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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 43-44

What's up, guys? Here we go.

I thought about it and, since this is my blog, I will call Armando whatever I want. Let me introduce today the first nickname: Assmando. More will come later. Credit for the nick goes to the girls from the afterellen forum.

Episode 43

Mariana's loft. Night.


Mariana continues to be conflicted about Hernan's return. Julia is being the nice little girlfriend my girl deserves (is she her girlfriend?) and is helping her process. Emo is freaked out that Utopio seems to know/be a part of her she herself doesn't know.

Since apparently Emo hasn't heard me call her 'perfection' or the 'saint patron of lesbians', it's up to Julia to tell her that there's absolutely nothing wrong with her. The two decide that it's better that MEC sleep on the couch since they're still figuring things out (not girlfriends then), but they're all touchy, huggy and kissy (girlfriend, then?).

I don't know

Utopio may be bore but at least his return helped bring these two together. Sorta.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Julia's back from the food market. She's carrying at lot of bags and has to knock on the door with her foot. Mariana comes to the rescue and the two share a short, kinda uncomfortable kiss.

I think these two are as confused as I am about whether they're together or not. Apparently they're gonna cook (tequila!) and chat about Isadora (Julia's niece) who went to the hospital and came back appendixless (who says I can't make up words?).

Mari wants to go to the hospital and come back Utopioless.

She prefers pain and surgery to Hernan, and I almost do too.

The chat goes on. Mariana finally got in touch with her crappy mother, who thought she had a problem getting her monthly check. It just reminded her of how much her mother sucks and she decided not to say anything about Hernan's return.

Doesn't anyone appreciate our saint patron as I do?

Anyway, Hernan is going to stay at a hotel and Mariana continues to be conflicted.

"Confused and conflicted: A love story"

Julia's phone rings and she walks away to answer, which can only mean it's Assmando. We call him Herpes too, since, just when you think he's gone, he comes back. And with every episode you just feel him closer, unfortunately.

Are you scared? You should be.


Herpes sounds even more pathetic and needy as he tells her he got kicked out of his football/soccer team or whatever he plays. He begs her to not believe anything she hears on the TV and that he'll explain everything to her himself.

Nobody cares, dude, except maybe, Julia.

He whines some more and begs MEC to please tell him she loves him. In a moment of panic and in true Julia fashion, she hangs up.

Her face tells me she doesn't love him, but we can never be sure. She's confused, never, ever forget that.

Julia later apologizes to Mariana about talking to Armando, he's just going through a hard time. Since Mariana and I are soulfully connected, she channels my annoyance and tells MEC she really doesn't give a crap.

Emo is annoyed that Julia didn't tell him about what was going on between them to 'protect' him, in which case she doesn't want Jules to tell her about him either.

Mariana says continues to feel Armando's presence between them. And it's about to get worse, guey.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Meche, Ileana, Rafaela and Isadora are eating. Lunch, dinner, afternoon snack, who knows? They eat a lot. Hernan is there too talking about equality and an Utopic world. He's been a doctor all around central America fighting injustice. That's why he left Mariana.

Rafaela and Meche are enthralled by this words.

Ileana is still indignant over what he did to Mariana (she loves Emo too, even if she can be an uptight bitch at times).

I'm fighting my drowsiness.

Juliana arrives and Emo is all passive-aggressive with Hernan, while being obviously pissed.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Mariana and Hernan talk, aughhhh. Anyway, she tells him her mother used to call him Utopio and now she knows why. I've decided I'm gonna save me the trouble and just say whether or not Emo likes Utopio.

She doesn't yet, whatever, blah. Soap operas sometimes just drag on forever.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Apparently Mariana called Utopio in a moment of weakness (I'd say madness, but ok). and asked him to come to talk. She's starting to get used to the idea of him, even if his return has turned her world upside down.

She's also curious and wants him to tell her his story.

He obliges.

Woe is me.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Ileana and Julia are watching sports news on TV. Julia is too much of a chicken to call Armando to find out what's up with him, so she's trying to find out info that way, cause, you know, it's so reliable.

It boggles the mind that this guey's important enough to be on TV.

MEC just can't bring herself to talk to him and tell him about Mariana and her, so she's hiding. Ileana, who is on his side just cause he's a guy and not a lesbo like Emo, makes her feel guilty by reminding her of how lonely he must feel over there.

Miss Eternally Confused, however, has the lucidity to admit she's really not best person to give advice and support right now. So, she keeps hiding.

Mariana's loft. Night.

More? Yes.

Utopio's story.. Joder. He's still talking. He was a doctor helping people, then he joined some guerrilla to help some more people....Mariana is kinda opening up to him.

The end.

I'll just leave you with Glasses!Meche.


Episode 44

Aparicio Central. Night.

Sister time!

