your craziness. I give you 3 years, tops.

Sorry, Julia.

Nana, the voice of wisdom, tells Julia that with sex, lots and lots of sex, they might make it.


I think that Meche likes that advice and will apply it to her relationship with the lobito.

Meche, the other voice of wisdom (but let's be honest, even Isadora would be a voice of wisdom compared to Julia), tells Julia to chill out, that they need to take things less seriously. She then wonders if they're cranky because they're getting their periods soon.

Joder. Can you imagine Julia PMSing?

Insanity multiplied by 20, probably. Scary.

Just as Nana is telling Julia that in the end there is no recipe for happiness, Mariana walks in with her tail between her legs, so I'm guessing some apologizing will be going on soon.

Damn, Mariana, and here I hoped you had gotten your ovaries back after that awesome fight.

We don't really get that (yet, but I'm sure it's coming) because they all start to get melancholic: it's the last night they'll spend together in the haunted house that shakes when daughters leave.

Spooky stuff.

It's their last night together because Alma and Ileana are going to Europe, Julia married Mariana and I'm guessing that Meche and Isadora will live with Claudio now.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia and Mariana spent the night in Julia's old room. Mariana is still sleeping and Julia is looking at her, thoughtful.

When Mariana wakes up and sees her, she asks Julia what she's thinking. She says that she's dreaming of Mariana, but she's a bit melancholic.

Mariana: I was also dreaming of you.
Julia: Oh, really? What did you dream?
Mariana: I dreamed of the 10,000 million years of happiness that we're going to have. The tests we'll overcome, our successful business that will help us with our projects and our theater plays, and....with the beautiful smile that will light up your face when you see our first child take his first steps in a few years...

Aww, Mariana. I wish I was as optimistic as you.

Rafaela walks in. She loves to see them together: they're so full of light because they're so in love.

Aparicio Central. Day.

It's the farewell scene.

Why is it that in the last episode of every show people either die or move away?

Rafaela tells them that no matter what they do, where they are or where she is, she will always support them and love them because they're awesome.

Then there's a group hug.

Juliana's Loft. Day.

During the voice over, while Nana talks about how happy endings don't exist and life just goes on, we get our final Juliana scene. There's no dialog, just a cute shot that takes us back to the very beginning, back when the girls were friends.

Tonight I leave you with.....

.....laughing Rafaela! Because she brought a smile to my face!

...Acucharicio Time! Just because!




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  6. Hi, I just wanted to say one thing, Liz didn't say "Isabel" she said "Isa ven"

  7. Anon: You think? I listened twice and still heard Isabel, huh.

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  15. Hey you guys! Thanks for the nice messages! Nice to see some people still read. :)

    Anon from April 21, my twitter and everything still work, I'm just not a much of a twitter person. Sorry for the delay in answering! I hadn't checked things around here in a while.

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    There won't be a season 2, though, they changed plans and last I heard they're in pre-production to shoot a movie later this year.

    I agree about what you said, Julia sucked, Mariana deserved way better. Armando was the real winner here and, interestingly enough, the only one in that mess who actually grew as a person. Who would've thought?

  18. Yes. That's very true. And I actually liked him in the end cause I believe he changed. Julia however, I could just tell her to fuck off.

    Oh so there's going to be a movie of this? Juliana included? Hmm.. how's that gonna work? I don't even feel bad for wanting Mari to dump Julia. I would be happy. Like, really HAPPY. Now THAT should happen in the movie :D

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    Julia was insane, I wouldn't wish her on my worst enemy. Poor Mariana, really.

    Have you seen Eren (who played Mariana) on their current show? Argos TV (which produced las aparicio) has been producing shows non stop after Las Aparicio, and Eren is on their latest one. I think it may have something to do with drugs, so I'm not interested, but Eren looks hot and pretty different from Mariana. I drooled a little and then moved on.