Thursday, October 7, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 109-110

What's up, guys?

Let's get to it.

Episode 109

Aparicio Central. Day.

The playdate at the Aparicio house continues.

The girls feign being hurt when Betito wants Armando's autograph, but not theirs. Armando tries to cheer them up, but Rafela comes and calls him away. I honestly don't know what excuse she used, but I'm guessing she wants to see him as far away from Julia as possible.

Sometimes I wish he would go away and take Julia with him. I might like him better than Julia, but I like Mariana better than all of them. She should be far away from their craziness.

When he's gone, Mariana starts itching for no reason.

She says it was the grass, but I kinda wish that she's become allergic to Julia.

If only.


The conversation turns to children again. Julia wants to know if Mariana wants to have a child for real. She does. Julia then wants to know more about it: when did she decide it, how did she decide it, when she wants the children...

Mariana: Right now, right now in this moment. Take me on the grass, impregnate me!

Orale. Well, that would be something to behold. Is Julia gonna grow a temporary penis to get you pregnant? I ask because it wouldn't surprise me, there's probably something like that in her black magic books.

Hey, after that V thing, everything is possible in this show.

Julia shushes her, the children might hear! Then Mariana gets serious. When she was growing up, the getting-married-to-a-man-and-having-his children thing didn't really sit well with her. Then, when grew up and realized that she was gay, having that didn't seem like a possibility, so it was like the decision was made for her. But Miguel's situation has made her realize that things have changed and she can have that. After all she has a vagina and uterus and all the equipment necessary.

Cool, but, with Julia? Seriously? Do you really want your children to be THAT messed up?

The girls continue to look cute together.

I want to like them together, I do. But Julia still scares me.

Armando's Cave. Night.

Darmando update: Armando is still in love with Julia, Dani is his rebound girl.

Oy. It will never end, will it?

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Miguel is freaking out after his meeting with his mother in law, who came with an order from a judge giving her temporary custody of the kid. He doesn't know if he should stay and go through the nasty fight and possibly lose anyway, or if he should just take the kid and disappear.

Su caudal de penas no tiene fin.

je, je. I like that line.

The girls try to reassure him that Meche is really good at what she does and has fought, and won, against people more powerful than his mother in law.

Are these two married already? That looks really domestic.

Then the conversation turns to the fucking homophobia again.

Miguel is really hurt that anyone could think that he would hurt his son just because he's gay. Thankfully, the kid walks in complaining that he can't sleep and spares me from more preaching.

The next morning, the girls continue stretching their mommy muscles by asking Beto what he wants for breakfast. fake french, might I add. No, in a french accent. Eren is really good at accents, by the way.

The kid wants hotcakes and eggs and the entire refrigerator, plus chocolate ice cream.

Since they don't have half of what the kid wants, including the chocolate ice cream (you're going to get it for him? for breakfast? Your future kids will be diabetic if you think that this is okay, gueys), Mariana and Julia leave for the store. When they come back, Miguel and Beto are gone.

Tonight I leave you with...

....the curly hairdo! Because they all go to the same beauty salon!


Episode 110

Meche's Office. Day.

Everyone is freaking out because Miguel is gone.

Mariana is very concerned because she's afraid that he's done something stupid (like leaving Mexico). She wants to shake the hell out of him to make him be reasonable.

I can relate to that, Mariana. I've felt that way about you many, many, many times.

Julia tries to reassure her that he's going to be fine, and at that moment Miguel walks in, sans Beto.

After much thought, Miguel decided that it was best for Beto to be with his grandmother since it was unrealistic to think that he could take care of him by himself in some foreign country. He also wants to spare the kid a nasty trial. When Claudio and Meche keep trying to convince him to keep fighting, he says that he doesn't know if they're crazy or naive if they think they can win against his mother in law.

Julia: No, they're crazy. I know.

Listen to her, Miguel. If anyone knows crazy, it's Julia.

Miguel decides to fight.

Mariana's loft. Night.

Miguel's moping around hoping that Beto isn't missing him and feeling as miserable as he does.

I hope that Beto's not as miserable as I am recapping this endless storyline. Does anyone doubt for a second that the kid will stay with Miguel? Why drag it out so much? ZZzzzz

They offer him some tea to help him sleep, but his mother in law calls him away: Beto won't sleep if Miguel doesn't tell him the magic words.

