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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 113-115

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Episode 113

Some cafe. Day.

Hernan, Julia and Mariana are still talking about their upcoming marriage. He's happily surprised about it. Mariana points out that they want to do it now that it is legal in Mexico DF, but Julia assures him that they're not just doing it because it's trendy, it's something serious that they want to commit to.

Hernan: And because it's pretty love?
Julia: Of course! The best kind of love.

Ay Julia, if only I could believe you.

Hernan, who obviously doesn't know Julia as well as we do, not only gives Julia Mariana's hand, he offers her her whole body

Unfortunately, I think that Julia's evil powers of persuasion affect everyone she comes in contact with. No one, save Rafaela, can say 'no' to this chick. It's unbelievable, didn't he leave when the poliamor was in full swing and Mariana was all sorts of messed up because of it? Shouldn't he, at least, distrust Julia a bit?

Hernan is proud that they've decided to live their love so openly since it takes a lot of bravery to face people's prejudices.

I think that what takes a lot of bravery is being in a relationship with Julia, guey. Mariana deserves a purple heart or something just for that. Wait, you have to die or something to get one of those, right?

Mariana knows things will be hard, but they will be stronger together.

I wouldn't be so sure, but, okay.

Hernan: Well, you make me really happy. Not because you're getting married, that's the least important thing. But because you love each other the way you do, really.

A friend of Hernan walks in and he invites him to sit with them. Immediately, the proud father introduces Mariana and Julia to him and shares the big news: they're getting married.

The girls are a little apprehensive at first, but Camilo is as kind hearted as Hernan and is genuinely happy about it.

It turns out that Camilo is a hippie priest who is all kinds of cool with the gay and has known Hernan since the beginning of time.

Finding out that Camilo is a priest makes them start talking about homosexuality and the Catholic Church and I'm falling asleep already.

I love it so super much when they tell me things that I already know. Wake me up when they're done, will you?

Mariana and Julia are very pleasantly surprised and excited when Camilo talks about how Christ never said anything against homosexuality and how He must be okay with it since He was all about love.

Camilo even offers to do a religious ceremony at their wedding.

The girls squeal.

I'm getting up to splash some water in my face to wake up. And to get some tissue to wipe my drool.

Okay, I'm back.

Some clinic, somewhere. Night.

Hernan is making Julia and Mariana a bed at the clinic so that they can stay the night. He's leaving too the next day, and Mariana asks him if it's possible for him to postpone his trip for a few days.

He can't. He's needed in some village where there's all sorts of guerrilla and gunshot victims.

He's a superhero too, like everyone in this show. Well, except Julia. She ain't a hero, hell, no.

They get into some more political talk and I might have to get up to get some coffee too, very soon.

Jesus, Mariana even starts quoting Che Guevara, which makes Hernan all proud and tingling. She admits that meeting him touched her deeply and he hopes that she's started to understand him better.

She does, but she just misses him.

Su caudal de penas no tiene fin. Y menos lo tendrá cuando se case con Julia.

Is it still funny to rip on Julia? Sometimes I think that I overdo it.

Mariana goes on to say that she admires him too and understands why he doesn't want to die tied to some hospital bed.

At this rate, he'll die of natural causes when he's 90. Seriously, wasn't he terminal like 30 episodes ago? Why doesn't he look like shit by now?

And you guys want to know a secret? Hernan's grown on me, and I admire him too. Even though he's still as boring as ever.

They cry some more together.

Some city, somewhere. Day.

Mariana and Julia are helping Hernan load his luggage in a really dirty truck.

Julia asks him if he'll go to their wedding, and he promises to try. He thanks her for the gift (the marriage thing) and Julia says that there was no way she was going to marry Mariana without asking him for her hand.

Hernan calls Mariana over to say goodbye.

And you know what? I hate that they saw Hernan again. What was the point of that super melodramatic goodbye last time if they were going to see him again?

Mariana: This is the last time we'll see each other, isn't it?

Meaning: He's gonna drop dead any time now.

Hernan: One never knows, mija. But if we never see each other again, I'm gonna do everything I can to be your guardian angel.

Meaning: The grim reaper is the one driving the dirty truck, guey, so yeah.

He goes on to say that, if he's still alive, nothing will stop him from going to their wedding, he swears.

Mariana should've just gotten Camilo to marry them right there if she wanted Hernan at her wedding.

Hernan: Now, you swear to me that you're going to be happy with that girl. That you're going to laugh always, that you're going to talk always.
Mariana: I swear. And I swear that I always carry in my heart all that you taught me.

