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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 46-47

What's up guys? Hope you're having fun.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Since The Powers That Be hate me, the girls aren't cuddling/spooning naked under their covers whispering softly their love for one another.

But since they're wearing little clothing and looking at each other that way, I'll forgive them.


Julia wakes Mariana and offers her some coffee. Why she didn't just take it to her bed and spoon fed it to her, I'll never understand. I'm guessing the sex haze they're in is clouding their judgment.

But I digress. The girls stand there giggling, sipping their coffee and processing what happened last night, like the good little lesbians they are.

Mariana asks Julia how she feels, how she is. MEC feels stronger, happier, like she has an earthquake in her head, because, in Julia speak, that makes sense. I'm guessing she means The Sex was mind blowing, but you never know with MEC. Then, of course, the earthquake bit turns into a metaphor about how great the sex was .

Mariana: Really? How much is it on the Richter's scale?
Julia: About 5 or 6 points
(Only 6, Julia?! Don't lie!).
Mariana: Minimum, right? Don't worry.... It was ten for me.
Julia: Ten points?! Uy! Destruction.

Mariana: You destroy me.

Oh but she will Mariana, she will. Damn foreshadowing.

Still, it was great. It's difficult to capture the cuteness of this scene. These two have great, great chemistry, even if their kissing sucks a little (open that mouth and establish a good rhythm, damn it!) I'll just give you visuals.

It's difficult to be snarky when good things are happening. And I gotta say it's nice to see Emo smiling: makes me have faith in the world. Although she seems to be much more invested than Julia in the relationship (hello? 6 vs 10?), and dealing with the Queen of all Fickeness (QoaF), it's bound to be disastrous for our saint patron.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Julia is on the computer checking out new casting opportunities. huh?

Why aren't these two on a three day long sex binge only leaving their bed to get food they then proceed to eat off of each other's hot, sweaty bodies? That's what new lovers do, no?

TPTB hate me, I tell you.

Mariana walks in, also dressed mind you, and demands attention. They continue to be cute with each other and Mari asks her how she feels since she plans to come out to her family about their relationship. What is it with these people and their need to be out about everything? Everybody doesn't need to know your business ALL the time, Juliana. Maybe I'm just wired differently.

Julia is a bit apprehensive, but thinks it will go smoothly since she suspects they're expecting it (DUH.) already.

Julia: They're just waiting for the moment I walk in and say 'Mom, Aurelia, sisters, niece...I am profoundly in love with...Armando?! What are you doing here?!

It is so profoundly wrong to see Mariana's face go from this:

To this:

In less than ten seconds. It's wrong, so wrong. Like kicking a small, cute puppy.

And yes, Assmando is back, standing right there looking like a dumbass.

Remember what I said about the gates? Two doors and a gate had to be open in order for this crappy moment to happen. I wonder if anyone got a good show last night too cause all the windows in the bedroom are see through and that damn patio is so accessible.

As you all can see, I'm babbling on to avoid having to watch Assmando and recap.

I must push through.

Armando, of course has no idea what's going on and thinks he's come to just swoop Julia away. He has no dignity and apparently forgot/forgave that she abandoned him in Spain. He tells her he was dying over there without her and he's come back for her. Yeah right, it has nothing to do with the fact that they kicked his ass out.

Emo looking like she's been punched in the gut, or maybe in the heart, and I want to punch Armando in the balls.

Julia tells him they need to talk, but that's not the place, and drags him away after whispering her reassurances to Mariana, who doesn't look convinced at all.

Damn it.

I gotta say, now that Armando/Assmando/Asmanho/Cuca/Herpes is back, I will only recap scenes he's in with the girls. Anything else I'll mention in passing if it relates to their story, but I won't submit myself to unnecessary Armando viewing.

He dicho.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Mariana is water her plants and telling them to not get nervous, that everything will be okay even if the jerk is back.

Stop pulling my heart strings Mariana.

Hernan (auughhhh) walks in because, as we know, her three gates are there only for customary reasons and serve no function at all.

Utopio wants to talk, as he always does. Since Emo probably wants to get her mind off the nasty things she fears Julia and Armando might be doing, she agrees.

Why doesn't this girl have any other friends, gueys?

