Saturday, July 17, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 39-40

Hi you guys, a pleasure to be recapping this show for you all, I hope you enjoy them as I sure enjoy writing them. Why begin in episode 39 instead of episode one, you wonder? Cause I felt like it. I'll eventually go back to the beginning, but for now I just wasn't in the mood to see Armando's asscrack all the time. The plan is, since I'm addicted to this show and there isn't much going on in my life right now (I have none), to add a recap every day for the newest episode and twice a week add recaps for the older episodes. At some point, if I don't lose my mind in the process, I shall catch up and just have the one recap a day to do.

There's a few things we need to clear up before we start, just so we understand each other.

Since our main focus is the Juliana (Julia+Mariana) storyline, that will be the focus of the recaps. I really wish I could keep you updated with everything that happens in the show, particularly with the Aparcio women who are all so awesome, but it would just take too long. I'm horrible at summarizing, it'll be long enough as it is. Such is life.

If you get the chance to, watch them too, since they're awesomeness. Meche is mega hot and I really want an Alma in my life.

But don't worry, the Juliana stuff is more than enough to keep us entertained.

Also, there's some terms you need to know. For example, a while ago back in the Las Aparcio at thread we started our Muffin club, we love muffins and tequila over there. I needn't explain too much what muffins are, right? We are after all, smart ladies. Mariana, may be known at times as Emo, and for that I also give credit to the girls of the forum. Just so you're not completely lost in case they ever come up.

But, anyway, let it begin.

Episode 39

We start with Nana's voice over, as always. Why is this lady a housekeeper? If she were to write down all of her philosophizing she'd famous by now, no?

Mariana is sleeping in Julia's bed. She's still staying in Aparicio central while they sort out the whole Rodo business. Instead of enjoying such joyous occasion (who wouldn't want Mariana in their bed?), our girl Julia, our very dear girl Julia, dreams that Armando suddenly appears in her bed wanting to bump uglies, Mariana there and all. The foreshadowing keeps piling up. Sigh. We shall never be rid of him, even if he's in Spain or on the moon. We have many names for him in the afterellen forum, but they're too mean to mention here.

Oh, and Julia's confused face? Get used to it. I mean it.

Aparicio central. Morning.

The gang is all chatting over breakfast and cheering over the fact that Rodo, the bully who dared lay a hand on my Marianita, has been arrested. However, since Meche mentions he can make bail, it comes as no surprise at all that later he makes an appearance in front of the Aparicio house, when the womenfolk are walking back from the market (is it down the street?)

In the light of day and by himself, the dude doesn't look too scary to me. Apparently Rafaela agrees since she gets all indignant and is two seconds away from kicking his ass for messing with Mariana.

Yeah, hold her back Mariana. La Patroncita's got balls.

Anyway, the dude is all gross and threatening in that annoying, taunting way bad guys always are when they think they're untouchable. He tells Mariana he'll be there at the same gay bar tonight, in case she wants to go again. After he's gone, Julia finally walks over (what were you doing girl?) going all 'huh? what's going on?'

Rodo didn't see her, and that's gonna be important later on.

Meche's office. Day.

Meche is all indignant that Rodo dared to do such a thing. Meche is hot when she's all times really. She and Claudio talk about lawyer stuff and about how they're gonna nail this guy. They pull some strings and get police surveillance for the gay bar area where Rodo said he would be. If he tries something again, he's busted.

Las Aparicio are superheros.

Gaby's house. Day

Mariana, being the sweetheart that she is, is worried about her boring girlfriend now that Rodo is out. She wants to stay and keep Gaby company to make sure she's safe. But the girl is all, 'no, no, no, no what will I tell my dad' blah, bla, bla'. Take a chill pill woman. I know what it's like to be closeted, okay? But this chick annoys me. She's nervous and uncomfortable ALL the time.

My God.