Later that night, Julia and Mariana are by themselves, talking.

Mariana is wearing the weirdest, goldenest thing EVER over her breasts, I'm even not sure if it can be called a bra.

What the hell is that, woman?

Mariana's worried about Miguel. I can't wait for him to go away already so that the girls can talk about something other than him.

Julia reassures her that he's fine and changes the topic to the other one that has taken over their mouths: children.

Julia: You know what I think? That when you're a mom, you're going to be an incredible mom.

I agree, Jules. But if you're the kid's other mom, well, you're going to cancel out all of Mariana's awesomeness and the kid will be insane like you. I at least hope that Mariana's the birth mom, because if the kid has your genes too....poor kid.

I'm so uninspired, gueys, even ripping on Julia doesn't feel as good as it used to. I'm glad there are only 10 eps left, I'm really burned out on the recapping.

Julia: And ever since we first talked out it, that you wanted to be a mom and all, I haven't been able to stop thinking about some things. Mariana: Don't tell me you're already picking out names, because then, I'm scared.

But, that's not it. Julia's just a little sad that, regardless of how much they love each other, they will never be able to create life together.


Mariana admits that the thought makes her sad too, and they proceed to have sad sex.

Aww. Hugs. Well, you never know. I still think that Julia's black magic is very powerful, look at all it has accomplished. Maybe the sad sex will get you pregnant, Emo.

Kudos to the Aparicio team for giving us so much Juliana sex, others would've shied away from it. I may have many criticisms about the show, but I've always admired their bravery.

Tonight I leave you with.....

....super Meche! Because she believes in JUSTICE!


I'm really sorry if these last recaps have been unfunny, but these last few episodes have just been uninspiring to me. At least you can stay updated.



  1. I got all caught up on your recaps
    I think your still funny if even this is getting hard for you
    I personally still hate Assmanho I don't think he has changed I believe if Dani wasn't there to screw him and keep him company he would be once again fucking with the girls and sniffing up Julia ass. Thats why THE WISE ONE sent him away she knows all
    Rafaela = YODA

    Juliana can have finger babies
    I agree on all the humping like bunnies we been getting and with all the flaws of the show they have gave the girls some air time
    Not even Pepsi had this much sex aired

  2. I can't compliment you enough on your work. You are sooooo funny, I LOL all the time! By the way, I use "Mi caudal de pena no tiene fin!" all the time at work and co-workers, even the Hispanics, have no idea what in the world I'm talking about! It makes saying it much more hillarious.

    I hope you continue your recaps of whatever the next series is Nat.

  3. Crazylady did you mention my beloved Pepsi?? I'm not watching this (recaps only, please) but I think there is more sex between Juliana, but with Pepsi there was more love. More importantly though, with Pepsi, there was a level of respect and dignity between them that's lacking with Juliana. In fact, being in a relationship with Julia would really be no different than any other addiction. Fun at times, but in the end, likely to cost you your soul.

    And you're right, Naty, ripping on Julia is less and less fun. I can't believe how excited I was for this show to begin....I'm at least 10 times more excited for it to end. Who would have thought?

  4. I do believe someone already asked you to marry them on here right??? So, I can't just sweep in here with another random proposal now can I? Hmmmm I guess I'll have to think of something really creative to win you over then - but in the meantime, can you just swing by my place everyday and make me laugh with your awesomely witty personality?

  5. crazylady: You know, I believe Armando's transformation more than Julia's. I don't know why exactly. Maybe because, unlike Julia, he did sacrifice his desires because of his feelings for her, and then when she broke them up, he lost the only people in his life, yet he let them go without doing what he did last time. So, I buy it. 'THE WISE ONE', lol

    Anon 1: 'mi caudal de penas no tiene fin', along with 'guey' are probably the two things I'll take away from this insanity!

