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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 21-30

What's up, guys?

Let's get to it?

Episode 21

This week is all about masks, let's get that out of the way. At their acting class, the girls need to use these really creepy looking masks to learn to express themselves through body language or something.

Suddenly I feel like I'm watching 'Halloween' and someone's about to get murdered. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's Armando. Or Julia. Or both.

Armando gets offered a deal to play for a football team in Spain, and he immediately starts calls Julia, but she doesn't talk to him (even though she's dying to) because she doesn't want to get pulled into his crap again. Mariana is all convinced and continues to be all passive aggressive about the whole thing.

The girls go to their acting class, where their arrogant professor pair them up to pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, while wearing their masks. Things get a little too close for comfort when, both of them in character, Mariana asks Julia why she doesn't love her and Julia tells her that she'd want to but she needs to find her way alone, or something along those lines. Mariana has a mini freak out and even breaks character for a second, but the professor pull them back in.

After the class, Armando goes over to see them outside the class room, tells Julia about it and starts begging her to come with him. At the mere sight of Armando, Mariana's emoness starts to creep up again.

Quote of the episode

Mariana (to Julia, at their class exercise): Alone? Alone? Alone? (she rips of her mask) You know who Julia is? Julia's the mirror where Mariana looks into and can't find herself.

That's the quote of the episode because to this day I still don't know what the fuck it means.

Episode 22

Armando is still over at Julia's class harassing her some more. She's not cool with him kicking her out because she cheated and then suddenly wanting to whisk her away to Spain, she needs some time. She then sets out to meet Mariana, whose face has completely turned stern ever since she saw Armando, but manages to, more or less, keep her cool.

Julia spends the rest of the day hanging out with her sisters and giving Meche, who is apprehensive about meeting her late husband's mistress, a hard time.

Later that day, we learn who are Mariana's only friends beside Julia: her plants. In fact, she's kinda talking to them when Armando walks in wanting to convince her to convince Julia to go to Spain with him. Since Mariana thinks her house is public property, she invites him over for a drink. Which turn into many beers and they end up all drunk. Eventually he puts Mariana in the spot because he tells her that, in the end, Julia isn't choosing between Mexico and Spain, she's choosing between the two of them. Mariana assures him that the two of them are just friends and Assmanho lives up to his name by telling her that maybe she's gay because she hasn't found the right man and then later reminds her of how homophobic the world is. Mariana assures him that the 'right man' doesn't exist and pretty much ends up making fun of him because she's awesome.

The next day Julia is surprised to find the two smucks passed out on the couch. Armando tries to explain that nothing happened, but Julia doesn't want to hear any of his crap anymore (for now, anyway).

Quote of the episode

Mariana (to Armando after he implies that she just needs the right man): Why don't you find a guey that, I don't know, 'treats' you well?

Episode 23

The episode starts with Julia bitching at Armando because he went to Mariana. She's annoyed that he isn't giving her the space she asked for, he just wants to now if she's staying with Mariana. Julia doesn't answer and the girls to their acting class.

At the class, the professor is a complete asshole to Mariana and she ends up running away when he puts her on the spot and demands to know why she's so afraid of taking off her masks or something equally philosophical.

After the class, Julia finds Mariana all teary eyed and hiding out in some room. She's having a rare moment of internalized homophobia, and it's kind of sad. She talks about how she always felt different and she always will be different, something she never asked for. She knows that being gay isn't bad, but many people do and every day she needs to defend herself in front of them. She even says that sometimes she wishes she could be like Julia (which is blasphemous, gueys), just so that people could see her for who she was instead of being hung up on what she is.

Julia is really sweet and heartfelt when she tries to comfort her, but Mariana has a hard time accepting the comforting because she knows that Julia may accept her and support her, but she will never understand her.

That night, Julia is having some sister time with Alma and Meche, who is processing her meeting with her husband's mistress. Armando interrupts sister time by dropping in unannounced and serenading Julia. Rafaela threatens to call the police if he doesn't shut him up

When Julia confronts Armando, he keeps being all pathetic and begging her to go with him because he can't live without her.

It's all sort of pathetic.

Over at Emoland, Mariana keeps up with her little videos.

Quote of the episode

Julia (to Mariana, during her freak out): I love you. I love you how you are, because of how you are.

Episode 24

Julia spends half the episode freaking out because she can't find her mask for the class. That's the problem with having a huge and gorgeous house, I suppose. Rafaela is as awesome as she always is and is very vocal about how she feels about Armando and her moving to Spain. Later on we find out that she found Julia's mask and is hiding her for some reason.

