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Las Aparicio Recaps ep 68

What's up?

Episode 68

Mariana's Loft. Day.

Mariana and Hernan are having lunch (tequila!) and she's telling him about the pact she made with Armando to stay away from Julia. They're not gonna see her or talk to her, nothing.


That's not pretty realistic, Emo. After all, she's like, the ONLY person in your life.

Oh God, don't tell me there's a few episodes of you just hanging out with Utopio...I could fall into a boredom induced coma.

Just, no.

Utopio asks her if she's sure about cutting Julia off completely. At first she she says yes, but then...

Mariana: Well I don't know. It's like, what people don't get, what they don't understand, like Armando or Julia is that...Julia is more than my best friend. She's my family. Well, you've just come back, but before that, I only had her. And not being with her feels like walking around missing a lung, I feel incomplete.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if Julia Aparicio is the best you've got, it sucks to be you. I don't doubt for a second that she's a good person who loves Mariana, but this streak of selfishness, fickleness and craziness she's been in lately, can't be new.

So, that's pretty sad Mariana. I'm hugging you with my soul, specially because I can totally relate.

Utopio tries to cheer her up reminding her of what a strong, capable woman she is, that she is in no way incomplete, but I don't think she meant it that way, Hernan.

And then, because my heart isn't breaking up enough for her, Emo says that she's learning that life is about getting over the people who leave you behind.


Can we kill Julia?

Aparicio Central. Day.

Julia is in her room looking over the envelope Mariana left for her.

She looks at it with such disdain, you'd think Mariana sent her a note calling her a 'crazy bitch' instead of an envelope full of money. She picks up the phone and is gonna call Armando, i think, but stops herself and starts pacing around the room telling herself to keep her control.

Being inside Julia's head must be a very scary thing.

Mariana's Loft. Night.

I must say, this scene is soo awesome, I think recapping won't do it justice. But I shall try.

Julia finally gives in and goes to confront Mariana about the appalling and insulting envelope full of money.

Mariana seems and sounds utterly exhausted with Julia's BS, she begs her to go away, they can talk later.

Her Highness refuses and demands Emo to tell her to her face if she doesn't want to be in a relationship with her anymore. Regardless of what happens, she says, they've been friends their whole life, doesn't that matter to her?

Should've thought about that before starting this big mess, Jules.

Emo tells her that of course it matters, but is it so hard to understand that she just can't see her right now?

Yes, Emo, it is. It is unfathomable for the Queen to understand there are other feelings in the universe besides her own.

At that exact moment, Armando comes in with a smile, he found her sock in his drawer!

The moment he sees Julia, his face falls and everything gets crazy and awesome.

He comes in, all hurt that Mariana broke the pact. She denies it and says that's not what happened and Julia is all 'what? what are you talking about? What pact? What sock? What the hell?"

I really, really don't understand the logic the two schmucks have, why they didn't just tell her 'We made a pact that we would both stay away from you."

That's it. Simple. But not as awesome as this.

When Mariana sorta stumbles over her answer, Armando steps in and says that he'll explain. He tells Julia that Mariana spent the night with him. They drank too much and sometimes things just happen.

And they say it with these faces:

So of course Julia thinks they did the nasty. All the while, Mariana keeps her mouth shut and her face covered. I don't know if she's doing it for dramatic effect or has decided to just follow Armando's lead, but it gives validity to what he's saying.

Julia loses her shit.

She asks Mariana if what he's saying is true, and Emo says yes.

The Queen doesn't wanna believe it, but the schmucks apparently decided to give her a taste of her own medicine, so they throw all of her polyamory BS back at her.

Armando tells her they got together to try to understand her better, to explore loving two people at the same time.

Julia: Oh! So now the two of you love each other?!
Armando: It's too soon for that, right Marianita?

Armando then reminds Julia that she said so herself, polyamory is based on trust, respect and suppressing jealousy and possessiveness. Her Highness really doesn't like having her own words and logic thrown at her, this isn't what she proposed to them!

We know, you just wanted THEM to not be possessive and jealous of YOU. So, how do you like them apples NOW?

Anyway, Julia continues to be in disbelief, she doesn't want to believe it. After all, Mariana is gay!

But I think Marianita kinda liked seeing Julia crazy (I do too), because she says that...

Mariana: I've always said that love is fluid and transcends gender, no?

Julia insists that this isn't what she proposed. Armando, says that he knows, that she wanted her V shaped relationship where she had the two of them , and they only have her. But she's screwed because, now...

Armando: The diagram changed. Now it's not a V, now it's a triangle that closed. Do you need a pen and paper to explain it to you?

Jeje, this is too good gueys, I'm having a hard time being snarky when the characters are being snarky themselves.

Julia begs/demands Mariana to say something, to deny it.

But me thinks that if Mariana takes her hands out of her face, she's gonna laugh, so she doesn't say anything.

Julia's had enough and tells her that she's getting the hell out, when they have their 'V' or triangle or whatever figured out, they can explain it to her. Then she remembers she'd be leaving them alone together and demands Armando to come with her, he can't stay there alone with Mariana!

He refuses to listen to her Majesty and tells her they'll talk later. Julia leaves, furious.


Thank you Powers that Be, that was awesome. I love, love, love me some crazy Julia, she's really hot, I'm kinda turned on.

When Julia's gone, Mariana goes, what the hell Armando? She realizes the mess they've just gotten into , he doesn't. You should listen to her guey, she knows Julia's craziness better than you do.

Anyway, he tells her to calm down, that it's okay. What else was he supposed to do?

Um, tell her the truth? What was so bad about that?

I think he just couldn't help giving her a taste of her own medicine. Which is really valid, I think.

Mariana's Loft. Later that night.

Armando and Mariana are making fun of Julia's expressions through the whole thing. They're having a beer, again, and I fear Julia might turn them into alcoholics before the series is over.

The compadres are united in their love/hate against Julia right now, I guess. I'm not liking where this is going. Not just because he SLEPT with your GIRLFRIEND, Mariana, but because I'm still fearing at some point the threeway relationship may happen.


Mariana points out to Armando that he's just opened Pandora's box. What if Julia accepts the triangle relationship? They'd be screwed. Assmando pretty much tells her that he'd be open to be with her too. She reminds him, YET again, that he's not her type because he's got too much happening down there.

She tells him then to go, but then lets him stay because Bruno is at his cave poping Ileana's cherry (Armando doesn't say that exactly, I do).

Since Mariana's loft is, as I've said before, public property, she lets him crash on her sofa and I really hope Julia finds him there again the next day or something.

Have I said I love me some crazy Julia?

Aparicio Cental. Night.

Julia's in her bed looking at the ceiling. She can't sleep.

I really hope she's having horrific thoughts of Armando and Mariana getting it on. See if she likes that!

I gotta say, they're really setting up this threeway thing. Armando and Mariana are getting too cozy, the playfuls 'mi vida' and 'but I love you too' from Herpes' corner directed at Mariana are the devil's omens.

I'm really scared gueys.

But I'm happy and excited that we've moved past the eternal 'Julia is confused' bit cause that was driving me to the edge of madness.

And today, I'm leaving you with....

....Ileana getting her cherry popped!! Because that angel got its wings tonight and I almost had a heart attack when I took a look at that bod! Lucky hippie!


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  1. omfg!!! I always thought that Saint Ileana had zero sex appeal... now I need to watch the whole series. Thanks for the heads-ups.