Saturday, July 17, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 41-42

Episode 41

Hello dear readers. Good to see you here again. Before we begin, I need to add a new term to our vocabulary, just so you don't get lost.

Miss Eternally Confused (MEC)= Julia

Also, don't forget:

Emo= Mariana.

Okay, let us commence.

Last week left us with an awesome ending. Julia finally confessed to Mariana that she loves her and kissed her passionately. As the show begins, I get ready because great things must be happening, right?

Julia's room. Night.

Great things are NOT happening.

I'm not pleased either, Julia.

Apparently, Emo stopped Julia's advances.

Julia (pouting): You're the one that didn't want to, I think you're a closet hetero.

Jejeje. I liked that line, Julia can be funny, she's like a little kid sometimes/most of the time.

Of course, Mariana is NOT a closet hetero, she just feels scared and confused about what's happening. Although Julia told her she's sure that loves her, Emo doesn't quite believe her and is terrified that Julia just wants to give it and try and then go back to Armando. There's too much at stake to make a decision like that, lightly. After all, Julia's friendship is the most important thing in her life and she just doesn't want to lose her.

Oooohhh. Now I feel even worse for you, my dear girl. Cause if Miss Eternally Confused is the best you got, you're screwed.

Julia assures her she loves her as a best friend/sister and now her feelings are evolving into something more. I'd say she just wants to sweet talk Mariana in order to get laid, but she says it so eagerly I believe her.

MEC also admits, however, that Armando is still in her heart too, and she's all confused (God, we know) and just doesn't want to hurt anyone. Which, in TV talk, means that she'll eventually hurt everyone, including herself.

There's the confused face again. There's more than one in every episode. We should have a drinking game: a shot of tequila every time we see Julia's confused face, Mariana says guey or there's food involved. In a week we'd all need AA.

They agree to take things slow to see where they lead them and , since they want to drive me crazy, pretend nothing happened.

That'll work, I'm sure.

Aparcio Central. Day.

Julia loves fish.

Really, writers?! Really?!

Apparently she does, or so she says as she's preparing a meal (tequila shot!). Mariana thought she was the only one who did, but Julia says she's always loved it, too.

Seriously, writers?!

I'm okay with the joke cause the girls are acting all cute and loving with each other. Mariana came to ask for permission to go home already. She misses her house and her bed since Julia's bed is too small. That's a bad thing? The smaller it is, the better. You're sharing it with Julia, girl. All sorts of spooning possibilities right there.

Anyway, it's obvious she just wants some space after Julia's big revelation the night before. Julia must guess it too, since she lets her go, but not without making Mariana promise her that she must call MEC at all times to confirm that she's okay over there alone.

These two are soo a couple already.

They continue to be all sweet and cute with each other, and I want one of each for myself too. Mariana goes to kiss Julia goodbye on the cheek, but MEC turns her face just at that moment and we get this:

Sure... nothing happened last night.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Mariana arrives home and it's not as disturbed as I would be if I found a letter taped to my TV. It's not a letter, really, but a photo of her when she was a baby with a phone number on the back. I say it and I will say it a million times, I don't care for this storyline at all, even if Hernan is a good guy.


Don't expect me to delve too much into it.

Later on she tries to get a hold of her mother to ask her about it, but she won't answer her calls. It seems her mom sucks too, as everybody does in Mariana's life. Emo dials the mystery number, but hangs up before it can really ring.

Aparcio Central. Night.

The Aparicio sisters are having bonding time, talking about their woes. Julia's problems, of course, are Mariana problems.

Scenes like this really make me wish I wasn't an only child.

Mariana's loft. Night.

Mystery guy pops in, his name is Hernan, and he's Mariana's father.

Bring on more angst for Emo. It's not like she suffers enough, right?

Episode 42

Mariana Loft. Night.

Emo's pissed at Hernan because he abandoned him when she was like, two. He talks a lot and lulls me to sleep. The version that Mariana's got is that he's a doctor who left to Central America to do charity work, he fell in love over there and left his family.

Of course, Utopio (you'll understand later why that's his name) denies that's exactly what happened and says he always looked for her, blablabla.

Mariana is understandably upset and asks him what he wants from her.

All this abuse is just wrong, gueys.

Since Mariana is unable to ever throw anyone out of her house (more on that later), she continues to listen to his crap. The poor guy keeps trying, but the whole thing is very uncomfortable and eventually Mariana finally asks him to go.

Hernan lies about not having enough money for a cab so Mariana will let him stay on the couch. Since she's perfection, she does.

I gotta say, though, she's really trusting. I wouldn't let some unknown dude stay in the house alone with me, dad or not. He could be dangerous, Mari.

Aparicio Central. Night.

Good things are happening.