    Despejada: Yes, I guess Julia is Mariana's Armando. The biggest problem, I think, for me as a viewer, was the lack of a separation period between them. A time when they both could change and truly grow and then get back together when they were better people. I also really, really, really, really wanted to see Julia suffer a little(lot). But no. And as it happened, what stays with me too is the bad taste that all that lack of dignity and disrespect left in my mouth. It makes the cute scenes now feel really tainted, I can barely enjoy them. They really sacrificed the characters for the sake of exploring that goddamn polyamory, then they forgot what the meaning of drama is and gave us endless episodes of...nothing. I really don't know what the fuck happened to TPTB, they really lost their way. I think 120 was just too much for them to handle properly, and not just the Julia storyline. I find the other storylines boring and redundant too (seriously, how many times can Alma and Leo break up and get back together?), even though in theory all the characters are awesome.

    Andrea: There was another marriage proposal, but, didn't the Aparicio teach us all about the wonders of polyamorous relationships? Remember what Alma said, who wins, the one who chooses or the one who refuses to choose? They work so hard at teaching us things, we might as well listen and open our minds.

    I'm game, are you?. ;)

    Thanks for all the love guys! I've said it before, but I'll say it again: you make me blush. And keep going, I can't wait for the show to be over.


  6. I did forget that there are lessons to be learned from this show, silly me, LLLLOOOOLLLLL!!!!! The most important lesson I learned was from that bat shit crazy twisted polyamorous storyline, and that was.......HOW NOT TO SHARE! So, to answer your question - YES I am, game on my Dear Nat. Oh and p.s. the one who chooses always wins!

  7. See, now that's what I get for typing when I was deliriously tired!!! What I meant to say was - I learned NOT to share, not how not to share. There is way too much sharing going on over there.

  8. hahahh they DO look extremely domestic in that photo xD

  9. Naty, I should say this while I still can that, out of all of this, I will miss you - and your comments - the most. But then I think that you've always known that. I've always appreciated your point of view.

    And I wanted Julia to suffer too. Not for the sake of revenge necessarily, although there is a bit of that, but to show that she's human. That she's able recognize other people's suffering, especially when it's suffering that she's caused, and feel sorrow over it. I'd still like to see that, but Julia never seems to cry for anyone other than herself. In psychology that's the hallmark of a sociopath. And like you've said before, no one knows crazy like Julia.

    About the polyamory, it is distasteful to me. More so now than ever. But not because Armando is a man. While my predominant attraction is to women, I'm not a man-hater. I even find many straight relationships beautiful. But I dislike cruel, dishonoring, self-centered people. Julia and Mariana will end up together, but only after Julia was able to drag her down to her level. What kind of love is that?

  10. Despejada: Awww. Thanks and likewise, I enjoy your comments too.

    I wanted Julia to suffer, not necessarily for revenge, but for two reasons. First of all, justice. It's not fair that she played so much with people's feelings and made them suffer, yet she came out of it unscathed. I get annoyed when that happens (I hated it on SoN too when Aiden was an asshole and everyone forgave him because 'he should've died!', gross). Also, I think that true growth comes from hardship and suffering, otherwise we don't learn. When there aren't consequences, we keep doing the same things over and over, which is part of the reason why I still distrust Julia.

    And yes, I agree, some true empathy from Julia would've been nice too, it would've been another sign of growth.

    Polyamoury: It was so disrespectful and distasteful to me because, well, it's one thing when polyamorous like minded people get together, okay that's fine. It's another all together different to see two people put themselves in a situation that compromises who they are and what they want, all for the sake of satisfying a little girl's selfish whim.

    It was gross.

  11. Polyamory is okay between consenting parties? That's the politically correct thing to say, isn't it? Well....screw it. It's just too weird for me. And this show has only reinforced that opinion. I'm surprised this whole thing hasn't put me off sex altogether...

  12. I guess it is the politically correct thing to say, but it's basically based on my complete indifference to the topic. I just don't care about it, although I know it's not for me. If it bothered me in this storyline it was because it was so unfair for Mariana and, yes, even for Armando, not to mention how unbelievably selfish Julia was. Who knows if it could work for others in a different situation?

    Either way, I don't know, I don't care, not my thing.

  13. Another lesson here is that some people are enablelers. Sadly, Mariana enabled Julia to treat her and yes Armando, with disrespect.

    While we tend to see Mariana as saintly, we forget that her decisions are based on her fears of abandonment. Many times she told Julia that she did not want to loose her. I mean her father left, and she doesn't even mention her mother during the last few episodes when nuptials are all she can talk about. The only family she has known appears to be Las Aparicio.