At the class, the arrogant professor has Julia, Mariana and some guy doing the following exercise: both Mariana and the dude are in love with Julia, who has to choose one of the two.

Subtle, huh?

Julia can feel the lack of subtlety too and runs away all freaked out. After the class, Mariana tries to go after her, but she's nowhere in sight. Emo runs into Armando, who is Julia's stalker now and is looking for her too. He continues to be an asshole and assures Mariana that now he's sure that Julia is going with him.

Mariana is not happy.

Over at Aparicio Central, Julia has a really funny mini freak out when she hears Rafaela and Meche trying to help Isadora with some math problem. How can they force the poor girl to choose between A and B?! They're going to drive her crazy!


Later, Rafaela gives Julia her mask back and tells her that the problem has a simple solution, she just needs to take off her mask and face it.

She's yoda.

Meanwhile, Mariana continues with her little videos because she has absolutely no friends (which is what happens when there's not enough budget). She's processing the new Armando information and the rollarcoster ride is driving her crazy. She should get used to Julia driving her crazy, since she'll get a whole lot more of that later.

That night we get a shot of Julia in bed, dreaming/imagining herself in bed in Armando and Mariana and wearing a mask.

Quote of the episode

Mariana (videotaping herself and discussing the situation): He tells me that she wants with me, then he says that she doesn't. She does things that make me believe that she does, then she does things that make me think that she doesn't. Is this a triangle a-b-c? Or is it simple A and B and I'm just good for fueling their confusion?

Episode 25

Julia is confused, which she needs to be or she wouldn't be Miss Eternally Confused, and doesn't know what to do. Mariana visits her and finds her in her room organizing books alphabetically, so she knows something's up. She asks MEC if what bothers her more leaving with Armando, or leaving period.

You know, the real premise of this storyline is that love makes you stupid. Like, really, REALLY stupid. Because Julia still even considering being anywhere near Armando, much less considering going to a foreign country with him, after all the shit that he's done, makes no sense. About as much sense as Mariana taking Julia back and marrying her in the end after all the shit that she puts her through.


What bothers MEC more are the things she's going to leave behind, specially her family and Mariana, who tries to play it down and joke about it, even though she's touched. They keep talking about it and Mariana almost begs her to stay because she's blinded by Julia's mask of sanity, I suppose. If only she knew what's coming. Isadora interrupts them to tell them that Armando is on the radio talking about his relationship with Julia and how he loves her and she's going to Spain with him. This pisses Julia off and she confronts him about it, they fight again.


She admits that she doesn't trust him and knows that as soon they get back together he'll start cheating on her again and bringing out her once infidelity time after time, but with little fight gives into his lame seduction and they do the only other thing that they do: fucking.

The next day, they wake up in bed together and Julia keeps saying that she knows he won't change, in which case, why the hell do you stay? God. He assures her that he wants to change, he wants to grow up. The phone rings before the conversation can go to far and MEC goes back home to because Meche wants to do a little ceremony and bury her late husband's things in their yard: she's ready to let him go.

I wish more people in the show could learn to do that, gueys.

Quote of the episode

Julia (to Mariana, about her leaving to Spain): I'm gonna miss many things, and surely more than all of them, I'm going to miss you.

Episode 26

The episode starts with Emo feeling very out of place because Armando is there at Aparicio Central too and she feels all left out and jealous.

Don't be, Emo, you're twice the man he is.

Rafaela immediately notices her angst and goes to offer some support. Mariana is emo because she's sure that MEC is going to Spain with the Pichichi. Rafaela is not so convinced and suggest to Mariana that if she only asked her to, Julia would stay.

Seriously, even if they were to be just friends forever, Julia should just stay with Mariana, but she's insane so...

Later that they, Julia and Armando have more sex and he keeps groveling some more.


He assures her that losing her the last time made him realize that he could never live without her, so he's ready to change. Julia's dumb so she believes him and decides to go to Spain with him.

It must be the sex, it makes her stupid.

When Julia and Armando break the news to the family, absolutely nobody cares and just stares at her blankly before spouting halfhearted 'congratulations'. I think they think Julia's stupid, too. At least Rafaela is honest and look disgruntled over it. Isadora is the only one who seems genuinely happy about it and even wants Julia to take her with her. She also asks Julia if she's going to take Mariana with her, which puts all sorts of ideas in Julia's head because she's so very gullible.