Your girlfriend is such perfection she's one step away from being the saint patron of all lesbians, you're in your house alone with her, CHILL out. Go cuddle and make out on the sofa. Do it for me! Live, for me! And what if your Dad asks? Unless he catches Mariana with her hand up your blouse, is it so unbelievable to say she's a friend? It's not like she has 'lencha' written on her forehead. *eye roll*

Mariana continues to be perfection and insists that she just won't be at peace knowing she's there all alone (her dad works nights), and Gaby begrudgingly lets her stay. Yes, such sacrifice the annoying chick makes.

Alma's room. Night.

Julia and Alma are getting ready to go out. Julia thanks Alma for going with her, and I'm somewhat distracted by the vest she's wearing. They're up to something, and with these two, you just know it'll be fun. Julia feels weird going out without Mariana and Armando. She continues to be eternally confused and her dreams just aren't helping. Alma, being the awesome big sis she is, is supportive and tells her she just feels guilty because she wants it all (meaning: both Armando and Mariana). That, my friends, pretty much sums up the character of Julia.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Gaby's place. Night.

Mariana and Gabriela are having dinner with the dad before he goes off to work. He's this stern guy who probably has no friends. This is a prime example of where her Emo nickname comes from, Mariana has serious masochistic tendencies. Guey, why are you there now? Gabriela is obviously not alone. Wait for him to go, THEN come keep her company. Jesus. It annoys me to see people put up with other people's crap, even more so when it's not absolutely necessary. Why are you there pretending to be some Gabriela's schoolmate, just for the sake of this guy?


Back at the Aparicio house, Armando is calling from Spain asking for Julia, looking all needy and pathetic, and you just know he'll come back soon.

Damn it.

Thankfully, Julia is out with Alma. 'Doing what?', you ask...

Gayville. Night.

Julia and Alma are walking along, holding each other and pretending to be lovers.

Yes, read that again.

Now, I shall give you visuals:

Glasses!Julia.. **swoon**

They want to make sure Rodo gets put away and want to bait him into attacking them. Ah, the good times when Julia was awesome. At least Alma continues to be awesome.

Gabriela's. Night

Mariana and Gaby are at her house doing the dishes. Gaby is talking about how she almost came out to her dad, but he was all homophobic over a crossword puzzle in the newspaper and she lost her nerve. I feel for her, but I'm over her. She's closeted and it sucks, but we got it from her first episode. Move on,

Sorry, but I get annoyed when shows gets too preachy, and this one does sometimes. I also get tired when shows get all melodramatic about gayness. There's more to being gay than the emo coming out process a lot of us go through, you know? Much, more. Start showing it.


Mariana was 13 or 14 when she came out, of course. Her mother reacted okay at first, but when her step father found out things turned to crap. No lesbian would live under his roof, he said, so, they never talked about it again and things were never the same after. Bummer.

What about her bio dad? Gabriela asks. He's been gone since Mariana was little. But he'll come back soon to bore the hell out of us (can I say that?)

Gayville. Night

Julia and Alma continue to make me feel weird funny things inside by pretending to be lovers, holding each other walking down the street. They still haven't seen Rodo, but wait, there he is.

He doesn't look suspicious at all, does he?

Julia and Alma spot him, and I just HAVE to give you the dialogue:

J: Well, honey, do we go to my house or yours?

A: Whichever is closer, no?

J: Mine ***giggles***

My funny feelings continue, you can't screw with my head this way, gueys! They're sisters!

That's enough to fire up Rodo, who starts with his homophobic remarks, but starts to walk away. Julia and Alma keep taunting him until he gets mad and walks towards them in a threatening manner.

The sisters then scream for the police, who arrive instantly like it only happens on TV and arrest him and his gang, yay! The day is saved!

Though it kinda doesn't make sense to me, since Rodo technically do didn't anything yet and everyone under the sun who asked would know they set him up. Hello? Sisters! Friends of the girl he gay bashed? He must have horrible lawyers.

But, okay.

