Friday, July 23, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 69

Hey, guys.

Honestly, this show is very draining for me as a viewer. It takes you up and down and sideways and drives you completely crazy. If someone ever asks me if I recommend it, I'm not sure I would, nor do I know if I would've watched it myself if I had known the direction this story would take. Because, even if the girls get together in the end and live happily ever after, that happens after the credits roll and we don't get to see it. What we do get are weeks of endless frustration. I'm really drained.


I still commend TPTB for their guts and the accessibility the production teams has, it's made this viewing experience unique. So thank you.

And I must be as big as masochist as Julia, Armando and Mariana, since I'm still here, no?

Let's see if I can bring the snark brain kinda hurts after this ep.

Episode 69

Mariana's Loft. Morning.

Armando is cleaning up after himself because now he's a nice guy we're supposed to feel empathy for.

So, of course Mariana has completely forgotten that he slept with her girlfriend a week or so ago and that her relationship has turned to shit because he came back from Spain to confuse the Queen of all Fickleness.

Suspension of disbelief at its finest, dear readers.

Well, screw you. It's not working for me and it's just frustrating.


He spent the night in the couch and it's leaving everything all nice and neat when Mariana walks in, coffee in her hand. She tells him that he can probably go back home already and he jokingly asks if she's kicking him out.

God, I wish.

She answers, playfully as well, that she's not, she just doesn't want him to believe yesterday's joke (that they were/could be together). He answers that they really did go too far, but what's done it's done.

You know what? I wanna be friends with all of these people. That way, I could do everything and anything to them, and they would never, EVER kick me out of their lives.

Yeah, I'm digging it.

But, back to the scene.

Mariana says she hopes it doesn't backfire on them, but at least maybe it will make Julia realize she's not the center of the world and prompt her to finally make a mature decision.

Ay, mi amor, you too are Miss Eternally Deluded.

Armando reminds her that Julia already made a choice: she loves and wants them both. For real, he asks Mariana, would she be willing to share Julia?

Emo says that she doesn't know, which is TV speak for 'yes I will and I will be miserable for it'.

Cuca asks for coffee and Mariana tells him to get it himself. He makes some joke about lesbians and she gives him a playful kick in the ass and they laugh cause they're such friends now.

These too being so cozy it's grossing me out.

Stop it.

If they were two men they'd be killing each other right now, wouldn't they?

The phone rings, it's Julia. She's unsuccessfully been trying to get a hold of Armando and figures that he's with her. She still sounds kinda jealous. She tells them she wants to see them both, tonight. They accept and she hangs up.

Mariana: That's it, guey. We're fucked. Either she accepts the trio, or she sends us to...either way, we're screwed.

After a moment, Armando taunts Mariana that Julia called him first.

Of course, why not?


Swimming pool. Day.

Julia is swimming and thinking.

The whole situation has made her a bit contemplative, and I say hallelujah!

She remembers Rafaela telling her that she was treating Mariana and Armando like things, when they're people. Then, all of the sudden, she imagines Armando and Mariana there with her, with some weird trippy look on their faces.

I'm sure it's all very symbolic but I don't care enough to figure out what it means.

Armando's Cave. Night.

Dun, dun, dun.

Moment of truth, it all comes down to this.

Before we start, I shall comment on Julia's head band.

What the hell, guey?

Anyway, Armando and Mariana are very uncomfortable and nervous, they say they need a drink, and since there's none in the house, they decide they're gonna go get some. They're obviously dreading whatever it is that's about to happen.

MEC stops them, they should be sober for this.

Julia tells them that she's been thinking things over and has realized how selfish she's been. She's finally put herself in their shoes and has understood how horrible they've been feeling because of her. Now she sees they could never accept her proposal and she understands why they can't. She's made a decision and it's not because the compadres have grown closer, she has no doubt that nothing happened between them last night, anyway. It's because she really loves them that she feels it's best that she walks away from them both and stops hurting them.

Whoa. Somebody injected some sense into Julia. I can finally stop hating her and thinking she's nuts. For a minute anyway, cause I now that soon she'll do something crazy, again.

Armando and Mariana look like their worst fears have come true.

For God's sake, let her walk away. Wounds never heal unless you clean them well. You give into this and you're just prolonging your torture, gueys, and mine.

Julia tells them that she's glad they were able to talk things out and that she hopes that in time they can all be friends again. Armando tells her that he will always be there for her.

When she turns to leave, Mariana stops her.

Mariana: You love us enough to let us go, right? The thing is, I love you too much. (turning to Armando) up for it?
Armando: Yes.

Mariana: Let's try it then, no?

Look at all that happiness and love and light. These gueys have totally made the decision that will fill their lives with joy and spare them pain, can't you tell?

Giving up your well being and peace of mind just to hang onto a fickle chick who's bound to break your heart, intentionally or not, is SUCH an awesome idea. I'm so happy for you all.

Don't you think so, my dear readers?

Well, since you guys look like you just made a suicide pact...

...shall I get the gun, or will you?

Insanity, these people.

Tonight I leave you with.....

....Hernan! Because he had the balls to tell Meche he would've totally seduced her if he wasn't going away!

Didn't see THAT one coming, did ya?

Enjoy (if you can)

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