The violins play again and they say goodbye, again.

I'm having a hard core deja vu right now.

Bye, Hernan, AGAIN.

Armando's Cave. Day.

Darmando update: Bruno is still all sad about Ileana, and Dani offers to help. Armando says that she's good at it, that she would make a really good escort.

Foreshadowing, gueys.

Armando gets a call. It's good news: he's been offered to train a women's football team in England.

Aparicio Central. Day.

The family's all together when Julia and Mariana walk in with the news. They're getting married!

The family is, of course, all happy about it.

Mariana then gets on one knee and asks Rafaela for Julia's hand in marriage.

Rafaela tells Julia to come over and asks her if that's what she wants. Julia says that yes, so Rafaela is all 'of course!' and they're all happy.

Tonight I leave you with....

....Meche and Claudio! Because at least they don't go back and forth like every other fucking couple in this show!


Episode 114

Aparicio Central . Day.

It's still celebration time.

The family then sits down to dinner and start talking about it some more. Julia tells her tamale/ Hernan story again (she's so very proud) and all is good until Rafaela asks about Hernan.

That makes the music go all sad again and Mariana looks uncomfortable. She just says that he's going to try his best to be at the wedding.

Rafaela takes the cue and lets it go. Ileana, whose ass must be free of that stick that was in it all this time, asks the girls how they're gonna be dressed.

Julia: Ileana, that is the least relevant thing in this situation. I don't care how we're dressed, I'm getting married even if it's in my underwear!

I haven't got a punchline for that, but I'm sure it's out there.

Mariana then asks the rest of the Aparicio women for a little piece of Julia, since Rafaela already gave her her hand in marriage.

You would be better off getting just the hand, guey.

There's more laughter and joking and nalgas talk and even Ileana chips in.

Ileana: Okay, you convinced me. I'll give you (Mariana) her eyes.
Julia: My eyes? Why my eyes?

Ileana: Because you always look at her super in love.

Huh. I wonder what you did with the stick from your ass, Ileana. Did you clean it and gave it to Bruno to use in his art?

There's 'awws' and 'oohhss' and laughter and fun.

Isadora wants to do two bachellorete parties. I think we've lost her.

Mariana doesn't want to have one because they give her bad memories. She mentions something about the 'sex on the beach' drink, which is a reference to the going away party they threw for Julia when she was going to Spain with Armando.

Then, Nana gets a bad feeling: what about the Aparicio curse?

Everyone, specially Julia, assures her that that is NOT going to happen, but Nana says that maybe they shouldn't get married, they could just live together.

That's no fun to them, Nana, that's what they've been doing all this time. Besides, gay marriage is revolutionary! (It's not, but you'll get why I say it if you keep reading)

Mariana tells them not to worry, even a priest gave them his blessing, and the good hearted talk continues.

Armando's Cave. Day.

Darmando update: He wants her to go to England with him. She cares about him, but they each have their own lives and dreams, so she's not going.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Mariana is sad because of the Hernan situation, so Rafaela offers her some comfort.

Mariana: I never thought that I'd get married, and I never thought that my dad would suddenly appear. And now that I'm getting married and I have a dad, I would've liked for him to be there with me.

Rafaela tells her that, no matter what, Hernan will be there at the wedding because he's in her heart. Furthermore, all those things that have happened to Mariana, Rafaela says, are gifts that should be celebrated. Life should be celebrated. She wants Mariana to promise her that she'll look at things like that.

Mariana: I promise, Patroncita.
Rafaela: Don't you think that it's time you call me mom?

Mariana nods.

Somewhere else in the house, the sisters are processing the impending Juliana wedding.

Alma finds it 'revolutionary'

No, never use that fucking word again. Lame, lame, lame. Remember when Julia's V was all revolutionary for you too? No, no, no.

Not revolutionary. It's not like they're the first dykes in the universe to tie the knot.

Meche wants to drink to that and even says that it is a big step for mankind.

Meche: Isn't it, Julia Armstrong?

Oh, hell no, you didn't, Meche. No, no,no. Stop making Julia feel like she's important, God.

Alma: Let's drink to that. To Julia arriving at the moon.

Sigh. You disappoint me so much, gueys.

Julia and Alma start teasing Meche that she's next to get married and there's more sisterly bonding going on.

Later, Mariana joins in the fun.

They talk about love some more. Meche thinks that the need to have children is natural when one is in love, but Alma disagrees.

