Monday, October 4, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 107-108

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Episode 107

Meche's office. Day.

Do I have to recap the girls if they're just there and not talking? Because this is how this scene is. Miguel is discussing his case with Meche and Claudio, and Mariana's just there.

The only new info we get is that Beto's bio mom signed documents to give him away when he was born and she doesn't even live in Mexico anymore. Also, Roberto had a will drafted before he died in which he clearly stated that he wanted the kid with Miguel. Bla, bla, whatever, whatever.

Do I have to recap this?

Meanwhile, Julia is still hanging out with the kid, who continues to be obsessed with his dad and wants to be with him already.

What the hell? Are those two ever parted? Does the kid even go to school by himself? To the bathroom? Who likes one's dad so much, really? Even at that age?


Mariana's Loft. Day.

Mariana, Julia, Miguel and Betito get home. As it always happens when there's young kids around, the little kid is the one leading the conversation and talking about the nonsense that kids talk about: he saw some ducks somewhere, Mariana likes ducks and wanted to be one once (don't remind me of that lameness, please), etc, etc, etc.

Miguel wants Beto to go take a bath, but the kid wants to keep playing football, so they do.

How exciting.

That night, the sappiness continues.

Before going to bed, Beto wants to tell 'daddy Roberto' all about their day, so Miguel brings out his photo and they do.

Oy. So much sweetness will give me cavities.

I wonder if those two actors (the dad and the kid) are related, because they really do look alike (even though, technically, they're not supposed to) and have a ton of chemistry.

The girls look on, all sad.

I know this recap was mega boring, but I had nothing to work with, gueys. Sorry.

Tonight I leave you with...

....Maximo! Because I'm super glad that he's back!


Episode 108

Mariana's Loft. Night.

I must say, I'm having a hard time recapping these episodes, they're not inspiring me. At least when they're being crazy I can make fun of them.


Maybe I'm just tired.

Anyway, Miguel is still there. He walks over to the girls after putting the kid to bed. Mariana tells him that Meche left him a message: the next day they're going to meet with his mother in law. The girls are looking at him with all sorts of admiration on her faces, so I'm guessing that they've met their new hero.

If he was a woman, he could totally join the Aparicio Amazonian Army of Super Women.

Julia: I want you to know that you're my idol.

Ja! Called it!

Miguel (laughing): Why?
Julia: What do you mean, 'why'? Look, your son is adorable. I love him, but he should have an 'on/off' switch on his back. Honestly, I don't know how you do it, I'm so exhausted that I can't even eat.

Supergay tells them that it's just practice. Mariana's exhausted too, so she wonders how Beto's grandma expects to keep up with him since they're younger than her and they're exhausted. He tells them that she will find the strength because she adores Beto and proceeds to tell a sappy story to prove it.

Miguel continues to complain about how he and Roberto were a happy family with the kid, but he always felt rejected and left out when he was with Roberto's family and bla, bla, bla.

Oy. Please stop it.

It doesn't stop.

The next day, the sappiness/exaggerated sweetness continues. Beto even draws a picture of his family, with his two dads, grandparents and aunties (Julia and Mariana) included.

What a nice Lifetime movie this is, isn't it?

Miguel has to go to his meeting and Beto keeps whining about being separated from his dad, so the girls try to cheer him up by offering to take him to meet his football hero...wait for it...Armando! Betito can even play with the Pichichi himself!

Is Mariana going boxing?

Anyway, the kid is all excited and I'm calling bullshit. He's barely six and Armando has been a has-been for months. Are we supposed to believe that a six year old will continue to use brain space on someone who has been off the map for months?

Maybe Beto doesn't really remember who Armando is anymore and he's all excited because the girls are. Or maybe I'm wrong, but I just really wanted to point out that Armando is no longer a star.

I enjoy it.

Mariana and Betito go to the phone to call Armando while Julia takes Miguel to a neighbor's apartment to borrow some clothes from him.

