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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 67

What's up, guys?

Let's get to it.

Armando's Cave. Night.

Armando and Mariana are soooo drunk. I can barely understand them because they're slurring their words so bad, and they have that idiotic look only drunk people can have.


Huh? What was that Mariana?

They're all nice and playful with each other, and I feel like my world has been turned upside down. In all honestly, the whole thing is kinda funny. Julia is succeeding in driving them mad.

Eventually, Armando asks Mariana to give him a kiss. Thankfully, she is not homoflexible when she gets drunk, so she explains to him in a very coherent manner, sorta, that she's a lesbian.

Mariana: I'm a lesbian. Les-bi-an. From the Latin 'i like chicks'

Armando then grabs the marker she was holding, he was just distracting her to get it. They're still drawing things on the paper board Mariana brought, like a football field and I don't know what the hell. They continue giggling and making fun of Julia's lecture and maybe even her ass, which is sacrilege because it is a very fine one.

Okay. Obviously the logic of drunk people makes no sense to us who are sober.

At one point, Armando makes a diagram of all of their parallel relationships (each person is a dot), which are based in jealousy, distrust and sex. And they're all connected through Julia aka CH (chinga de tu madre or something like that). LOL.

Even these two, in their state, think you've lost your mind, Julia.

Mariana looks at the chart and doesn't like that Armando has more women than she does, so she eventually adds a lot more dots to her side.

The whole thing is actually pretty funny. Hey, have you been looking at our pollyville at afterellen?

Later on, the schmucks stumble into bed. They're soo drunk they can barely walk. I had a moment of panic seeing those two in a bed, I would lose faith in all humanity if they had sex.

It was scary, gueys.

But they're just miserable because they miss Julia so much already, yet each promises to keep their end of the bargain.


They fall asleep.

Aparcio Central. Night.

Julia is looking over the old videos Emo did back when MEC was with Armando the first time around and she was all philosophical about love. I wonder how she has them. Then again, Mariana's house is a public building where anyone can come and go freely at any time, and Julia does have a crazy streak. Maybe she stole then.


She looks pensive and worried.

Then she says the first sensible thing she's said in a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg while.

Julia: What am I doing? I'm gonna lose them both.

God, I hope you do. Maybe then you'll grow up.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia is looking fine in her work out clothes. She's getting some breakfast to then hit the gym.

She asks if anyone has called, Rafaela says no, but Nana says that Mariana dropped by the day before. Julia's face lights up and she goes 'really? What's she say?' And when they tell her Mari dropped something off for her, her face lights up even more and she goes 'what? what? what?'

It's official: she's 14. All of the craziness has been explained.

When they tell her she just dropped off her paycheck, Julia's face falls.

Julia: So, she won't even see me for this?
Rafaela: She's staying away from pain.
Julia: Excuse me, Mom? Are you saying I'm pain?
Rafaela: Yes, that's what I'm saying. And I also want you to know I told Marianita to stay away from you.

Julia: What? Why did you do that?!

Patroncita goes on to say she can't just keep playing with all them, going back and forth with their feelings. It's time she finally gets to know and love herself, then she can figure out the rest.

Rafaela's word= still the word of God.

Our teenager, Miss Julia, leaves in a huff.

Armando's Cave. Day.

It's the next day and the schmucks have one hell of a hang over. They look and feel like crap. Mariana mourns the loss of a sock.

They agree that the pact still stands and Mariana heads on home.

Marina's loft. Day.

Mariana puts down Julia's picture, she's trying to forget her, but she's everywhere. When she goes to her living room, Hernan is there.

I won't say he bores me or that she needs to lock her doors. It's been said enough.

She invites him in and tells him she's glad he's there because she needs support.

Really, guey? No friends?

Utopio tries to cheer her up and tells her she just needs some distraction. He gives her a Chaplin movie for her to watch.

Um, that's the best you can do?

Apparently, it's good enough for her.

Mariana: I'm beginning to see the pros of being a doctor's daughter. Having a dad that has the perfect remedy.

The then gives him a kiss and Hernan looks all conflicted because she finally called him dad, yet he's actually getting ready to leave again soon (yay!).

Emo Mariana shall intensify soon.

Gym. Day.

Julia is at the gym with a friend.

Wait, what? The Queen of All Fickleness talks to other people besides her family and her two loyal subjects? That's good to know, I've been wondering for a while.

MEC talks about how hard the work out was and bla, bla, but, I don't see any of the sweat, red face or heavy breathing I always saw when I used to go to the gym, Julia.

She spots Armando and goes over to him to say hi. He says hi right back and immediately walks away.

Ooops! Now you've really done it, Julia.

They should at least tell her they plan to ignore her, it's mean to just leave her hanging. She's a teenage girl, she may cry.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia is all pensive, again. So, we've gone from confused Julia, to contemplative Julia. It's a good thing.

And damn, I really do love her booty.

Well, tonight I leave you with....

....Horny Ileana!

Because when Ileana finally gets laid, an angel will get its wings.


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