Mariana stutters her words a bit before saying that in the distant future a mini Julia would be cool.

Mariana is living proof that love is deaf, blind and stupid.

They toast to the mini Julia and then to Utopio.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

The girls are in bed glowing in their pre-married bliss.

Julia's reading and Mariana is practicing her 'I do.'

Jules tells her that it's not something you practice, you just do it, you swear eternal love in front of the judge and your friends and family and then...

Julia: We live happily ever after until death do us part.

A lifetime with Julia, uy. I need to bring this out again.

Mariana wants to hear no talk about death and has a mini freak out.

They continue to be cute together.

Alma's Atelier. Day.

The girls are helping Alma with a campaign she's working on that has to do with some women who were tried and sentenced for murder because they had an abortion.

Scary stuff, specially if it happens in real life. I'm guessing it does, which is why they're talking about it on the show.

Alma gives them fliers to hand out and they leave.

Armando's Cave. Day.

Julia uses the spare key she never returned to Armando to break into his house with Mariana. He's there with Dani, like he always is.

Jules tells him and they're there to give him back his keys and to tell him something very important. He's got something important to tell them too.

Armando: I'm going to England.
Mariana: We're getting married.

Dani is instantly happy and thinks that it's super cool. For a second, and before he congratulates them too, Armando has this face:

I'm really worried about Mariana too, guey.

Tonight I leave you with....

.....the Armando/Bruno/Dani trio! Because they were good friends and that's cool!


Episode 115

Armando's Cave. Day.

Armando, Dani and Julia are still talking about their news. Mariana is a bit envious that he's going to England to train a women's team.

Armando thinks his news pale in comparison to theirs, but Julia says that his going to England is a huge deal. She even wants to organize a going away dinner/party or something.

Dani and Armando giggle and kind laugh like idiots, which means that they have their own going away thing planned, but Julia says that she has something more family oriented in mind, maybe dinner at Aparicio Central.

Armando doesn't think it's a good idea because Rafaela can't stand him.

Think about it, Pichichi. Then she'll be happy to celebrate that you're going away, no?

Julia says that it's not true. Rafaela might've said 'weird' things to him, but she cares about him, they all do.

In the end, they convince him to go. Julia and Mariana even take Darmando with them to hand out fliers.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Wow, these girls waste no time when it comes to planning a dinner, because they're already at Armando's going away dinner.

Alma and Meche are off saving the world and Ileana is somewhere else, so in the end, the big going away dinner is themselves (Dani, Mariana, Julia, Armando) plus Rafaela and Nana.

Isadora doesn't count.

Armando is sad that he won't get to say goodbye to Almeche before leaving, but I'm pretty sure that they won't care. Rafaela makes a toast to Armando and the girls. Dani takes a picture to save the moment forever.

What's up with that close up? Is that product placement?

They start talking about the wedding again. Nana wants to know the number of guests so she can figure out how much food to make. Mariana is as emo as she always is. She's all 'there won't be many guests from my side since I have no family or friends and my mom sucks so much that she doesn't even answer the phone or my emails. So, just Dani and Miguel, in my column. And Hernan, that is if he doesn't kick the bucket by then. Mi caudal de penas no tiene fin.'

Joder, you know what I just thought right now? That if they get a second season (I hope not) there will be a dejavu parent/child reunion, but this time it would be Mariana and her mom.


Nana insists on the guest list, and Julia promises to get to it later.

Mariana asks Dani if she has plans for later, and she says that she has a surprise planned for Armando.

Rafaela: Ah ha! Special little party, eh? With a whip, handcuffs and weird light!

Lol. Rafaela rocks.

Armando and Dani then get up to leave. He goes over to Rafaela and calls her his 'ex mother in law'

Rafaela: Ah, ex mother in law. You don't know how much I love it that you call me that.

Lol, again.

Then, she gets serious.

Rafaela: I'm really glad that you're leaving, that you're going off to live your dreams. I was intolerant with you, but you're a good man.

She even wants him to call her Doña Rafaela.


Nana promises to send him tamales to his new address.

That night, Isadora is all excited. She's making plans for the wedding. She found everything in the yellow pages, since apparently she doesn't have internet.

Isadora is really cute. She's really excited because the cake will have two little female dolls on top. There's some talk about doves flying, rainbow flags, and artificial lakes with ducks in them, which, I think, makes Mariana want to elope.

I like Rafaela's sense of humor, and Isadora is just plain cute.

Even later that night, the family is drawing, I'm not sure why. They're also still discussing the wedding details, including what Mariana and Julia are wearing for the event.

