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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 45

What's up you guys?

Buckle up cause this ep is a good one! Best we'll get in a long while.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Honestly, I'm running out of snarky ways to say that Hernan is there and he bores me, and it's his 5ht episode, gueys.

The thing is, Hernan is visiting Mariana again. She receives him, I suppose, since she has no other friends, no other place to go, nothing else to do. She even works from home, which is what she's doing.

He's still a bit petrified about seeing Juliana kissing earlier, so he starts fishing around asking questions. Are she and Julia really close? Does she have many guy friends? Is she closer to women? Etc.

Mariana is no dummy and tells him she knows what he's getting at and to just ask away. He chickens out, so she takes the bull by the horns and just says it: she's gay.

After all, if he is truly interested in knowing her, he needs to know that.

Awkwardness ensues.

Hernan tries to be all good and supportive, but since this guey can never filter his thoughts properly he puts his foot in his mouth time and time again.

He's all for diversity and tolerance and bla, bla, bla. My soulmate channels me, yet again, and tells him to chill.

Eventually, he just can't help himself and starts going off about it being a hard lifestyle choice, the discrimination gays suffer, etc, etc.

Parents really have a knack for stating the obvious, no?

Really, Hernan, she's never thought about any of this before in the 10 years since she came out, thank you God you came into her life to tell her.

Mariana is not amused.

She gets into defensive mode, she's obviously heard all of this before (haven't we all?), and says she's happy and more open than some straight folks.

Then things get really heated when Utopio says that he hopes her gayness isn't his fault for abandoning her, like there's something wrong with it.

Mariana: Don't worry Hernan, what I am, is not anything bad. It's a PRIVILEGE.


Angriana (Angry Mariana) pours some salt in the wound saying that he doesn't have anything to do with her at all anyway, you know, abandonment and all.

Utopio, however, has no off button so he goes as far as saying that Mariana might be gay because after his abandonment she didn't want anything else to do with men, or maybe she's punishing him as children sometimes do to their parents. Cause we all know that's how it works, right gueys?

Angriana: Fuck, Hernan! This isn't a punishment, can't you see? Listen to what you're saying.

Yet he keeps on going. Sigh. Just walk away, Mariana.

Angriana: You know what, Hernan? I already went through my process, you weren't there. I don't have to be there for yours.

NOW she walks away, the only thing that shuts him up.

Hernan (to himself): Damn it, what a jerk!

Yes, you kinda were.

For the record, I do think he's a nice guy who is really trying to understand his daughter, and I wouldn't mind him for a dad. I just wouldn't spend copious amounts of time with him for fear of being bored to death. If he could come up with more interesting stuff to talk about and maybe change his tone of voice a little, he'd be okay.

Don't tell anyone I said that.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Julia has come home from Mariana's. She's glowing and looking like there's something she's just dying to tell. Conveniently, she stumbles upon Alma and tells her.

Miss Eternally Confused is a 100% sure that she's gay and wants to be with Mariana. She's ready for the whole package: gay wedding, gay adoption, gay flag, etc.

Yeah, right. Don't listen to her gueys, she's messing with our heads.

Alma is not convinced either.

Regardless, Alma continues to be the awesomeness she is and asks her what she's gonna do. Julia is apprehensive about finally proposing to Mariana a romantic relationship and Alma is sure Rafaela would be fine with Julia dating Mariana. In fact, she'd probably prefer her over Armando, as would the rest of the galaxy. Well, my galaxy, anyway.

Speaking of him...

Alma: And Armando? Have you thought of him?
Julia: Well, no...because, Armando's in Spain. That was his decision, and he's there...

Which is Julia speak for 'I have feelings for him too, but I'm avoiding them right now. Thank God he's in Spain or things could really get messy.'

Alma points out the obvious, that he'll come back at some point, if he does, is she sure she doesn't want to be with him? Oh, writers and their foreshadowing...

Julia looks confused. You haven't forgotten what I said about that, have ya?

Aparicio Central. Day.

Again with the touching!

These actresses have to appear in some other project where they're not sisters ASAP, so I can let myself have pervy thoughts about them together without feeling gross. Particularly Alma and Meche. Gabriela and Ximena would make a sizzling lesbian couple.

Pretty please?

Anyway, the sisters are giving Meche support/a hard time. She's horny, but refuses to have sex with Claudio, regardless of Julia and Alma cheering her on to do just that.

The whole thing is great sisterly bonding and I just love those three together.

Meche insists she's not gonna do Claudio, which she totally will.

Later on, Julia is stuffing herself with food (tequila!).

She and Mariana have a casting to go to, and she's late. Rafaela asks her if Mariana has already come out to Hernan. Julia points out that it's none of their business how Mari approaches the subject. After all, Julia says it's not an easy thing to swallow for a lot of people.

MEC uses the occasion to get a feel on how Rafaela would take it if she was gay. Patroncita says, as we all know, that she'd be fine and love her the same.

Julia agrees that Rafaela is awesome and I'm sure breathes a very deep sigh of relief, internally.

Off she runs to her casting.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

The girls are back from their casting, appalled that they're reduced to do castings for infomercials after all their training, and giggling at the fact that they got it.

I'm gonna take the opportunity to illustrate how many doors and gates have to be open in order to get into Mariana's patio.

2.Plus, a gate in the lowest floor, since she lives at the top of a building. This is not relevant now, but it will be very soon.

And by the way, how many doors are in that loft? Watching this just now I saw like, two, plus the crystal sliding doors.

Anyway. Hernan is there because he wants to use Mariana's laptop. PAriana is back, she tells him he can use it, but there is such a thing as an internet cafe, you know?


The two feel awkward after the big coming out, and Utopio, for once, keeps quiet.

Later, the girls are eating in the kitchen (tequilla!) and Julia, who sensed the weirdness, asks Mariana what's up.

Mariana tells her that he's in shock because he found out she's gay. Julia is all 'whaaat? how?' and it's all horrified when Mariana tells her it was because he saw them kissing.

I find it cute (I do love me some Julia) and so does Mariana, who tells her to chill, it's all cool. After all, he's still there, isn't he?

Julia tells Mariana she needs to talk to her about something, but Hernan being a dad with the timing they all have, walks in. He needs help with the computer, it's not working.

PAriana says he just doesn't know how to use it and it's blaming the poor laptop, but helps him anyway.

Hernan looks lovingly at Mariana, and really, who wouldn't?

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Get really for a lot of screengrabs cause what's coming it's good.

Julia and Mariana are about to sit down to have a romantic dinner (tequila!), you know, sandwiches and beer. Oh the feasts the chefs prepare!

Mariana brings up The Talk Julia wanted to have, and she looks all cool since she totally knows she's getting some lovin' tonight. Julia hesitates, but Mariana tells her to spill it out.

Julia: Well, I wanted to tell you that, as I've already told you, that, I'm sure. I'm happy. And I want to be with you right?
Mariana: Right,
Julia: So, now, I need you to say that to me too.

Aww, the good times. Don't worry Julia, she loves you too.

Mariana: Take it easy, Aparicio! Come here Julia... Julia Aparicio, I love you. And I want to be with you.

See, Julia?

Julia: Well, now show it to me.

And from now on I'll just shut up and give you pictures. Snarkiness would spoil it.

Damn! That was good. I'd forgotten.

Oh, before I forget....

............he's baaaaaaaccckkkk.

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