Hernan is a good guy, so he apologizes for being a jerk when she came out the night before. He wants to keep getting to know her and to show her he deserves to be her father. He invites her to have dinner.

Mariana looks happy someone cares she exists and wants to spend time with her and not ex boyfriends, so she accepts.

Don't forget I love you too, Marianita.

Some cafeteria. Day.

Julia and Armando are having lunch. He wants to know what's up, why she doesn't seem glad to see him. She tells him he can't just come back and expect everything to be the same as always. To him, that means there's someone else and he demands to know who that cabrón is.

When Julia tells him that 'cabrón' is Mariana, he goes from disbelief to pure anger and makes it all about him, as people often do. 'how could you do this to me? Am I not man enough enough for you, that now you're gay? blablabla' I don't care, let's move on, I say.

Julia just wants to be honest and doesn't want to hurt him, another line we shall hear time and time again during the QoaF's journey.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Okay, Julia. Tell me you DID NOT just go straight home after leaving Mariana hanging like that. If I find out you didn't at least call her, you're officially off my Christmas list.

Julia's home looking all pensive and confused (tequila!) as she often does. Rafaela walks over and wants to expand on what she said when MEC asked her, hypothetically, what she'd do if she was gay. Patroncita wants to add that she knows being gay is not an easy road, but that she will walk any road with her, always. Julia seems reassured.

Can I adopt Rafaela?

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Can I adopt Mariana too?

Utopio got busy saving the world and stood her up. Sigh.

Someone in the writing team really likes Emo Mariana, gueys.

I think I better not adopt her anyway, because the things I'd do with her, an adoptive mother should never do.

And now, I leave you with Ileana.


Episode 47.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

Bad things are happening.

The previous episode, Utopio met a girl called Renata who had been kidnapped when she was 13 and sold as a sex slave. He took her to Aparicio Central to help her. All very noble stuff, but he forgot about his dinner with Mariana, making her go all Emo as she so very often does, yet with good reason, I suppose.

She even had the table set up and all. Hey, is that her bra?


Well, I can't relate to her wanting to spend time with Utopio, but can relate to the situation, I've been there. You keep looking at the time waiting for them to come, but are too proud to call them and see what's up.

See, Marianita? Made for each other, you and I.

Eventually, she gives up and puts the food away.

Later on, Hernan remembers, calls her and leaves her a message to apologize. She doesn't even bother to get up from the bed and just rolls her eyes.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Cuca (Armando) is there to see Julia. He's had time to think it through and he wants to apologize to Julia.

For what? Julia and I wonder. For how mean you were the day before? For all the infidelities? For being a jerk 95% of the time?

Yes, for all that too, but mostly for making her a gay who hates men.

Julia was at her coolest these days, so she tells him what she's going through with Mariana has nothing to do with him and that he should get over himself: he's not important enough to make her anything. He continues to be a condescendin jerk, and tells her what she's going through is just a phase and they can go past it together.

Angry!Julia is appalled that so much stupidity can come out of someone's mouth.

Their discussion has turned by now into a screaming match, and I find myself very, very attracted to Angry!Julia.

Julia: A phase? You and I together? What are you talking about? Ok, I'm gonna say this again and I hope it's the last time I have to tell you. I'm with Mariana, because I want to be with Mariana! Because we love each other! Understand?!

At this point, Ileana intervenes, horrified that she just heard that. Yep, the whole Aparicio gang was drawn out by the screaming and listened to half the fight.

Oops! Julia just came out.

She tells him to go away and storms inside to deal with the mess.

Thanks for nothing, jerk.

Inside, the fight continues, this time with Ileana. For those of you who don't know, she's ultraconservative and is against any sort of gayness.

Ileana is throwing a fit because she's like 5, and her auntie, cannot, cannot be gay. She has to be with Armando. She asks for the support of her family, but thankfully, Aparicio Central is also PFLAG central, so everyone agrees Julia needs to be with whomever she loves/wants to be with.

I want them to adopt me.

Miss Stick in the mud goes on and on about the fact that there is no way Julia can be happy with Mariana. Doesn't anyone remember how the world hates the gays (like you do, little girl)? What Mariana's been through, how she was gay bashed? etc, etc.