    Mariana has many excellent attributes but her fear drives the majority of her decisions. This was also evident when Julia left for Spain and Mariana was so heartbroken and left for the beach where she met Gaby, someone who couldn't be farther in the closet than my dustballs! Mariana knew she was not in love, but since she is her fathers daughter, a revolutionary who needs a cause, she stayed with Gaby to cheer her out of the closet.

    The other lesson is that shows like Las Aparicio gets people talking. No matter how we dislike the direction of the storyline, we keep watching, and hoping something will change. And it has, social change is absolutely moving, slow, but moving. Who would have thought only 5 years ago, that a government building in Mexico would open its doors to film a gay wedding in 2010? One instance when I can't say: Only in America!

    And what a tender scene when La Patroncita asks Mariana if she doesn't think it's about time she calls her "Mom". Awww..touching, for La Abuela del Mal to be sooo loving.

  14. Dear Nat,
    I promise to never ever ever ever, and I mean never ask you to enter into some twisted polyamorous relationship, and I pinky swear to never share you with anyone - so now will you come over and entertain me with you humor every day? AND I also promise to never buy and/or wear any golden(ie) or glittery or shiny or UGLY tube top garment :-)

  15. She seems sincere Nat. I think you should do it. :)

  16. anon: yes, Mariana and Armando were definitely enablers. I really wanted them to tell her to go fuck herself, instead of spoiling her. I liken Julia to a child and those two her parents. If you spoil a child and given them everything, will the child automatically and by mere self reflection grow up to be anything other than a selfish spoiled child? That's sort of how I see Julia, which is why this storyline made no sense to me, there was no growth on her part and now I'm supposed to believe that Julia is all sane now? yeah right. In the end, Julia was worse for me because she took advantage of Armando's and Mariana's weakness. I guess it's good that Las Aparicio gets people talking, I just don't like preachy shows. For me, a show should entertain first and foremost.

    Andrea/despejada: I don't know what to do! I'm so completely dismantled and confused! I need an Alma class to tell me what to do.

  17. Awwhhhh thank you Despejeda - I assure you, I am completely sincere!

  18. Save your money and your mind Nat, no need for Alma classes. Just
    Follow your heart :-). Please understand and keep in mind it's kinda hard to be creative and impressive here, so winning you over might take me a little longer than usual.

  19. I agree. You don't need an "Alma" class. In fact, I started to write out a very detailed explanation of what you should do, when I noticed my logic was kind of circular. Well...more of a parallel circular. (Hey it's possible. Julia's "triangle" only had two sides and she considered her relationship lines as "parallel" when she drew the stupid V. If she can defy the laws of geometry then so can I.) And I happen to even have an easel and markers (long story), but it's the fancy headgear I'm still working on. Does it have to match the golden bra I plan to wear with it?

  20. andrea: but my heart is telling me many things! i'm so confused!
    despejada: Just think: WWJD? (What would Julia do?) That's gonna be my motto from now on.

  21. despejeda: please write your detailed "circular" explanation, would love to read. Circles are my favorite shape, because they have no beginning and no end. Now as for your golden bra, I am voting NO on that, but your fancy headgear sounds intriguing!!! As far as your easel and markers, I am curious why you have them, unless of course you are a teacher and then it makes perfect sense.

  22. Nat: You and I both know (and I don't even know you) that you could never live by the motto WWJD (it did make me laugh though)! You are nothing like Julia, thus the reason she annoys you to the core, and thus the reason I find your "online" personality so dynamite. That's not usually something a person can fake in writing alone, so I am going to go out on a limb and say that you are true to form "live" as well. Your heart may tell you many things my dearest Nat, but I have absolute faith and belief that they never tell you the things that the voices in Julia's head tell her. I am quite sure she has a personality disorder, and a little medication would go a long way there! Lastly, you and I both feel the same exact way about "Julia's tri-cycle of love" so I am I certain we have many similar views and would get along splendidly...........OH and I almost forgot, would it help you to know that I usually wear contacts, but I DO have glasses that are very similar to Julia's???????