The girls continue to have their cute sister night and talk about their problems. Meche is horny, but doesn't want to do Claudio. Alma cried out Alejandro's name during sex with Leo and later found out he had her followed. And I'm really distracted at how touchy this women are, I want to be their friend, ya'll, I want some loving too.

Mmm, maybe not just their friend.

Anyway.... as the night progresses, they put on some weird concoctions on their faces and it's Julia's turn to spill it out.

The sisters are really cool and are not at all scandalized when Julia talks about her situation. She tells them about kissing Mariana and about how she wanted to sleep with her to finally figure out if she's gay. AlMeche (Alma+Meche) are open and supportive and actually ask her relevant questions and provide sound advice. Like Alma suggesting that she might be bisexual (duh!), for example.

This is the exact opposite of how my family is, which is why I never tell them a thing.

Julia admits that she's always been very sexually attracted towards men and Armando specifically. Her attraction to Mariana is more emotional, although she was really liking it the other day when they kissed and would've continued if Emo hadn't stopped her.

They keep talking and make fun of Rafaela, which is probably what I would do too if I had siblings.

Stop making me feel bad about being an only child, women!

Mariana's Loft. Morning.

Utopio continues to be there, his life mission is to bore me to death. Saint Mariana is serving him breakfast and continues to listen to his explanations. I would understand if she seemed curious about it, but mainly she seems pissed. If so, kick him out.

She doesn't.

Instead she goes for a bath. Sigh, Now you're getting naked while being alone with a stranger who may or may not be your father. He is, but, where's your good sense?

The phone rings, its Rafaela. When Hernan listens to the message she's leaving in the machine, he has the audacity to answer the phone. This ain't your house, dude!

Apparently, he knew Rafaela when he was a kid. How little the world is. She's pleased(and confused) to hear from him and invites him and Mariana to dinner. I see another tequila shot in the horizon.

Mariana is as appalled as I am when she learns about the dinner. He keeps pushing until she says yes.

Aparicio Central. Day.

Rafaela likes Hernan and is sharing stories about him with Aurelia. They're preparing dinner (tequila shot!) and Julia channels Mariana's anger from afar, cause they've been merged since forever and she knows just how our girl feels. She's seen Mariana suffer because of him through the years, and feels Rafaela cornered her into accepting the dinner. La Patroncita thinks they should at least hear Hernan out before condemning him.

I continue to be indifferent.

Hernan and Mariana arrive for the dinner. Utopio and Patroncita are all hugs and kisses and how good it is to see you. Mariana and Julia want him to go back to the hole he crawled out of.

I concur.

At least Angry Juliana is hot.

Even Ileana seems annoyed at Hernan being there, just so you know that it's just not me who hates him. Not really, he just bores me.

Julia drags Mariana away to the kitchen to cook, who then begins to take her frustrations out on an onion. Since MEC is cool these days (she won't be forever, so enjoy) she's being all supportive and pushes Mariana to talk because keeping it bottled up is not healthy.

Mariana doesn't really know what she feels: she's angry, sad, other words, all Emo. Julia tries to lighten the situation saying that she holds the copyright on being confused (God, we know) and she's gonna ask for royalties.

Emo is not amused. She's pissed and nauseated at Hernan, yet a part of her wants to ask him so many things, but mainly, what is it that happened that was so important to make him leave her.

I heart her, but not this storyline.

Julia says Hernan is like a stranger to Mariana, but to Emo, he's the enemy and that's not gonna change for a while, if ever.


Later, at the dinner, you can cut the tension with a knife. They're eating the fish from the other day, of course, and Mariana couldn't be sitting further away from Hernan.

Utopio clearly doesn't know his place and keeps talking and talking like he's a part of the family. He even has the balls to say she inherited her dark humor and sarcasm from him and shares the only two childhood stories he can possibly have from her since he abandoned her when she would barely talk. Even Ileana is appalled. Mariana can't take it anymore and storms out, Julia in tow.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Emo is being, well, emo in her loft. Julia walks in and tries to cheer her up.

Julia: I gotta say, HernĂ¡n is right about one thing.

Mariana (Horrified): What?

Julia (holding the baby picture): That you look as strong, free and beautiful as you do now. Look....

Julia walks over to Mariana, and since Emo is in need of some comfort, she lets MEC hold her and kiss her.

Say it with me: Awwwwww.

Are they a cute couple or what?

Wait, ARE they a couple now?

Till next time, gueys.


  1. Enjoying the recaps :)
    This makes me nostalgic for episodes when I did not want to punch Julia every time she was on screen.

  2. me too! these episodes are the good ol' days as they say. thanks for the recaps! they are great!

  3. AH! The good ol' lovey dovey days. I miss them so much.

    Really nice recap, Nat! :] Although, if we keep taking shots whenever Julia is confused and yea.. we'll all end up with alcohol poisoning. xD