Julia looks like she wants the earth to swallow her up.

Stupidity continues to come out of Ileana's mouth, even though AlMeche tries to make her understand that, no Ileana, women don't turn gay because men treat them badly.

Julia cries quietly until Ileana crosses a line by saying Mariana probably seduced her in moment of weakness. She then tells her to stop, her voice creaking and all.

I prefer Angry!Julia to Sad!Julia gueys.

Finally, Rafaela steps in and asks Julia if she's happy with Mariana. She says nods, still crying.

Patroncita says if she's happy they're all happy then, and the clan reassure her that they love her and she's very brave.

Specially Meche, who continues to be all kinds of touchy.

Adopt me... pretty please?

Ileana is not pleased, but I am and that's all that matters.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Hernan (augghhh) is there to apologize for standing her up.

You should apologize to ME, Hernan, for making me bore the two people who read these recaps by making me say all the time how much you bore me.

PAriana and Utopio fight. He tells her that someone needed his help and she shouldn't be so selfish. This turns her into Angriana and she tells him she has needed him too and he was never there, she doesn't need him to start being there now.

Thank God that was short. I think I like them better fighting than talking.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia is pacing around in the yard. Rafaela approaches her and she apologizes, that's not how she wanted them to find out.

She's still sad.

I am not pleased. That jerk.

Rafaela tells her that it's okay and that she's glad she's at least done with her confusions (jajajajajajajaja! Miss Eternally Confused? jajajajaja!) even though the path she took isn't the easiest one, her family will be there for her no matter what. Then she invites Mariana for dinner.

The Patroncita rocks.

Random Cafeteria. Day.

Juliana are eating. I assume it's lunch (tequila!). Julia is recapping the day's events to Mariana. They're all cute and in love and start joking about making a series about their drama.

They forget themselves and Mariana takes Julia's hand and kisses it.

The people from the table behind them get up and walk away. Maybe they were just done, it's not like they said anything or even looked at you, Julia. But MEC takes her hand away in a moment of semi panic and Mariana looks kinda hurt.

PAriana mumbles that Rafaela was right and things are not gonna be so easy, then asks the waiter for the check. She says it's ok when Julia apologizes, but it's obviously not.

Mariana, not everyone is as comfortable being out as you, stop being a little drama queen or I'll start thinking you like being Emo. What the hell did you expect? You've been officially together like 2 days.

He dicho.

And I say it again, if you knew what was coming, you'd enjoy the calm before the storm and not sweat over the little things. Anyone would say you don't listen to the things I say.

Television Studio. Day.

Juliana is on their way to shooting the infomercial they landed the other say. Or at least I assume that's what they're doing. Mariana wants to talk, she feels bad because Julia took her hand away at the cafeteria at lunch.

MEC apologizes, again. She just still feels weird about the whole thing, she's not used to it and she didn't know how to handle the potential homophobia situation. DUH. Did she really have to spell it out for you Emo? I know in your head you've been together for years, but in reality it's been a day and a half. Chill.

Mariana says she's not mad, she just wants to talk about things and leaves Julia with this: do they want to stop being themselves for the sake of others?

Aparicio Central, Day.

Our girls have arrived for dinner, holding hands.

The tables have turned, and now it's Mariana who's uncomfortable with the PDAs, she doesn't want things to be weird at the house. You should apply your advice to yourself, Mari.

Julia assures her everything is completely okay, everyone knows and they're fine with it. To prove her point, Rafaela walks in, all smiles and says hi to Mariana. Isadora (Meche's daughter, who's like, 10) looks at them weird but doesn't say anything before going to her room.

It's understandable.

Rafaela goes to check on the food and the girls continue on with their cuteness on the couch.


I miss these times.

Later at dinner, Isadora continues looking at Juliana like this:

She tells them that her mom told her about them, and she finds it weird. Mariana tells her she finds it weird too, but maybe they can get used to it together.

Let's add great future mom to the list of Mariana's attributes.

Ileana arrives and gives Juliana the evil eye, but doesn't say anything.

The dinner continues.

And tonight, I leave with with...

....Alex. Because if I wasn't so gay and he wasn't a fictional manwhore, I might do him. I heart him.


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