Monday, July 19, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 66

Hey ya'll

I gotta say, I breathed a sigh of relief after this episode, although one could never be sure with this show.

Anyway. In case there are any new readers, there's a few terms you need to learn.

Miss Eternally Confused= MEC= Julia
Queen of all Fickleness= QoaF= Julia
Emo= Emo Mariana
Angriana= Angry+Mariana
PAriana= Passive Agressive+ Mariana
Assmando/Assmanho/Herpes/Cuca= Armando

Also, since there's barely any Julia in tonight's episode, I shall have to cover Armando, but only if/when it has to do with our girls' story.

Let us commence.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Emo is at home thinking over Julia's insane proposition. Like the rest of us, she continues to be flabbergasted while she looks at Julia's V shaped polyamory diagram/ class aids.

We know, Mari, the head bands your girlfriend has been wearing so often lately have caused brain damage and she's just lost it.

Mariana seems on the verge of losing it too, and keeps seeing in her head an image of Julia putting her, literally, 'entre la espada y la pared' , and kissing her while she has here there.


It might be a fantasy, a memory (kinky too, Julia?) or a tequila induced hallucination, but what it is to us is a pretty straight forward metaphor of how she feels.

At least it's a wooden sword.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Mariana walks into the kitchen looking like she could use a hug.

She came to drop off Julia's share of some catering they did. I'm guessing she's avoiding her. La Patroncita, who knows all, drags her over to the living room for a coffee and a talk.

Rafaela is as flabbergasted as the rest of us at what Julia is proposing. More than that, she seems disappointed and just fed up with Julia's indecisiveness and how much it hurts everyone, even Julia herself.

Rafaela's word= the word of God.

And the fans.

She tells Emo that Julia has never been good at making decisions (god, we know), she wants one thing, then the other, then the other, and now she's bringing them two schmucks into the craziness. She goes on to say that Julia is her daughter and she loves her, but, frankly, she's not worth it. After all, Rafaela says, Mariana is a big girl who has gone through a lot and can decide what's best, for her. La Patroncita goes on to remind Mariana that she deserves to have a partner who loves her, respects her and just wants to be with her. She deserves the best.

I repeat, the word of God.

But our girl is deeply in love.

Mariana: The best? Patroncita, Julia is my best. My best friend, my best partner. Julia is my life and without her...

What will she do?

Alma's Atelier. Day.

Armando jumped to the same conclusion we came to: it's all Alma's fault. Radical ideas like polyamory don't just pop up in Julia's little head, so he confronts Alma about it.

I also suspect he doesn't have many friends, and just wants to talk about it too.

When I say confront I don't mean in an angry way. He too is, repeat after me, flabbergasted after Julia's little class. He also kinda wants to get Alma on board to help him bring Julia over to his side, even though he doesn't say it explicitly. He's desperate (is that why he doesn't cut his hair? he wants to go for the look?) and admits he almost accepted her proposition, but he just can't will his jealousy away. He just wants Julia to be his.

You sure about that buddy? She's hot and has a nice ass, cute dimples and nice hair, but I don't know if I could deal with the crazy.

Ew, I just called Assmando, 'buddy'.

Alma keeps her cool and says it's not her place to intervene, after all, Julia is her own woman.

Yes she is. I pity her and everyone in her world.

After leaving Alma's office, Armando leaves Julia a message telling her that he needs to talk.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Rafaela's talk has had an effect on Mariana (I hope).

She's starts looking in the phone book for, get this, a locksmith. She calls and tells the woman she wants new or better locks, because people keep getting in and out too easily and she's done with it. She wants to protect her house and her heart.

I'm kinda torn, gueys. A part of me is cheering on because, yes my love, the coming in and out of your house was ridiculous 30 episodes ago, imagine now. Also, this whole thing is supposed to mean you're not gonna give into the insanity, so , yay!

But, if you start locking your doors, how am I gonna sneak in so you can find me one day in your bed, just wearing a smile, a muffin in one hand, a tequila in the other?

In the end she ends up changing her mind and tells the woman to forget it.

No! Don't lose your marbles! You've just found them!

Armando's Cave. Day.

Armando's with Bruno, who's gonna lose his virginity with Ileana and is asking for advice.

You crazy, guey? You're asking Herpes for advice? Do you want Ileana to hate you forever for ruining her first time? She can be mean, she might kill you.

Even Armando says he's not the best person to give advice on women, specially Aparicio women, since...

Armando: "I turn them bisexual, or homosexual, or gay or I confuse them, you now?'


Well, you're confusing me too cause you're starting to grow on me, damn it! I miss the days when you were just a one dimensional, cheating whore. Then he goes and sorta makes fun of Julia's 'V' too...

...and makes a mess in my head. I don't want to like Armando! Change back! Change back!

Armando's Cave. Night.

Mariana is a at the door. He seems annoyed when she just walks in, makes herself at home and starts looking for alcohol

It's called Karma bitch, you do it to her all the time, so suck it up! Armando hate back on...much better, I was confused there for a while.

Our girl wants to drink and talk. She seems like the ballsy girl of old times, the one we've been missing ever since Emo took residence.

Mariana is just done with Julia's BS and has come to propose that both Armando and herself walk away.

Can I get an AMEN!

The veil has been lifted! Mariana finally realizes that as long as they keep going along with Julia and her crap, they'll just always be the puppets of the Queen of All Fickleness. Julia has never had any real fear of losing either of them, which is why she never makes up her mind and had the balls to propose what she did. How long will they let her do that to them?

I say AMEN! yet again.

They get drunk and continue to make fun of Julia's diagram, as we all do. I'm glad the characters and the people behind the characters are aware of just how insane that was.

Mariana proposes they sign a pact and promise to walk away and save themselves more heartache.

I concur.

Armando must be really drunk by now, because he agrees too.

So, from now on, Julia is neutral ground that must only be visited on a diplomatic fashion. In other words, everyone is staying away from Julia's V.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Julia is back from her TV shoot (so that's where you've been all day!). I hope we get to see it, like we did with the infomercial.

Hernan and Rafaela are playing domino. I would say something about how much Utopio bores me and how glad I am he's leaving soon (yay!), but I just heard an interview where Eren said that the character and her storyline was kinda based on her and her dad.

Damn. Now I feel kinda bad.

So, calladita me veo más bonita.


Julias's there and Hernan is giving her the evil eye for what she's doing to Mariana.

Incredibly, I concur.

She asks him what's the problem and he tells her that he just thinks that her idea of love is weird and he doesn't want to see his daughter hurt. She goes for the killing blow and tells him that she could never top the pain he caused her.


And that was her cameo of the day. I missed my crazy Julia tonight. See? It was the head band, she wasn't wearing it today.

I really can't wait for Julia to find out she's not getting any anymore from anyone.

Armando's cave. Night.

Nana is going on and on in her voice over, like always, and I'm not liking how cozy these two are getting in their drunkness. Remember, he had those dreams the other night. Ew.

Since I've learned my lesson, I'm not even gonna remind Mariana that he slept with her girlfriend. If she doesn't care, why should I?

Tonight I leave you with...



Till next time!


  1. Great reviews, i really enjoy 'em. it's a lot less depressing than the show is right now. You're funny. Plus I haven't seen tonight's ep yet so thanks for recappin' so quickly!

  2. Hey thanks for the recaps, I'm loving them so far.