Alma, Julia, Meche and Ileana are playing some weird game involving candles. They seem to have some sort of pajama party, full of hot women... the kinda stuff wet dreams are made of. Look for yourselves:

Apparently there's a spirit who will answer their questions, a spirit that lives inside the candle wax..oookkk. They're hot enough, so, whatever you say girls, I'll roll.

I'm not sure how the wax answers questions, though. They throw it in the water and if it floats, it means yes? No? Maybe? Now I'm confused like Julia.

It doesn't matter. The point is that they're cute and have great chemistry and make me wanna have sisters too, as I've said. And Julia looks really cute.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Why won't Hernan go away?


He didn't leave his family for a woman, but he stayed away for one. They shared the same ideals.

Let's move on, I'm hitting the FF.

Aparicio Central. Night.

I still don't understand.

But all those candles have to be a fire hazard.

The Apawitches continue to play the game. They tease Meche for being hot for Claudio. Meche asks if there is a man left in the world who is honest. The wax floats and I still don't know what it means.

Later that night, the Apawitches try to get Ileana to play. She's all sarcastic and fun like she can be at times and asks if the will always be a waitress. They keep pushing and things get serious when she asks about her father's death. She goes off with Alma to talk.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Give me some tequila too cause Utopio is still there and they're still talking.

So boring this episode, gueys.

Emo is still bitter, Utopio is still an idealist and I'm falling asleep.


Mariana's loft. Day.

Utopio continues to not understand his place and is going through Mariana's stuff. She let him stay the night, I guess. He finds a picture of Mariana's ex, Dany, in a book.

When Mari walks in, he tells he Dany reminds him of Julia (really?). Emo says he's a friend. As out and about as she is, I'm guessing she's apprehensive about coming out to another parent after it went so very well with the first two.

He apologizes and tells her she must think he's sticking his nose where it doesn't belong (I do), but he just wants to learn more about her.

Because you know, she's dead and he can't just ask her. Violating privacy is always better.

PAriana(passive aggressive Mariana) returns and I like her, she's all sarcastic.

He asked what she likes, what moves her, what she enjoys to do. She says that she likes mamey ice cream, that regueaton moves her and that she enjoys giving her money to the SAT (?). Mexican friends help me out cause a couple of those references were lost on me there (I'm puertorrican). BUT I do know what reggaeton is and I would very, very much want to go dancing with her.

I don't know how they call it over there, but el perreo is just an excuse to put your hands all over someone inappropriately, I love it, even if the lyrics are usually shit.

Hernan takes the abuse in silence. I guess he knows he deserves it. He finally leaves, yay!

Later on, Juliana are in their chef outfits.

They're cooking and processing the latest of the Hernan saga. Julia is surprised that Mariana didn't tell him Dany was her ex. Coming out is apparently a very big deal in this show, everyone has to be out at all times, or Julia will scold them (remember Gaby?).

We don't all need to wear T-shirts that say 'Lezzie coming through!', you know.

Chill out, Julia. Let her do her thing her way.

Julia insists that Mariana has been agonizing over the issue for days (she has?) and eventually hits the nail on the head: as much as Mariana is giving Hernan a hard time, she's afraid he won't love her if he finds out she's gay.

Emo admits that's the case.

Later that day, the girls are finishing their catering stuff, when someone knocks on the door. Mariana answers it and says it's Armando.

Julia goes 'WHAT?', the fear in her voice it's so evident it's funny.

It's another Armando from the Atelier. MEC breathes a sigh of relief, she's hiding from that Armando remember?

Julia: I almost had a heart attack, I thought it was the other Armando.

Mariana: Orale. Ok, no. Why? Have you talked to him or what?

Julia: No of course not, that's why I almost had a heart attack, I can't talk to him. What I am gonna say? Yeah, I'm very in love and dating...I can't tell him about us right now, he has too many problems...

Very mature Julia, but then again, maturity and sanity don't come to mind when I think 'Julia Aparicio'. Hey, so you ARE together officially?

PAriana rears her ugly head with a touch of jealousy and says that Julia maybe just misses him and that's why she doesn't want to talk to him.

Julia denies it and Mariana broods.

Emo, if you knew how short your bliss would last, you would savor this moments, throw Julia against the wall and do her right there.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

The girls are in front of Mariana's camera, joking around and talking a la late night TV infomercial. They're selling some weird sounding weight loss product and end up in a fit of giggles and a tickle fight.

Soooo cute.

Mariana seems to be much more comfortable with the idea of dating Julia and they're all cute and coupley.

Julia finally says she has to go, but Mariana prefers her 'Juliana World' (thank you writers for acknowledging we exist) and doesn't want her to go.

I gotta say, Julia never seemed this happy with Armando. With him it was just, sex and fighting, sex and fighting, over and over.

After a million kisses, Julia says that she really has to go, but, uh oh! Guess who saw that?

Do you all care? Do you think I do?

I gotta say, after all this Hernan screentime, I'm starting to think I might've preferred Armando's buttcrack.

Anyway, tonight, I leave with with Alma:


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