  23. Adrea: you're right about my feelings for Julia, but look at all that she's gotten using her crazy logic! She cheats, dates two people at the same time, breaks up with them, acts crazy 100% of the time and, in the end, everyone still loves her and she gets married to the Saint Patron of all Lesbians. Maybe we should wonder WWJD! Or at least sneak into her house and get a hold of her black magic books.

    I wear glasses too!

  24. i caught a lil bit of friday night's episode online and OMG!!! that three some was something else. I'm trying to understand how he got talked into doing that. i cannot wait to read the recap on that right there.

  25. Crazylady called you Naty - I like it, gonna steal it until I think of my own nickname for you. So with that, Naty, let's just put it all on the table. A little crazy in ones life is somewhat inevitable, I mean we all got a little crazy in us don't we? We can usually thank our parents for that, as a little crazy gets passed down from generation to generation, it's in the genes so what can we do? A little crazy is amusing and magnetic at times, it doesn't have to be all bad. Just as long as 2 people don't share the same type of crazy, and as long as the crazy doesn't collide at the same time. The key is to recognize the internal crazy you want to eliminate and what you want to keep. But I am talking about your average, every day run of the mill crazy here. NOT the kind of crazy where someone (like Julia) can convince others they are the sane one, while making those around them (like Mariana) feel like they are the ones loosing their minds! Julia has, and still manages to pull off some pretty amazing tricks (let me just use the word ok), but I know I would ever want to go through my life getting things the way she does. A peek into her black magic books wouldn't be so bad I guess. I mean stashing away a few trickity tricks to use on naughty bad people would be ok - but twisting the minds of all the good people around me, nah, not for me. So with that I leave you with this..... would you rather wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and see, Julia, or yourself? Notice I didn't say Mariana? Because who the hell would want to wake up every single day, for the rest of their lives, and wonder WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAZY CHICK GONNA CONVINCE ME IS "NORMAL" TODAY!!!!!!

  26. Chicks who wear glasses = HOT in my book (and not the black magic kind of books)

  27. Can I just say something that has been bothering me? Forgive me if it's been said or talked about before and I just missed it (I read all your recaps in 1 day) - so here it is.... WHY oh WHY aren't there any blinds, curtains, or even a sheet for goodness sake hanging on the bedroom windows? Seriously, really?????

  28. Andrea: So, you have much experience with the crazy, I wonder? :)

    You're right, you're right. It's still tempting though......

  29. Naty - way more than I'd like to admit. But, I hope it gives you comfort to know that it hasn't come from my end (other than the fact that I am a little tiny bit OCD - and completely aware of my flaws) I somehow managed to grow up unscathed from my childhood and my relationships with other "crazies". :-)

  30. Andrea: About the lack of curtains. I agree, I'm pretty sure I mentioned it at least twice.

    (eps 79-81)
    "These gueys must be into exhibisionism too since they do that sort of stuff while all the windows and gates are open and anyone can walk in. I wonder if they've ever scarred for life some nice Jehova's Witness who came over one day to preach or something."

    (86-88) "And remember what I said once about these people being into exhibitionism? Here's further proof: An entire wall in Armando's bedroom is see through. So, unless there's some sort of curtain somewhere, I'm thinking Armando and Julia gave some poor forest animal a disturbing show last night."

    So, yeah.

    About the crazy, we've all had to deal with it one way or another, unfortunately. So I get ya.

  31. Note to self - Don't read months of Nat's re-caps in one sitting because you forget and/or miss stuff.

  32. Kudos to you Nat! I really enjoyed reading your recaps. It helps non-Spanish speaking people like me understand the story. I know you've put A LOT of work in doing all these. I must say you've done a great job! Tell me, how can we ever repay you?

    I LOL to your WWJD motto! I think I would also go by that motto but with a twist, once i figure out WWJD i would work may way out on the opposite direction! LOL! Anyway I hope you have a good day!

    Love & Kisses! =)

  33. hey anon, thanks for the kind words! As for the repaying...comments are good!

  34. im really addicted in reading all your recaps esp.on weekends...almost forget to eat my meals haha...reading all this really makes me feels nostalgic...miss my girl Anjo...but im sure she's reading all recaps too in kuwait where we both work..but now i decided to give her enough space...she's like julia and im the saint Mariana hope we can be still together..soon!=<