Friday, July 23, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 55

What's up guys?

I'm still very blah over the direction the show has taken, but I started the recaps and by God I will finish them.

Episode 55

Armando's Cave. Night.

The double date from hell continues. In true Aparicio fashion AKA redundancy, the scene mirrors the double date Dany/Mariana and Armando/Julia had way back when. I'm sure the redundancy is intentional and has some meaning, but I have a short attention span, so I'm bored at seeing this again.

They're playing that same game again, the one about ''what would you do if.... '' that was designed apparently to be used by passive aggressive people who want to confront their partners but don't have the guts to do it up front.

PAriana is at full force, taking shots at Assmando whenever she can. She reads her question, for him. If he was in need of money and found a wallet full of cash, would he return it or keep the money? He says he'd keep the money.

Of course, are we shocked?

Julia's scorns him about it, but he says to chill, it's just a game!

So when Valeria asks if Julia would sleep with her boss if he offered a promotion in exchange, Julia says yes. Mariana scorns her and she says, but it's just a game!


These people are mega boring, why the hell would you play boring games in a date? Go dancing or if it's a game, play twister or something, at least there's potential groping involved there.

Whatever. The scene is supposed to highlight all the crap that's under the surface. Mariana's dislike of Armando, Julia's jealousy of Valeria and Armando pushing Julia's buttons, like him calling Valeria 'flaca', his pet name for Julia.

Still, snore.

Then it's Assmando's turn. He has a question for Mariana. 'You have a new girlfriend, but still miss your ex. Do you tell your new gf?'

Oh, yes, he did go there, Mariana. Now go over there and kill him for me...please?

She doesn't, of course, but at least she gets mad.

She's done.

Angriana calls him childish and flirts a little with Valeria before she leaves. She tells Julia can stay or go if she pleases.

Ay, these people.

I gotta say, Mariana can definitely turn on the charm, Valeria seemed to like her flirting.

I know, she can be to die for when she's not being all Emo, right Valeria? I wish we'd get to see more Charming Mariana and less Emo Mariana.


Julia leaves with Mariana.

Armando and Valeria get it on.

That's all you need to know.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Julia and Mariana are talking about the annoying game from the night before (why wait till now to talk about it?) while Emo makes the bed.

How horrible it was!, they say, they shouldn't have gone.

Well, DUH, I say.

Mariana points out that it even gave her a deja vu. Yes, we know, me too. She tells Julia that she noticed that seeing Armando with Valeria really got to her.

Julia denies it vehemently. It didn't bother her, in fact she expected it. He's a whore and can't spend a second alone. MEC even says she's happy about it because now he'll finally leave them alone.

We don't believe her.


Episodes like this are harder to recap than the frustrating ones. Because when I'm frustrated I get passionate and sarcastic. With this, I'm just bored.

They talk some more about their to do list for the day. Julia says that, since they got some time, why not play a game? An adult game? Since she didn't get to ask a question the night before, she deserves a turn now.

Julia: Answer me this. What would you do if you find your girl making the bed? You help her make it. Or. You help her unmake it.
Mariana: Well, I think I'd rather take her to the futon!

Gasp! Is that sexy innuendo? Are you talking about sex?!!!!!

Noooooooooooo. You have sex? We never see you! I thought you just cooked and fought over Herpes.

Glad to know, even though I'm pissed because we never get to see it.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

The girls are going through their closets, finding clothes to give away to the needy people affected by Hurricane Alex.

Noble stuff, but, didn't you just run off to have sex?

Suddenly Hernan is there and he makes them boring by association. They start talking about some gay adoption ban or something and all sort of social criticism I don't like to see on my queer stories.

Again, all noble and important stuff to talk about in real life, but on TV it just sounds preachy and I don't like it.

So, tonight I leave you with.......

.......Valeria's mom! Because at least someone got some sexy time in this episode!


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