That night, Julia goes to EmoCentral to break the news to Emo and to invite her to come with, because she's deluded, as we know. She even has their whole life in Spain figured out, including some pretigious drama school. Mariana is just not into the idea. Instead, she asks Julia not to go.

Quote of the episode

Mariana (to Julia when she's planning their life together in Spain): Julia, guey! Stop! Don't go.

Episode 27

It's the next day and we don't know what was Julia's answer to Mariana's plea. Instead, we get a scene with MEC and Assmanho packing at her place. Later, she goes to see Mariana and asks her to come with her to Spain. Mariana thinks it's ridiculous and she's tired of always being between them two. They leave together to go to the class because, for some reason, Julia wants to say goodbye to the asshole professor.

Later that day, Julia is packing things in her room when Rafaela walks in and they talk. Since she's already entering her land of delusion (maybe it was all the hetero sex that it did), Julia can't believe how unfair Mariana is being by not understanding her decision to go to Spain and getting mad when they invited her.

Madre de Dios.

Rafaela continues to be the absolute voice of wisdom. She asks Julia why exactly is it that she wants to go to Spain and MEC answers that she wants to be with Armando. Yoda says that she thought Julia was doing it to run away from whatever it is that is happening between her and Mariana.

She's awesome. How does she know such things?

MEC insists that they're just best friends and she will miss her a lot because she can't have her and Armando, even though she wishes she could.

Damn foreshadowing.

Patroncita recalls an instance when Julia was a child and spent hours at a store trying to decide between and a fairy costume and a ballerina one. When she finally got home, she started crying because the one she liked better was the one she didn't choose.

So her fickleness goes way back.

Rafaela leaves lost in thought when she tells her that she hopes that the same thing doesn't happen when she gets to Spain. MEC is still packing when Mariana walks in with a box of things that Julia left at her place. They start reminiscing about the good times and end up talking about them.

Julia wonders why the thought of leaving Mariana hurts so much and insists on talking about what exactly they are. Emo doesn't want to, but Julia keeps pressuring her and she finally admits that she loves her. After the declaration, Emo hugs her and I think even cries a little.

The next time we see Julia, she's arriving at Armando's Cave looking for some sex in order to cancel out the yet another encounter of the gay kind.

Quote of the episode

Julia: I mean, it shouldn't be so complicated because you can go visit me, or I can come back. It's not like we're dying. So, why do I feel like we're breaking up? What are we, Mariana. Are we friends? Sisters? Or what are we?
Mariana: We're friends, Julia. Friends and that's it.

Julia: Then why did you tell me that yesterday? That you wanted me to stay?

Mariana: Don't ask me something you already know.

Julia: No, I don't know.

Mariana: Please, don't make me say it. What good would it do?

Julia: Tell me, please.

Mariana: I love you, Julia.

Episode 28

It's the next day and Julia and Armando are in bed having sex for the millionth time. Augh. A least we haven't seen his asscrack in a while, although maybe it's time to start worrying about how sore Julia must be down there.

They're all lovey dopey and Julia's just completely ignoring her close gay encounter from the night before. She decides that she wants to spend the last days she has in Mexico with her family, so Armando takes her to Aparicio Central, where they tell Rafaela all about the awesomeness of the apartment they'll have there and the awesomeness of the city in general. Rafaela is pretty much indifferent about it since she agrees with me that going to Spain with Assmanho is probably the worst idea that Julia has ever had. Or at least this month since I'm sure that she's had many, many, many bad ideas in her life.

Once Armando leaves, Julia continues to be excited about this new period of her life and Patroncita continues to be indifferent about it, and very sneaky by the way. She asks MEC if she's trying to convince her (Rafaela) that she'a making the right choice and life will be awesome there, or if she's trying to convince herself. Julia gets angry then and accuses Rafaela of not being supportive.

Over at EmoLand, Emo is sad and thoughtful and writing Julia a letter apologizing for saying what she said and begging MEC to forget about it.

It's Julia's last night in Mexico, and she goes to Alma (who is the world's best older sister, BTW) to talk about the Mariana situation. She tells her about their drunken make out and about she hasn't allowed herself to truly process that. At first she thought that they had spent so much time together that the lines that separate things got blurred, but that didn't explain when she looked at Mariana she saw them being more than friends.

Alma is very loving and understanding (I want one in my life), and goes into therapy mode asking 'how did that make you feel?' Jules goes on to tell her about Mariana's love declaration and about how it left her very unsettled, but she kind to wanted to tell Mariana that she loved her too.