Aparicio Central. Day.

The girls are playing football with the kid, again. If it was me, I'd be fantasizing about making the freaking ball disappear.

That's mean and heartless, isn't it gueys?

Armando arrives and Beto runs over to him and jumps into his arms screaming 'Armando!', because, you know, it is completely appropriate for a six-year-old to do that to a complete stranger.

My upbringing was so different from everyone else's in this show, they make me feel desadaptada.

I love how our big strong football player (or soccer player or whatever the hell he is) struggles to carry Betito a few feet.


Mariana jokes that the kid is all enthralled by Armando, like a zombie. Like Julia used to be. M'E'EX denies it at first.

Julia: All right, maybe a little. But then you came along and ate my brain. Among other things!

Is that a dirty joke, Julia?

Huh, reading that again I realize that it kinda doesn't make sense, but in Spanish it does. Whatever, I understand what I mean.

Later that day, they're still playing.

If it was me, I already would've forced Isadora to play with the kid or sat him in front of a Nintendo, like grown ups used to do with me.

Mariana finally has enough and decides to go over to the sidelines with Nana and Rafaela, the "cheerleaders".

They even proceed to do a fake cheer.


Julia insists that she needs a partner because they're playing boys against girls. When Rafaela refuses, Nana gets into the game, something that no grown up in my family would ever, ever, do.

Damn, my childhood sucked.

While the others play, Mariana and Rafaela talk about how cute Beto is, how much Miguel loves him and how much they wish that Meche can fix everything.

Aparicio Kitchen. Day.

Mariana and Julia are making sandwiches while discussing the Ileana situation. Since I hate Ileana, I won't discuss this.

We don't care, right?

Mariana says that she actually admires what Alma does with her manwhores. She thinks that she's a very brave woman, a desadaptada, very much like herself, Mariana says.

We still don't care, right?

When Mariana mentions the desadaptada bit, Rafaela asks her if she has news from her dad. She doesn't.

Now we care even less, right?

And I don't like that they're mentioning Utopio. I don't want him to came back.

The girls bring out the sandwiches for the boys. Julia says that she loves making sandwiches for kids, she loves to cut them in little pieces for them or making them in cute shapes and whatnot. Mariana teases her a bit and Jules admits that she can be childish 'sometimes'.

Only sometimes, Julia? You're such a child, I'm pretty sure you still suck on your thumb when you sleep. And speaking of sleeping, the girls find Armando and Beto asleep on the grass.

All these fatherly pictures of Armando with the kid are scaring me. They're putting evil images in my head that involve pregnancies by insemination all Spashley style.

God, no.

Mariana looks the boys over all wistfully, and then she drops a bomb.

Mariana: I want to have a child.

What? With Julia? Have you lost your mind?

Julia is a bit shocked and Mariana admits that it's something she hadn't seriously thought about before, but the Miguel thing is making her reconsider and Julia better get ready because she wants kids. Julia stutters a bit because of such news, but seems pleasantly surprised.

Insanity, Mariana, insanity.

Tonight I leave you with.....

.....Armando's fascination with Alma's escort business! Because I like his honesty!




  1. Great recaps! I am also worried about the pregnancy storyline - Julia having Armando´s baby for Mariana. Noooo!!! Plus wasnt it Mariana who did not want to hear about merrige and now she wants baby?! Please girls, just have more sex instead of all this bullshit.Thanks.

  2. i've read nearly all recaps in one's amazing! really, you should write stories! it's great when people can express their thoughts and feelings so clear and vivid... and analytically and wittily)) what about penpaling?)

  3. Thanks for all the love! You make me blush.

    Anon, the pregnancy stories in my head are even scarier than that. Something like Armando's sperm fertilizing Mariana's egg and Julia carrying the baby to term, like they did on SoN with Aiden/Spencer/Ashely.

    Scary, no?

  4. Anon: I'm all for penpaling, you can drop me a line of you want! :)