Suddenly, they have a guest. It's Camilo and Hernan is not with him, which means that he's dead. Mariana is really sad. The sad violins play and I'm wondering just how much time has passed since they last saw him and he looked more or less okay.

Suspension of disbelief, gueys.

Camilo gives Mariana a video that Hernan made for her before dying.

Seriously, how many Hernan goodbyes are we gonna get? The more we get the less we (I) feel them.

In the video, Hernan talks about how he's still seeing patients even though he can barely move. The night before he helped a little girl be born, and it reminded him of when Mariana was born.

Lots of sad violins keep playing.

Hernan: I'm happy to have walked on this world because I got to do many things. I only take a little sadness with me because I would've loved to have been at your wedding....Be happy, like you promised me that you would be and fight for everything that you believe in. Remember that ideals and utopias help people to walk. Thank you, hija, for accepting me. For understanding who I was. Thank you for loving me, despite the fact that I entered your life so late. And remember your father sometimes, he who always had you in his heart.

Bye, Hernan, this time for real unless you come back next season, Maximo style.

Everything is possible in this show.

Tonight I leave you with....

.....Dani's 'surprise' to Armando! Because it was a threesome with another guy and Armando actually went to for it (even though we don't get to see it)!

Rock on, Armando!


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  1. No, my dearest Naty, you do not rip on Julia too much. But then look who's talking.

    And I've heard the wedding was well done. But now, of course, Mariana will have to LIVE with Julia. How long will it be until Julia grows tired of the dailyness of life? And a bored Julia is a "let's experiment with something REVOLUTIONARY" Julia. And since Julia's only interest is sex, I shudder to think what their life together will be like.

    And lol at your comment about the sisters making Julia feel important. Although, let's face it, Alma runs a male whorehouse, so she's not someone who has a refined sense of morality. And really, who's family applauds EVERYTHING they do regardless of whether it's noble or destructive?? Unconditional love is one thing, but that's just bizarre. You're right, Rafaela is the only one that comes close to acting like a real person. I know this is a telenovela, but like you, I wish it was more entertaining rather than just a soapbox for whatever topic they want to expound from the pulpit. Who likes constantly being preached at, especially about subjects that we either 1. don't care about (polyamory) or 2. already know. ie homophobia. If they want to depict those topics, fine, but why do they have to beat them into the ground?

    TO THE WRITERS OF LAS APARICIO: We're smart, well-informed people. We might even be as smart as you, although granted, we're certainly not as REVOLUTIONARY. Give it a rest already.

  2. "I wonder what you did with the stick from your ass, Ileana. Did you clean it and gave it to Bruno to use in his art?" - priceless, LMFAO!

    Thanks as always for the recaps.

  3. thanks a lot for all the recaps youve done..really enjoyed it!its still all in my mind vividly!

  4. can't believe this show is nearing it's end.. haaaaa!!!! thanks nat for the recaps!

  5. perfect,thx nat for the recaps<3

  6. Thanks Nat for the recaps. even though i watch the episodes on dailymotion, i always read your recaps. you r hilarious!! I don't know why Mari is worried about the aparico curse because Mari's curse is being in love with Julia. the aparico curse actually will be Mariana's salvation. poor Mariana,she is so cool, hot and understanding, and at the end she will be punish by marrying Julia.

    Have you girls noticed that from the 3 aparicio sisters the one who is like Rafaela is Mariana? jajaja
    They are so funny, they are la neta del planeta
    Maybe in the second season, we find out that Julia and Mariana were born in the same hospital, and the doctors made the mistake of changing the girls, and Mariana is Rafaela's daughter. that will be cool becuase they really love each other, and Rafaeal is always saying how proud she is of Mariana.

    por que meche no le dio las pecas a Mariana?

  7. Anon: "I don't know why Mari is worried about the aparico curse because Mari's curse is being in love with Julia. the aparico curse actually will be Mariana's salvation."

    lol. I totally agree. Poor marianita. Su caudal de penas no tendrá fin.

  8. It's 2013 so this comment is long overdue but OHMAHGAAUUUUDHHHH "Su caudal de penas no tendrá fin" is so fucking funny to me, you have no idea. Thank you for that, I'll incorporate it in my daily speech from now on.

    1. jeje! Well, I gotta give credit where it's due, I took it from the show. In one of the episodes, when Mariana and Julia are doing their soap, that phrase was part of the OTT soap dialogue and I just ran with it cause I too thought it was funny.