Let's start learning to suspend disbelief....we'll need it later.

For now, I shall leave you Glasses!Julia:


Episode 40

Police Headquarters. Day.

The Aparicio Clan, sans Rafaela and Ileana, are down at the police station giving Mariana support since she needs to testify against Rodo or something. After doing whatever it is that they went there to do, Mariana and Meche come outside feeling all cool about justice being served.

Meche is really hot, have I said that before? Anyway, things are looking up, it's gonna be harder for the bad guys to get out on bail because now it's higher, blablabla.

Gaby is there too, looking as uncomfortable as ever. She must always look like that, even in her sleep. I don't like her. Am I too mean?

Gaby's place. Day.

Gaby and Mariana are arriving to the house, glowing because of their great accomplishment. I like happy Mariana. Even Gaby seems a little relaxed, so all it's good in the world.

Mariana is gushing at how awesome Julia was pulling a stunt like that. Then she remembers who the girlfriend is and gushes too about how brave Gaby has been. She hints that now, all that's missing is for Gaby to come out to her dad, which is the harder part. And I continue to fail to feel connected to this storyline since I wouldn't even tell my dad if had a BOYFRIEND, unless I was gonna marry him or something, so I don't feel the angst. Am I too mean?

Anyway, The Uncomfortable One ruins the moment by doing the unthinkable: denying Mariana a kiss! What? Are you crazy? She just doesn't want to do such shenanigans in her house, because her dad might walk in at any moment. Or he has nanny cams or something, I presume.

In which case, why bring Mariana to your house at all if it's gonna be this big drama? Masochists, I tell you.

Emo Mariana returns for a second (as she often will), and Gaby apologizes. Mariana tries to be understanding, but she senses some internalized homophobia with the girl. So do I.

Of course, the dad has that great timing all parents have and walks in. The daughter lies through her teeth about where she's been and what they've been doing and Emo excuses herself, looking all defeated because her girlfriend sucks.

Julia's room. Day.

Julia's in her bedroom bathroom after a shower looking in the mirror asking 'who are you, Julia?' and looking all confused (remember what I said?).

She sighs deeply and throws herself on the bed. You just know she's gonna do something stupid and she does: she calls Armando. They talk for a bit but they're all weird and uncomfortable. He's says he's being good over there by his lonesome. She cuts him off when he starts to get all mushy and can't bring herself to say that she loves him too.

Rafaela walks in and asks her what's up. La Patroncita, besides having balls, is also semi psychic and always knows when there's something going on. She senses Julia's despair (how can she not with Julia's confused face?) and asks her what's wrong.

Julia: I swear I don't want to hurt anybody, I don't want anyone to suffer because of me, but I'm screwed, I don't know what to do.

And that speech, my friends, you shall also get used to. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Patroncita tells her to listen to her heart and just go for it. You just know that Rafaela not only knows what's going on but, like everyone else in the world, wants Julia to get with Mariana already. I wish I had a grandma like that (I don't say mom because my mom is cool).

Outside of Mariana's apartment. Day

A hooded guy is spying on Mariana as she arrives at her apartment building.

Gasp! Who can it be? Don't worry too much, he's not that exciting, believe me.

Alma's Atelier. Day.

Apparently, Julia still works there. It's hard to keep up with this girl, her fickleness is legendary, you'll see. Ileana apparently took her meds today and she's being as nice, attentive and non judgmental as a niece should always be. In order to take Julia's mind off of things, she asks her to tell her a happy story from her childhood.

Julia...ok, she needs a nickname soon cause I'm getting tired of typing her name, already... suggestions?

Where was I? Right, Julia, bless her heart, tells the story of how her father died. He jumped out of a plane to defy Rafaela, his parachute didn't work and he died.

I don't even know what to do with this information or why Julia would consider that happy (Ileana agrees), so I'll just move on.

Gaby's house. Night.