When Alma asks about Armando, Julia says that that's the problem. She reiterates that she's going to leave with him because she's supposed to love him too, but she's very confused.

SuperAlma tells her not to be hard on herself because she's just in love with too people, which is a very hard and scary place to be because she's so pressured to choose.

There's all sort of crying going on, and the Julia insanity has officially begun.

Later that night, the Aparicio Sisters and Rafaela spoon on the bed because it's Julia's last night with them and they'll miss her tons.

I want them to adopt me, for real.

Quote of the episode

Alma (regarding Mariana's love declaration): What did she tell you?
Julia: That she loves me.
Alma: And, how did you feel when you heard that?
Julia: Super weird. I got nauseaous, I wanted to vomit, I wanted to run away, but at the same time I wanted to tell her.
Alma: That you love her?
**Julia nods**

Episode 29

This episode is all about Julia leaving. We even learn that Rafaela gets physically ill when her daughters leave, and that even the house gets weird and all the electrical appliances die.

Meanwhile, Mariana is still being lame with her little videos. She's feeling so bad that she's nauseous. She's torn between option A, which is stopping Julia at the airport all Hollywood style, and option B which we don't really get to hear because Assmando calls. He later drops by to, basically, be all smug because he won.

Why doesn't she just kick him out, gueys?

He tells her that he knows how hard it mus be for her that Julia's leaving and thanks her for not trying to stop her. She tells him that Julia loves him and is going to Spain with him, and now it's up to him to live up to that.

Over at Aparicio Central, Julia has a gazillion goodbye scenes with Ileana, her sisters, her mother and the whole universe. Rafaela even brings out a box filled with Julia childhood memories, including a drawing she did in kindergarten where she and Mariana are holding hands, together like always. Rafaela tells her that she should say goodbye to Mariana, but just as she's about to do just that Armando arrives and she gets derailed for a while. Eventually she calls EmoLand and gets the machine (really, who still has a landline and answering machines? That's what cell phones are for.). Emo listens intently as Julia apologizes for forcing her to admit that she loves her and then just leaving poor Emo hanging. She just couldn't say that-bam! The memory is full and we don't get to hear what she wanted to say. Mariana freaks out, but takes too long to decide what to do about it, so when she gets to Aparicio Central that night, Julia is gone already.

Before that happens though, we keep getting goodbye scenes, including a hilarious one when Rafaela tells Armando that she never knew what Julia saw in him to begin with (I concur), but that he better make sure that's happy or he'll have to settle things with her (Rafaela). Armando insists that Julia is the most important thing in his life and he'd rather hurt himself before hurting her.

Yeah, right.

The sisters also had another goodbye reminiscing over the box of Julia childhood memories. Adorable stuff, they have awesome chemistry.

Quote of the episode

Julia (on the answering machine): Mariana, pick up. I know that you probably don't even want to see me, that everything got so complicated and I'm so scared of losing you. Forgive me, Mariana, seriously. I know that it was my fault, that I pushed you to say it and that when you did I just left you hanging, without saying anything because speech left me. I didn't want to, but I didn't know how to tell you and I couldn't get the words out and I wanted to tell you that- **Memory Full**

Episode 30

Even though I've said before that Emo was at the peak of her emoness, I think that I was wrong, I think that this is the peak. She looks sad, she's crying and all around hopeless. She avoids Aparicio Central and lies to Rafaela by telling that she's fine when she calls. But Rafaela, who knows all things, knows that she's sad. She reminds Mariana that she loves her like a daughter and she doesn't want her to forget about the Aparicio Clan.

Meanwhile, Julia calls from Spain and doesn't sound all thrilled about being over there. Later, she calls EmoLand when Emo's not home and leaves Mariana a message telling her the ballerina/fairy costumes story and suggesting that she's changed her mind and wants Mariana now. But Mariana doesn't get the message because she's visiting Rafaela and being all cryptic, as if she's going away.

That night, surprise! Julia's back from Spain and looking for Mariana at her apartment (she has a key?), but Emo's gone, she hasn't even heard Julia's message on the phone.

Quote of the episode
Julia (on the answering machine): Mariana, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm crazy. My mother told me it would happen again and I didn't believe her. And now I'm here. Did I ever tell you about the costume? What happened after my father died? I didn't know which one to pick so I chose the fairy one, and then I cried because I wanted the ballerina. Rafaela knew it, I want the ballerina, Mariana. I want..damn it, I don't know what I'm doing.



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