Saturday, July 24, 2010

Las Aparicio Recaps ep 70

What's up?

This is how I feel after watching this episode.

So, please dear readers. If you're there, can you please leave me a comment here and there to give me encouragement to keep going?

Cause watching this show just gets harder by the minute.

Breathe, Natalia, you can do this.

Okay. Let us commence

Episode 70

Voice Over

During the voice over, Nana talks about responsibility and we see Miss Julia giving her loyal subjects yet another class on polyamory.

That's symbolic or something, right? There's no way you'd dare to do that again, right? I might have to make a voodoo doll with your hair and start putting pins in you, Julia.

Just, stop.

Armando's cave. Night.

Our lovely trio are sitting around looking at each other like, now what? To further prove that they've lost their minds, they turn to Julia for guidance. She's studied the subject, so, now what?

Ay Dios.

You know what? I have to take a minute to say this. On moral grounds, I honestly do not care at all about polyamory. If it makes you happy and you find like minded people to explore it with, whatever, don't care.

But, to see two people go so low in their codependency to a selfish, self centered (although I admit good intentioned) 14 year old who can't possibly know what love is, that they end up doing something that hurts them and goes against who they are, that's just disgusting and infuriating. It's an unfair relationship to 2/3 of those involved. If was was into polyamory, I'd be insulted by this representation.

Powers That Be, please make it stop soon.

Also, yes, I want the girls to be together already and this is taking too long. And I hate the idea of the three of them swapping fluids, specially for Marianita's sake.

Back to recapping.

Professor Julia tells them that at the Atelier (see? It's all Alma's fault) she learned that now they have to start spending more time together to get to know each other better, build trust and start getting used to seeing affection between each other.

Ay Dios.

Armando says they should start right away, that Juliana should kiss now to see how he feels about it.

My God. Sure, why not?

Mariana is snarky and tells him this isn't some porn movie, but he insists he's serious and Julia agrees. So, the girls kiss.

My God.

I can't even enjoy them kiss because I'm so disturbed. That's without saying this is the first time they make out in a while and it's for the sake of a guy.

Really, Powers That Be? Really?

Finally he can't stand to be in the sidelines any longer and sits next to Julia. who then turns to him and kisses him too.

Mariana looks as disturbed as I feel, and says she's gonna go, but her Majesty stops her, this is something they have to try.

Later that night, the three of them are making the Julia custody arrangements/schedule.

Yes, you read right.

Did I say....


Mariana and Armando are bickering over who gets her when, who gets her first, who gets the weekends, etc. Armando wants Saturdays, Mariana says it's fair to alternate days and Julia feels she's the child of divorced parents.

Screw you Julia, seriously.

Armando suggests they flip a coin to decide. He loses for the night and Julia goes home with Mariana.

Dios mio.

Mariana's Loft. Day.

The next day, the girls are in chef mode, preparing food for the catering business. They seem okay and playful with each other.

Exactly how I would be the day after I decide to share my girlfriend with some dude.

You know what? Xena getting impregnated by an angel who used to be her arch-nemesis, who then reincarnated as her child, is more plausible and believable to me than the Juliana storyline right now, gueys.


Sure, let's kiss and be playful with each other now.

Armando walks in and Julia swaps saliva with him too and calls him, mi amor. He kisses Mariana on the cheek.

He came to help take the food to the Atelier. When Julia walks away for a second, he and Mariana exchange words of wisdom.

Armando: You know that everytime she kisses you, then kisses me, you (Mariana) and I are kissing indirectly?
Mariana: Why do you have to say stupid things like that? It's like saying everytime it's my turn and then it's your turn, the two of us are fucking indirectly.

Armando: Don't be gross, come on!

Mariana: You're the gross one!

Armando: Well, tonight it's my turn....

Dios mio.

First of all, ew.

Second of all, yes, you're fucking indirectly gueys and it's gross. Haven't you thought about it before?

Third: Spending one night with Armando and one with the Mariana, me thinks Julia's V is gonna get very sore, very soon.

And this really highlights why I think this whole thing is so's like they're begging for Julia's attention...waiting for her to give them time. God knows, maybe a full triangle where they all loved each other would be fairer and more functional than this.

Or, at least let Armando and Mariana have other relationships too, since Mari is too gay for that.


Hernan walks in and Mariana introduces him to her girlfriends' boyfriend. Okay, sure, why not?

Utopio tells Mariana he needs to talk. He brought over the papers to give her his last name (right now she has her step father's). She can't deal with it at the moment it because right now she's busy. He seems disturbed about the poly thing but tells her it's not his place to judge although he doesn't get it. Isn't she gay?

Anyway, he just doesn't want to see her hurt.

After all my eyes and ears have had to endure tonight, I'm actually happy to see Hernan, he's grown on me a little and he's a good guy even if he's boring.

Mariana leaves Hernan using her laptop. When she's gone, he looks kinda sick and takes a pill.

I hope you're not sick Utopio.

And that's it for tonight. Thank God.

Tonight I leave you with..........

....Jana! Because although it sucks she's Leo's daughter (Leo! zzzz), I've seen Cami Ibarra in twitcams and she seems mega cool!



  1. Thanks for the recaps...i'm so disturbed about the conversation Mariana had with Assmando in the just grosses me out...i think lots of lesbians don't will really be turned off by the thought so did they really need to voice it too??

  2. You know Naty? I really admire you because I haven't been able to watch the full episode yet. I started and I couldn't deal with the first J/M/A scene... I felt more than grossed out, my stomach churned... Dios, vaya mierda de historia... I don't understand why the writers/producers choose this path.. If I were one of them, I'd be really, really pissed off.
    So, thanks for doing the recaps, it takes guts...

  3. Loved the Xena reference. And i agree that is totally way more plausible. Loving TPTB lame ass attempt at not insulting the lesbian viewers of the show with Juliana in front of Herpes by having Emo saying that little line about this not being a porno, UM NOT! WTF! Thanks natyxg for your recaps though. I understand that this storyline is beyond frustrating a ridiculous now, but you are doing a good thing by recapping for the anxious and Spanish-challenged folks out there who can't wait for the clips on YouTube. Hugs, kisses, muffins and tequila to you.

  4. Thanks for the recap. I don't think I'll be watching this episode. I freaked out while I was reading your recap, imagine if I actually see them doing that...the horror! Gross!!! Eww, eww, eww! I'm scarred for life.

  5. lady you are doing god's work and for that we thank you. the lord is too disturbed by this show to continue watching herself so we need you to hang in for us mortals...for surely we'll go blind and deaf the longer we keep watching this crap. thanks


  6. Thank you so much for the comments, guys. You make my day/night/week.

    Keep reading! I shall keep trying to amuse you!

  7. Please keep doing them! right now I like them much better than the show itself.

  8. I'm enjoying the recaps, thanks for doing them :)

  9. God gracious me!
    Julia, is your mind really fucked up or what? Whatever happens to "I'm yours and only yours"?!?!

  10. I think they are doing this storyline to give an example that it will never work in real life