Gabriela and her dad are eating dinner. She must've been right about him being able to smell the gayness from a 100 feet way, since he tells her he doesn't like Mariana (oh! Blasphemy!). He can't put his finger on it, but there's something about her and her interest in his daughter that's off.

Huh! Screw you, dude.

The dad asks her if Mariana has a boyfriend, cause, you know that's the proof of good character right there. Gabriela almost comes out, but she chickens out. She throws my girl under the bus and tells him Mariana's gay.

Screw you too, lady.

The dad gets all scary looking and forbids her to ever see Mariana again. Thank God cause I want this chick to go away already.

Meche's office. Night.

Julia, Mariana, Gaby, Claudio and Meche are discussing the Rodo case. Sorry, I kinda zoned out because since this is the case of the week it will totally be resolved today and never be heard of again.

I assume justice was served.

However, Gabriela continues to look on the verge of a heart attack.

God, I just can't with this girl. How did these two even meet? How does someone who is so deep in the closet even get a girlfriend? Is Mariana's gaydar so damn good?

After the talk, Gabby asks Mariana to talk in private and you just know what's coming.

Gabriela breaks up with Mariana, tells her she's gonna live with her mom I don't know where, and that she just can't go through with the Rodo business. Whatever. Bye! Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Emo is not as happy about it as me and resumes her job as this series' punching bag, looking all sad.

I am not pleased, gueys. This girl takes blow after blow (and more are coming, believe me) when she's the nicest one of them all.

Julia's room. Night.

Ahh, what a glorious sight.

Of course, Julia opens her big mouth and spoils the mood by saying that she talked to Armando. Way to go Jules. Neither Mariana or me are pleased.

Miss Eternally Confused, from now on known as MEC, says that he's not doing well and her calling him didn't really help. Well, DUH. I'm guessing leaving him high and dry in the other side of the Atlantic after you promised you'd be with him didn't help a whole lot either.

Careful Marianita, you're playing with fire.

They talk some more. Mariana is sad and disappointed about the whole Gaby situation. Emo knew The Uncomfortable One wasn't the love of her life, but she liked her and cared about her. MEC tells her to try to understand Gaby too, some things are hard to say out loud.

Mariana's Apartment. Night.

Mystery guy basically breaks into Mariana's house. I think I would too, it's soo easy. He starts acting all stalkery going through her things and leaves her a letter. I'm not intrigued at all, sorry.

Julia's Room. Night.

Good things are happening again.

Mariana says something that for the life of me I can't understand, but it must be a joke because they laugh and Julia playfully hits her in the shoulder. Mari complains about the violence, and Julia apologizes and starts to kiss the pain away. Her kisses lead all the way to Mariana's lips, but Emo stops her before she can kiss her.

Mariana: No, no, guey. I'm not gonna let your confusion steal another kiss. Seriously, you throw me off balance, you're gonna drive me crazy.

Julia: I'm not confused anymore. Really Mariana, I'm sure. I love you.

And she goes for the kiss!

Ahhh. Good times.

It takes a moment for Mariana to get over the shock and reciprocate. But once she does, all is good with the world... or is it?

See ya next time, gueys.


  1. hi Nat thanks for the recap!! what Mariana said to Julia is : why weren't you a girl? or something like that and then they laughed because that's what julia said to mariana in the first episode

  2. ok maybe you dont want to know anymore, but in Julias room before the kiss the joke you didnt understand wasnt a joke (Well I guess)
    Mariana said: why could't you just have been a "girl".
    using the same phrace julia used on the first episode asking mariana: why couldn't you just have been a man.
    they laugh because it doesnt make sence 'cuz Julia IS a girl... but we all get what Marianita meant. (still funny to me)

  3. Anons: yeah, I got the joke eventually! lol.

  4. Confession w/pretty song I don't know gave me heart-butterflies ♥ thx for your dedication despite the absurdity of the storyline. I immensely enjoyed reading your recaps and hope for more in the future!