Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 50

What's up guys?

Episode 50

Mariana's Loft. Night.

The characters on this show must live in some weird parallel universe where there is no sense of what is appropriate or not when dealing with human and/or romantic relationships.

Why do I say it, you wonder?

Julia's on the phone with her ex. In her current girlfriends' house. After he kissed her.

Can someone slap her for me?

Herpes is also Mr. Manipulative. He asks her what she's gonna do, if she's telling Mariana. Didn't she say their relationship was based on trust?, he says.

It's obvious he wants Julia to tell Mari to break them up, but Julia tells him to get over it, it was just a kiss.

If only, Julia. If only.

Mariana finally arrives home (Julia has a key to the place, then?). The poor schmuck is carrying a couple of bags from the market, full of stuff for Julia, you know, the girl who just cheated on you and to top it off didn't help you bring up the heavy bags because she was on your phone talking about it with the guy she just cheated with.

Insanity, gueys. And it will get much, much, MUCH worse.

Anyway. Mariana doesn't know all of this and keeps chatting on kindheartedly and pulling out the stuff she bought. Stuff like this:

When I first saw that, I thought 'Are those condoms? Am I missing something? Is she buying Julia the condoms she'll use with Assmando?'

So disturbed was I that I actually looked it up. They're disposable mini sex towels. So we know they girls have clean sex. Hey, they have sex? I'll have to take their word for it because we haven't seen them together since that one time. Which is unfair because when Julia and Armando were together, we were visually abused by Assmando's asscrack all the time..

But I digress.

Mariana asks her how things went with Armando and Julia says fine.

At least she looks guilty and not confused. Or maybe both?

Mariana notices the weirdness and keeps pressing and pretty much keeps getting monosyllabic answers from Julia.

She asks what's up.

Julia looks like a lost puppy and asks her if she wants to know the whole truth or only half of it.

Duh, MEC. Of course she wants to know the truth, Mariana says. Her face starts to turn into a mixture of Emo and Angriana, she's expecting to hear the worst.

Since Julia is 24 going on 14, she starts pouting and saying that nothing serious happened, they just talked and, oh, he kissed me.

Emangriana (Emo+Angry+Mariana) takes a deep breath and tries to keep her cool while she navigates through Julia's BS. She asks her straight up.

Mariana: Did you fuck him, Julia?
Julia: No, and that's why I'm telling you, because I want our relationship to be based on trust.
Mariana: Well, thanks for your honesty, man.

Just when I thought Angriana was gonna come out and rip The Queen of All Fickleness a new one, PAriana rears her ugly head and just walks away.

Julia is definitely Mariana's biggest weakness. The sassy, opinionated girl we love just fades away when it comes to Julia and is replaced by this schmuck who puts up with all sorts of crap from Miss Eternally Confused.

It's depressing and disturbing to watch.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Alma and Julia are in the kitchen having breakfast (tequila!) and giving Renata, the rescued sex slave, some much needed support.

I love, love, love, love me some Alma. I really want one in my life. Wanna be my life coach Alma? I could use one.

Mariana arrives looking mighty fine and wanting to talk to Julia.

They go to the dining room to get some privacy.

It turns out Mariana didn't come to rip Julia a new one (I'm still waiting for that to happen and we're on ep 67, you know). On the contrary, Renata's situation made her realize that their problems are nothing compared to what other people go through. After all, they have shelter, food, family, etc. All the jealousy and the fighting is not worth it because in the end they have love.

Mariana: We do have love, right?
Julia: Yes.

They make up. And I gotta say, the Renata situation has put a lot of things in perspective with a lot of people, because Ileana walks in and sees them kissing, yet not cares.

Honestly, I didn't like this. It felt like an easy plot device to allow the things that will happen later to happen. If Mariana had put her foot down and demanded some respect or else, she would've saved herself a ton of heartache.

Armando's Cave. Night.

The girls visit Armando.

I'm very distracted by Julia's shawl and purse: they make her look like a grandma.

I'm also very distracted by Mariana's boobs. I think that needs no explanation.


Armando seems kinda mellow, probably because he's drank a whole liquor story by now:

I'm surprised half the characters in this show aren't in need of a new liver yet.


Well, the girls have talked it over, they say. They've decided they're tired of the fighting and they have a proposition for Armando.

Dun , dun , dun.

But you'll find out in the next episode, gueys.

Tonight I leave you with....

.....Renata's happy ending! Because there are real life Renatas out there, and they really do deserve one.


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